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Insurance Question

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 08:00 AM

A little backstory first...


My husband bought me a car for my 30th last year...a car I wanted since I was 13! There were a few things to sign and I didn't question it.


One of them I learned later was a "Usage Agreement" stating though the car is inmhis name I can use it and some silly stipulations (I was not allowed to put decals on it as I had with my previous car). I thought it was him being funny and tucked this agreement away. I marriage we both own the car so I can legally use it.


Now he is telling me he needs a copy of the ownership and this usage agreement to change our insurance. Is this really needed?


Its bringing up this feeling of him making me sign the agreement and treating me almost like a child or being somewhat controlling. I brought this up before and he laughed it off...

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  • 06/02/12 - Our Wedding Day!
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  • 11/08/16 - 12 eggs fertilized, letting them grow to day 5
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  • 12/??/16 -  One embryo tested positive for Neurofobromatosis gene mutation. Genesis to re-biopsy to ensure probe is working
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  • 01/13/17 - Results are good, mock cycle is the next step before transferring one of our 4 healthy embabies!
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Posted 15 May 2017 - 10:59 AM

Since the car is in his name, but you're the primary driver, perhaps they need a copy of the agreement as proof?

I was driving a vehicle that I didn't own (friends went to Europe for a year and I babysat their vehicle) but was the primary driver on their insurance. I went with them to their appointment with the insurance broker and had to provide my driver's lisense. Because you aren't an owner on the vehicle I believe the insurance has to be under your husband's name.
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