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Edmonton Female IUI IVF Antisperm Antibodies

iui ivf edmonton antisperm antibodies pcrm

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#1 Sspence

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Posted 27 May 2017 - 07:05 PM

HI. I am new to the site today. I'm not sure if I can even be here because I'm not technically scheduled for IVF. I am a 29 year old female in Edmonton Alberta looking for some advice and support.
We were just handed the papers for IUI and told if it is unsuccessful to go straight to IVF. My husband has antisperm antibodies and I have a blocked fallopian tube. Ive heard success rates with IUI or even IVF with antisperm antibodies are low.
I'm full of so many emotions about the IUI I cannot even imagine how I would feel about IVF.
I'm looking for any advice really. Support. Hoping someone in Edmonton would want to meet for coffee. Even if they had a past experience.
I've been feeling very isolated in the past several months and don't have a large support circle.

#2 Ola1981

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Posted 28 May 2017 - 12:06 AM

We went through 5 iui' s i believe before we discovered that my husband had antisperm antibodies. While it's true that iui success rates are low, ivf with icsi would be much better! We have 2 beautiful children from our ivf/icsi cycles! There at never any guarantees in the if world but the issues you are facing can be overcome. I wish I could say the road is easy but it's not. I was devastated when we had to start iuis and honestly never thought I would go as far as ivf but in the end I had to at least try all I could. We were so very lucky to have found success with ivf. I have met many friends on this site and I really hope you can do the same. I would meet you for a coffee but driving from Saskatoon might take awhile ;) Please send me a pm if you want to talk or have any questions I could maybe help with...
Take care and please keep in touch. I've been through a cycle alone and didn't realize how much I needed some support other than hubs until that cycle ended in a chemical. This site was my safe place and support network....and I still stick around in case I could maybe help someone else on their journey.... in any case, you have come to the right place!!!

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#3 Mrs.V

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Posted 30 May 2017 - 09:56 PM

Hi! I'm 28 years old and going through my first IVF/FET. Just had my FET on monday.

My husband moved to Edmonton in October and I'm still living in Ontario. I visit him every month for 1 to 3 weeks depending on my schedule. I will be in Edmonton in two weeks for a week in you wanted to meet for coffee or anything :)

#4 Zola Bear

Zola Bear
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Posted 01 June 2017 - 09:01 AM

Hey there,


I live in Edmonton as well and I'm 28. We have unexplained infertility (everything is checking out). I'm just coming to the end of my first IUI cycle at PCRM. I'm testing negative and AF is due on Saturday so I'm pretty sure I'm out. I also felt a lot of mixed emotions at starting IUI. We haven't told anyone because we don't think people would understand. Let me know if you want to get together for coffee sometime. 

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IUI #2: June, 2.5mg FE CD 3-7, HCG trigger, acupuncture. 5 follies but only 1 mature, lining 8mm: BFN

August - IUI cycle cancelled due to cyst

#5 salma

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Posted 16 June 2017 - 01:16 PM

Hey hun,


Our 3+ years of TTC my husband and I have not told anyone of our struggles. It's been a long 3 years of heartache , stress and pretty much nowhere & no one to turn to but God and ourselves. Today is my very first day I signed up to this site to search for support from a community such as this. I'm 27 and live in YEG as well. I'm avail for coffee anytime. We're scheduled for our first IVF w/ ICSI July 2017. We went through 1 failed IUI and 1 cancelled medicated IUI due to Ovarian Hyper stimulation ( the lowest of low for me was that cycle). I'm not sure how to send a personal message lol I'll try to navigate my way around this site and send you more details of our situation. I also had a couple appts at PCRM and I can tell you my experience. I'm currently a patient of the fertility clinic at RAH. 

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#6 Libra

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Posted 19 December 2017 - 05:12 PM

Hi Salma,


We are in the same boat.  Can I meet you for a coffee sometime?  I had 1 failed ivf at RAH and Im transferring to PCRM due to RAH closure to non-insured procedure.  Im going to do my second transfer at PCRM.  You may reach me at [email protected]





#7 Libra

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Posted 19 December 2017 - 05:19 PM

Hi Ola,


Can you share me information of what you did that may contributed to the success of your IVF.  Im desperate and depressed due to my failed IVF.  Im 40 yrs.old and time is running.  I dont have people around me who understand what Im going through.  I received blame from people whom I considered my friends.  I knew that people here know the difference and be of encouragement of people like us who undergo this kind of feelings. Im thankful that I found this site. You may reach me at [email protected]


Best regards,



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