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Now going to the Conceptia Clinic

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#26 JanisG

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 08:12 AM

Doremi, thanks for sharing your experiences...very informative and encouraging. I will pass the info along to DH. I think he is still a little bit in denial that we actually have to go through all of this to have a baby. I hope you have good luck with your frozen embies, I'll be thinking of you stranger friend :)

Nicole28 - Please keep us posted on how everything goes, I am very interested in hearing about everyone's experiences. It helps take away some of the anxiety and makes me feel a little less wimpy thinking that other women are doing this all the time!

Obviously being stressed and over-anxious probably isn't the greatest state to be in when trying to get do you gals cope with it all? Any secrets? I'm thinking I might have to take up Tai Chi or massage?
Me 36 DH 47
Me no kids, DH 2 kids (DD and DS)
Sept '06 - Vasectomy reversal
TTC since reversal but no luck!
June '08 - IVF with ICSI - BFN
Oct '08 - FET - BFN
What now?!?

#27 do re mi

do re mi
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Posted 03 April 2008 - 06:58 PM

Hi Ladies!

Nicole 28 - Good luck with your'll see, once you get started, it's exciting! You finally feel that something concrete is happening towards getting pregnant. Did you get your calendar yet?

Janis - No problem about the information. If you have any questions along the way, don't be shy. As for relaxing techniques, I went for Accupuncture at the Chinese Accupuncture Clinic on Mountain Rd. in Moncton. Dr. Zhang is excellent! Some insurance companies cover accupuncture. It costs 68$ per session. Yoga or other medidative techniques would also definitely benefit your cycle. But you'll see, once I started my cycle, I found myself really focused and excited about the whole process.

Best of luck to both of you!

Doremi :)
[color="#0000FF"][size=1]Me 32, DH 38
TTC: 6 years
Male Factor IF
1st IVF/ICSI Jan 08 - BFN
March 2008 - FET - M/C at 6 weeks
2nd IVF/ICSI - Summer 2008 - BFP!!
DS born May 2nd 2009
August 2010 - FET - BFN
3rd and final IVF/ICSI - Jan/Feb 2011

#28 Nicole28

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Posted 04 April 2008 - 01:46 AM

Hey everyone!!!

JanisG- I will definitely keep you all posted on how everything goes.

Do re mi- As each day goes by I do get more ecited. I hope the days go by fast. I will get my calender when AF comes. I'm counting down the days.

Best of Luck to you ALL

#29 Ready and waiting

Ready and waiting
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Posted 04 April 2008 - 07:37 PM

Hi Girls,

Janis, I think you are absolutely right about the reaction to having needle and testicle in the same At first I was sympathetic but that faded as I have found out about all we have to go through! But women go through it every day- that what I keep saying to myself anyway. From what I can gather the tese isn't that bad, not nearly as bad as the biopsy.

Doremi, not long till your beta- wishing you all the best!

Nicole, I wish I was cycling with you but I still have a bit of a wait. Good luck, I hope everything goes smooth and I would love to hear your thoughts going through the process.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties tomorrow of its strength"
~ Corrie Ten Boom

Me 34 DH 32
TTC August 2007
Nov 07 DH diagnosed with azoospermia

IVF # 1 BFP!!
Sept 21 08 Start bcp Nov 12 08 Start Suprefact Nov 24 Start puregon/luveris
Dec 5 08 Microtese for DH, egg retreival for me
Dec 8 08 ET- transferred 2 embies- 8 cell, grade 4
Dec 22 08 Beta 464!! Best Christmas present EVER!!
Dec 30 08 Beta 9782-so relieved!
Jan 18 09 1st ultrasound- its twins!!
Feb 13 09 2nd ultrasound- identical twins?!!?
Mar 6 09 3rd ultrasound- 15 weeks- they're boys!!
Aug 14 09 C-section @ 38 weeks- welcome to the world boys!!


#30 MapleBecky

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Posted 23 January 2012 - 12:56 PM

Ready and Waiting- Your signature brings a HUGE smile to my face! We are going to Conceptia and have the same Dx for DH. I really, really hope we have great results too. I sent you a PM.

Becky (35)  Unexpectedly widowed in Feb 2013.  The night after my ER.  I was married to an incredible man named Chris.

Son, age 6
TTC #2 (his first) since our wedding in July 2011.

Dec 1, 2011- Found out he has azoospermia (no sperm in SA.)  Totally heartbroken and shocked.
Jan 2012- First consult at fertility clinic.
March 2012- My tests show high LH but everything else was normal. His LH/FSH were high, testosterone was really low. (4.2)
May 17, 2012- Official Dx of testicular failure and non-obstructive azoo. Given the option of mTESE, TESA or using a donor.
June 7, 2012- Urologist is seeing us again per our request. We need him to answer some questions about the procedures and testosterone.  He would not consider Clomid or any hormones for DH.
June 27, 2012- Saw RE and decided to proceed with dIUI. Told we needed one cycle on the BCP because of my high LH.
June 28, 2012- Started BCP for 21 days. Did pre-IUI micro and blood testing on July 3rd. Told they should be in on time for IUI in early August.
July 21, 2012- CD1. Called clinic and found out my cycle was canceled. They messed up and my file wasn't ready. They forgot to draw vit D and some other results are missing.
August 9, 2012- Nurse left message saying they cannot do this cycle either. Now it will take 2-3 MONTHS for DH's blood tests before we can use donor sperm.
August 10, 2012- RE called. DH has a reactive Hepatitis C blood test and they are trying to figure out if he's got an active infection or was exposed in the past.
August 23, 2012- He's Hep C NEGATIVE! Phew!
October 2012- Latest SA results still shows azoo, but we're glad the testosterone looks normal now. dIUI after 21 days on the pill. Clomid for cd3-7, LH is too high (17 and 14.6) and progestone getting too high. Had 3, 13.5mm folliciles and my lining is 8.6. CD13- Lining was good, triple layer at about 9. Now I just have one 17.5mm follicle on my left side.
October 17, 2012- dIUI  canceled. Clomid didn't work, estrogen too low, LH was normal again and progesterone was off too. Now we need an appointment to talk to our RE again to start over.
Dec 2012- Saw RE and we have to do IVF/ICSI, even with a donor. So, we decided to throw in a TESA with donor backup. Bloodwork this cycle, BCP and mock in Jan and hopefully a Feb IVF/ICSI/TESA!
IVF #1
Mock done, teaching visit done.  Started Suprefact on Jan 30.  AF arrived on schedule.
Baseline done, starting Gonal-F and Luveris Feb 11.
Stim day 4-  1 follicle at 11mm, 40 more under 10.  My lining is already a triple lining and at 8.6
Stim day 6-  8-9 follices between 11-13mm at least 20 more under 10mm.  This doctor saw my lining at 6.3?   Encouraged to walk because my circulation to my uterus wasn't what they wanted to be this time.  No idea what that means.
Stim day 8-   14 follicles.  All measuring between 11 and 15 with more under 10.   Lining is over 10.  Circulation is good again.   They are letting me skip my day 9 appointment. 
Stim day 10-  TRIGGER tonight!   I have 14 between 15-21mm, a few more at 14 that may catch up.  Lining is over 10.   DH's TESA is tomorrow.
Feb 21-  No sperm found with TESA.   ER tomorrow with donor sperm.
Feb 22-  ER was successful!  Collected 18 eggs.   7 from my right and 8 on my left.  We can skip ICSI because the donor's sperm is great.  Crossing fingers for a good fert report tomorrow.
June 2013- Updating. My husband, Chris, passed away unexpectedly of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome just hours after my ER on Feb 23.  Had 14 fertilize.  9, 5-day frozen blasts are at the clinic waiting for me to make some decisions. 


FET #1

June 2014-  5-day blast.   BFN just in time for what would have been our 3rd anniversary.  



August 2014.  FET #2 on Aug 25 with another 5-day blast.  BFP!   Had scare with a bleed at 4w5d, but beta is still doubling.  Due May 13, 2015.  Ultrasound on Oct 5.

Oct 5-  8w4d-  Blighted Ovum.  Stopping estrogen and progesterone.  Waiting to miscarry.  Looking forward to moving on with life.

Oct 17- D&C.   Feeling peace about being at the end of the infertility battle.  Looking forward to the next chapter in my life.