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Patient Portal - anyone else having issues?

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#1 Scoutley

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Posted 22 February 2017 - 10:05 AM

Hi ladies - I see that there hasn’t been much activity on here for the past little while - I’m just wondering if any of you have had any issues getting into your patient portal.  I’ve let my nurse know and she didn’t seem too concerned about it so now I’ve emailed my nurse team with a little more urgency, but I feel like if I know that there are others I can make a stronger case for getting it fixed!

When I click on the Patient Portal button, another window opens but it just doesn’t load.  This is happening both on my computer (even with different browsers) and on my iPad and iPhone.  Super frustrating!!  Originally I was told that the issue was with my computer, but since it is on everything I own, I think that it is an issue on their side.

Anyway - let me know if you’ve experienced similar problems (and if you have a fix that would be awesome!!).

Me: 42. DH: 48. Married in 2009, been TTC ever since - you name it, we've been there - acupuncture, herbs, massage, energy healers, vitamins, 3x IUI... Never been pregnant!

Started stims June 2014 - 14 eggs retrieved, 12 mature, 10 fertilized via ICSI, 10 made it to day 3, 4 made it to day 6... Now awaiting results of CCS testing for planned FET in July... fingers crossed! Results are in - all 4 were abnormal. Back to square one...  

Did one last attempt cycle May 2015 after taking the year to focus on acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, naturopath visits and yoga.  IVF with ICSI again resulted in FOUR little 5 to 6 day blasts, CCS tested A-OK!  Yay!  

August 10 2015 - got the call - I am actually pregnant, for the first time in my life at 41.  Aaand fast forward - lost that pregnancy at about 5 weeks.  

Did more blood work - everything points to there being nothing “wrong” with me.  Feb 15 transferred another 5bb blast.  Feb 29 got my beta results: less than 1.  Not pregnant.  Again.  

Did 2 ERTs in May and June - found that I need 8 days of Progesterone injections for uterus to be “receptive.” Ok, great, right?  (Apparently my clinic is batting 100% pregnancy rate with women who’ve gone through this testing.)

August 2016 - third FET, this time with baby aspirin, 8 days Progesterone and intralipid infusion.  Sept 7 - got the call.  Not pregnant.  AGAIN.  

I have no freaking clue what our next step is...

#2 Seem14

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 01:01 AM

Hi Scoutley,


Literally just logged in a minute ago to check... No issues for me.  Are you talking about that little window that shows as soon as you log in? I had it a few times: it says something about having "Adobe reader in your computer if you see this blah blah" - what you do is just click on that little tiny box on the lower left corner that says "Do not show message again".  It should then go to your profile right after.... otherwise, I can't think of anything else that's new in the portal. 


Hope this helps! 

#3 Jolbak

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Posted 13 March 2017 - 01:20 AM



I just logged in to my account it's a little slow but it's working! have you tried using the app?