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New and nervous

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#1 thefrostedside

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 04:02 PM


My fiance and I have decided we want a baby together.  We are a blended family, his dd is 18 and starting college this fall on a scholarship (little proud, can you tell? LOL), my kids are dd15, ds 12, dd8 and dd6.  He had a vasectomy 15 years ago and we have been advised that we aren't a candidate for reversal.


So now after having 4 babies (technically 5 including his dd) without trying and/or while actively preventing we are now entering the world of fertility treatments.  He seems to think that this will be a piece of appointment or 2 and we will leave pregnant.  I have pushed him to research this and he keeps telling me that he doesn't need to research it because I've already researched it and will explain it to him.  I'm definitely hoping that the dr will give him an idea of what this entails because my warning just result in a response of "I know and it will be worth it".


So we have our consult set up but there's a wait at Conceptia (appointment in March) and at AART it's 6-8 months.  There are no FS in our province at all.  My family dr reached out to Conceptia and ordered all of the tests that they would want us both to have done prior to making any treatment plans so that we at least have a leg up on this, but I have no idea how long it will take to get the process rolling after that initial appointment.


Guess I'm just a tad nervous,


#2 JennyM123

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 07:41 AM

Hi There!! Did you have your first appointment? I am in the same boat as you - on the long waiting list for AART but decided to try Conceptia since the wait list if much shorter. I have an appointment with them in May. Any information you could share about your first experience with the clinic would be greatly appreciated!