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Androgel and Saizen

androgel saizen tubal poor responder

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#1 Seem14

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Posted 18 April 2017 - 12:50 AM

Hello ladies,


I've had my follow up WTF with my RE end of March and now I'm heading to IVF 2.  He's added Androgel and Saizen to this cycle and I'm wondering if anyone has been on these meds before and wondering if you could share your experiences with taking these meds (ie: side effects etc).  I was put on them in hopes that it increases the number of my follicles.  Last cycle I produced 3 eggs from 9 follies of which two fertilized (one is in the freezer and the other resulted in an M/C beginning of Jan 2017).


I've only started taking Androgel beginning of this month and so far I feel ok.  Aside from having a hard time sleeping, some slight agitation/ moodiness and now breaking out around my jaw line (which is the zone you would normally break out if it's due to hormone, and I normally break out around this area if/ when I'm near my period but I'm not so I'm sure it's from Androgel coz I don't ever break out unless around AF).  It's funny coz I didn't feel any differently when I was on my IVF 1 (with estrace priming then menopur, puregone and orgalutran).


I'm worried that I would get progressively worse once I start my estrace priming then heading to the same 3 shots + saizen... especially the moodiness... blush.png I'm afraid no one would want to be around me lol ... I get PMS a day or two before my AF normally and I can't imagine being like that for a couple of weeks while cycling.... anyway, any input/ feedback, experience-sharing would help! 


Let me know if these meds actually help with the number of follies and all that... I know you can't do much with the numbers and my RE said that but this is just a long shot.... so I figure why not try.... 


Thank you in advance and for taking your time to read my blabber!!  flow.gif

#2 hopefuldadsomeday

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 12:32 PM

Hi Seem14, hope you are doing well.  Our RE is also adding Saizen/Androgel to our estrogen priming antagonist protocol for our next cycle.  My wife is on the exact same protocol/dosage as you, do we have the same doctor, lol?  Wondering if you had any success on it?

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#3 Janni_bee

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Posted 31 August 2017 - 02:03 PM

I was on Androgel prior to our IVF cycle to increase the # of eggs retrieved.  My RE says that it can also increase the quality of the eggs too.  So although it didn't necessarily increase the # of eggs I would say it increased the quality.   Last cycle I got 10 eggs and this cycle I got the same, however, we were able to end up growing them to day 5 cause we had more that lasted instead of only day 3 which I found helpful!  I only took it for a month, one pump a day. :)

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