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Looking for reassurance


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#1 Iluvbabies

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Posted 30 July 2016 - 05:28 PM

Hi everyone


This is my first post and I am new here.


I am 40 years old (I turned 40 in March) I started my first injection this morning (I am doing an IVF cycle through Olive in Vancouver). 


My husband and I originally went to Olive in March this year at which time hubby told me he wasn't comfortable with IVF. I was beyond devastated and because I thought we weren't going through with it I stopped taking my vitamins. And I stopped going to acupuncture.


A WEEK ago we changed our minds. I am 40 I have a low egg count and the door isn't just closing it is slamming shut in my face so I figure with or without vitamin prep it is better to roll the dice and try now. If this cycle doesn't work I can try one more cycle. 


I think I continued with COq10 (Thorne Q-100) after briefly stopping in March only because I noticed some benefits in my skin. However I was not taking nearly enough (600 mg a day like I should have been) I was only getting at most 200mg a day. This is because I didn't realize the vitamin that I thought was all Coq10 was only partially made of the supplement. It had some other additives in it, that I didn't realize until I double checked the label on the bottle yesterday. I have since got proper Coq10 vitamins and I am taking them as I should have been.


My diet is pretty good we juice green vegetables in the morning and I eat a well rounded diet but not alot of meat. I know it sounds like I am a little panicked but that is because I am! I am really mad at myself. Can anyone give me any reassurance? Thanks 



#2 AnnaMarie

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Posted 30 July 2016 - 06:51 PM

I'm not from this clinic but I noticed your post. I think you sound like you eat a very healthy diet and take care of yourself. I'd like to say you'll be fine! I know my clinic tells you to start taking everything from CD 1 of an IVF cycle but obviously if you take it in advance it may be better but I think you can do the best you can at this point and don't beat yourself up over it. I know it's tough just trust your dr and your body. How much COQ10 are you on? I'd highly recommend switching to Ubiqonol (sp?) as it is better absorbed! Maybe start acupuncture again. I only started acupuncture the week or so before ER. Apparently avocado is very helpful also as is POM juice.


Hope that helps, good luck!! Feel free to PM me if you'd liek!

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First IVF January 2016!

01/23/16 - CD 1 Finally!!

01/24/16 - CD 2 start  Baseline U/S 20 follies (sizes 3-5mm)! Start 125 Puregon & 75 Menopur

01/28/16 - CD 6 U/S 26 leading follies (4-11mm)! Add 250 Orgalutran E2 1383

01/31/16 - CD 9 U/S 20 leading follies (7-14mm)! E2 5093

02/02/16 - CD 11 U/S 30 follies (9-19mm) E2 10 880!!! Trigger with Suprefact

02/03/16 - CD 12 E2 15 119!!

02/04/16 - CD 13 ER!!! Retrieved 23 eggs!

02/05/16 - Of the 23 eggs retrieved, 19 were mature and 13 fertilized!! SO happy!

02/09/16 - We have 4 beautiful, perfect snow babies!!! heart.gif


FET!! smile.png

07/13/16 - Last BCP (24 days on them)

07/15/16 - Period started - Let's get this started!! smile.png

07/18/16 - Suppression check - all is GREAT! Lining measuring at 6.8mm! Start Estrace 2x daily along with ASA

08/02/16 - Lining measuring 9mm with triple stripe!!!!  Intralipids infusion

08/08/16 - Transferred 1 perfect grade 20 hatching blast heart.gif

08/15/16 - 7dp5pt + HPT!!!!!!! biggrin.png

08/18/16 - HCG 375!!!! (Happy Dance!!)

08/20/16 - HCG 807

08/22/16 - HCG 1790

08/25/16 - HCG 5543 (Ok I think I believe it now!) biggrin.png

09/02/16 - First Ultrasound!!

#3 Tapioca

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Posted 08 August 2016 - 12:28 AM

Hi  Iluvbabies,

I can't give you much reassurance as I am still in this journey, but just want to let you know you are not alone. I am also 40 and am just did the first ivf waiting for FET. We did ccs  but unfortunately only 1 out of 6 embryo showed normal. I am not sure if the only one could make it but at least we have done what we can. Best of luck to your ivf!

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