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Your experience with Repromed?

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Posted 19 January 2008 - 11:03 PM

I'm interested in knowing more about this clinic, but there is not many posts about it. For those of you who are with Repromed:
- What is your experience?
- Would you recomend it for the couples who are not interested in donor programs?
-What is IVF/ICSI cost?

Thanks a lot!
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Posted 30 May 2011 - 11:47 AM

We have completed all testing and are starting the ivf this week, with egg transfer expected end of June.

After all the results, we spoke to the doctor who recommended ivf using a biopsy to retrieve sperm or possibly using donor sperm as backup. Then we were giving a schedule of all the next appointments. The schedule missed a few points such as scheduling the biopsy and sperm donor, and we weren't really involved with any discussion regarding the steps of ivf in more detail. Feeling more like a number and that things seemed unorganized, I got a meeting with the doctor. We discussed everything and I felt much better afterwards. I think the dr. is great, but there really is a lack of proper communication in the onset. I was advised by the dr. we have a specific nurse that handles our case whom I still don't know.

In the end, as long as things work, I will forget about all this. I really think an info session, and an introductory meeting with our nurse in charge would make his patients feel more at ease. This is emotionally and financially taxing on each person and your relationship and the staff should be better prepared and keep that in mind when handling clients. Like all healthcare in canada, you need to be a bit pushy.

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Posted 02 June 2011 - 12:52 PM

I'm interested in knowing more about this clinic, but there is not many posts about it. For those of you who are with Repromed:
- What is your experience?
- Would you recomend it for the couples who are not interested in donor programs?
-What is IVF/ICSI cost?

Thanks a lot!

We went to Repro Med. After our initial appt i found the Dr. to be very impersonable, he did not make any eye contat and i left not really knowing what i was was doing, who i needed to talk to , what kind appt to make. I was more lost leaving then i was going in. I also left with a pamphlet filled with info and costs of all the investigative tests that would be done. If i didnt have friends/family that have gone through the same issues i would have happily paid and moved along. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THESE TESTS!!!!! They are covered by OHIP and other clinics will do them at no cost to you. We have since gone to ISIS and had our tests completed and spent 0$.
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Posted 01 September 2011 - 01:22 PM

Hello everyone,
I would totally agree with the last post. Today was my last straw. RIght now I would rather not try to get pregnant if I have to deal with them. Waiting 2 hours at first consult to get in..... Seen him for 2 min.. he did not ask me a single queston about my cycle...... then told me I need to get my boyfriend tested and that I need to go to the next room. Well I ended up gettin blood work and having STD tests done, none of which I knew I was having.... He told me I would ned to have a dye test done to check to see if my tubes were open.... and because I live so far away (2.5 hours) I would come back and have a internal, blood, and this test done at once.....Well I showed up, the nurse was rude, the Ultrasound tech was rude and very inpatient..... I had to pee before the internal and asked if i could go, she said ya and came back 55 min later ... I sat in the room for that long....He came in, and I was very nervous and he was getting angry with me during the test. I than went to a room to wait... and he said I was fine, but he was not sure why i had not gotten pregnant yet and gave me a prescription for clomid....I asked about my boyfriends tests and he said they were fine... I needed to have timed intercourse, but if he had asked me questions he would have realized that that would be difficult as my boyfriend works on the road.... He told me i needed to come back for an internal and blood work on day 14.. However if I was to come to Troonto I would go see my bf , and try to time everything.... I talked with Dr. D and hewas mad that I was not going to drive 5 hours for a 3 min ultrasound..... so day 16 would be ok. I asked if i needed an appt...he said no .. so I ened up going on day 15 and showed up at 4 as the clinic was st8ill open. HOwever I was then informed that the blood tect was gone,the ultrasound tech was done.. I said can i get the next months supply and the receptionist (was very nice) said no cause the nurse left and lcked everything up. I was then told i could get it at the local pharmacy and my benefits would have coveredd it.. I was not told that whe nI was there ...... They send me for bloodwork in my hometown, I called to get the rrsults to 2 days later and spoke to the nurse were was I informed that I had not oviluated... the nurse was very rude and told me that I needed to come back for bloodwork, I told her I was not driving that far for bloodwork..... she was mad and told me she was advising me.. her tone of voice was disrespectful and unnessary and I got off the phone feelingsad and that this was all a watse of my time. I have an appt with a gyno/obyn in 2 weeks and will get another opinion.. this fertility thing is stressful, and I have not had any of my questions or concerns addresse..... I had done reseach about clomid with unexplained fertility and that it is not always that helpful... I ovulated on my own and am not sure why theyt would think it would work for me. ..... Very disappointed I took the time off work to go down to any of those appts and tests... I know I am not a high paying customer but I am still a patient... take the time. Very frustrated and felt that others comments and experiences were similar to mine, except for I did pay for the t ests.

Thanks a lot!
We went to Repro Med. After our initial appt i found the Dr. to be very impersonable, he did not make any eye contat and i left not really knowing what i was was doing, who i needed to talk to , what kind appt to make. I was more lost leaving then i was going in. I also left with a pamphlet filled with info and costs of all the investigative tests that would be done. If i didnt have friends/family that have gone through the same issues i would have happily paid and moved along. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THESE TESTS!!!!! They are covered by OHIP and other clinics will do them at no cost to you. We have since gone to ISIS and had our tests completed and spent 0$.
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Posted 01 January 2012 - 07:50 AM

I am on my 3rd pregnancy thanks to Repromed and Dr.D. I would reccommend this clinic to anyone who asks.
I do not live in Toronto and my blood work and u/s were preformed in my province and results were sent to the clinic.
Some bloodwork was covered some wasn't.
Sure you wait(but tell me a clinic you don't)

Everyone has an opinion as for me my experience has been just awesome.

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Posted 02 March 2012 - 01:12 PM

As someone who has gone to a few clinics (Montreal Fertility Clinic, Mt.Sinai and Repromed) I have to say that it all depends on what you are looking for in a clinic. If you are lucky enough to live in Quebec, MFC was by far the best clinic I have ever gone to, the doctors are fantastic, kind, knowledgable.
Repromed is really great if you are working with an egg donor or a surrogate, and Dr. D was a miracle worker for us (he got my body to make good eggs, and he came back from vacation because of a complication in our cycle). But the waiting times are beyond brutal, and the ultra sound techs were clueless with my more complicated body (hence why the doc came back from vacation). Overall, I really recommend them if you are working with a surrogate, really worth the wait.
If you are regular infertile with a non complicated case, go somewhere else, it will be cheaper and you wont have to wait forever!
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Diagnosed with endometrosis at age 19

5 pelvic surgeries

2 IVF, numerous FETs

2 different gestational carriers

Now mother of 2 year old twins.

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 08:05 PM

I have just started working with Repromed regarding frozen donor embryos.I met with Dr.V and asked about the cost he said he would later email me with the cost and that there was no cost sheet. I found this to be strange. The cost he sent me came out to twice the cost of another clinic that my friend used for this same procedure.In fact much more costly than a fresh cycle.
Does anyone else find it strange that he emails you with the cost and there is no cost list?Did others find this clinic to be very expensive compared to other clinics?
Me:39 DH:40
TTC since 2004
approx 9 IVF since 2004
Natural cycle:missed ovulation
m/c with surrogate 2006
Finished adoption homestudy 2006 but got pg. with FET the month after we completed it.
7 m/c in total since 2004 (2 twin pregnancies)
Immune testing Allan Beer
trip to Mexico for LIT 2010
2011 IARC egg donor only 2 vaible embryos. Worst cycle ever! BFN
Possible chromosonal embryo isses?
Not yet ready to give up yet...looking for embryo donor

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 08:14 PM

I didn't really have the best experience overall with this clinic but I'm sure others have. From my dealings with Dr. Del Valle, I found him and the clinic in general to be disorganized. When he met with us for our followup appointment after our failed cycle, he wasn't able to come up with a clear protocol. It was a very jumbled appointment with no clear direction. As far as cost goes, I found the costs comparable with some other Toronto clinics but a little more so than my current clinic. I did not do a donor embryo cycle though so I don't have any point of comparison.

Good luck with things! I hope that things work out!

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Me: 40
Dx: DH: Vasectomy; need IVF/ICSI ME: D.O.R. and many immunological issues. (Initially presented as "normal" but issues were only discovered after IVF attempt #2 and #3 after testing at new clinic)
IVF attempt #1 Nov.2009, Age 37: Long "Lupron" protocol
Dec.2009: Cycle cancelled due to oversuppression
IVF attempt #2, Age 38: April 2010: 3 eggs retrieved, 2 mature, 2 fertilized, ET of 2 embryos BFN
IVF atempt #3 at new clinic: November 2010, Age 38: 5 eggs retrieved, 4 mature, 4 fertilized, ET of 2 blastocysts BFP
Strong beta numbers but babies not measuring on track but one heartbeat is present. Followup u/s reveals no HB's :( Had D&C--so sad.
Moved to new clinic closer to home + more of a focus on testing for potential immunological factors:
Further testing reveals three mutations related to inherited thrombophilia (2 MTHFR mutations and PA1-1 mutation), positive ANA, elevated NK cells and cytokines and low levels of leukocyte antibodies (LADS), Recommended Immunological treatment: Humira, LIT, IVig and blood thinners if PG
IVF Protocol: Low stim for me/ TESE needed for DH; took Humira in late August and early September; taking DHEA plus Co-Enzyme Q10, vitamins for DH just for good measure! September--two trips to Mexico for LIT treatment, treatments 3 weeks apart
Initial re-testing through Alan Beer Centre after some of the immune treatments reveals only cytokines were lowered, NKs still high and LAD numbers still low. Another LIT in Mexico is recommended. We decide to begin cycle on doctor's recommendation of just doing IVIG.
IVF#4, Age 39 : November 2011: Worst AFC EVER--a whopping 4! Three follicles responded, two eggs were retrieved. Three day transfer of two Grade 1 8 cell embryos: "Fahita" & "Burrito" Stick, stick, stick little ones!
BFP! Beta of 569
Viability u/s at 6 w 2d shows TWO babies measuring on track with heartbeats of 121. Looks like babies might be sharing the same amniotic sac.
Second u/s at 7w 2 d shows ONE baby with hb of 150, measuring 7 w 3 days. No sign of twin. Vanishing twin syndrome?
Third u/s at 8 w 2d shows ONE baby with hb of 170, measuring 8 w 3 days. Looks like a little jellybean!
12 week u/s at 12 w 2 days and baby is measuring 12 w 5 days with a heart beat of 150. Baby mooned us and waved at us with one hand....looked like a "royal" wave to me!
13 week doctor's appointment, HB=155 on doppler
14 week u/s to check cervix, HB=148
16 week u/s to check cervix, HB=138, baby had hiccups!
20 week u/s--everything looks good! HB=130, looks like we're having a GIRL!
IPS results very good!
39 weeks: Our baby girl arrived!!! She is healthy and beautiful! We are so happy! :)

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 07:20 PM

I feel obliged to add this: I went ahead despite my instinct and did 1 fresh and 2 frozen with the clinic not to say the least all were a big fat failure. Somehow did not feel much trust with the Dr and I had the distinct feeling that he was going to do his best to get as much out of us. his technique during the transfer was not gentle - he just SHOT the embryos from the cafiter like a cannon ball; could someone tell me is this OK... there is a lot more I could say.. I would never recommend this clinic..

I feel like most of these clinics are all about the money and not about their patients - they do not take responsibility for doing a bad job because they can always say its not guarantee, no one knows how the body works -- I am sick of them making money from peoples' misfortune without as much as blinking an eye.
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Posted 14 July 2012 - 06:08 PM

Repromed is the third clinic we have been too. In the year that we have been clients I do not feel as though I was ever lied to or strung along once. Yes, it is a busy clinic, look at his success rates. Having said that I have never waited for longer than 1 hour. At previous clinics wait times were frequently 2 or more hours.
For me, I no longer want a doctor who is my friend, I want someone who is interested in successful outcomes and making hard truthful decisions.
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6 IUI's with Puregon all BFN
Began weekly acupuncture sessions May 2011
1st IVF - long protocol - Aug 2011 - BFN
2nd IVF - short protocol - Nov 2011 - BFN
3rd IVF with Donor Eggs - July 2012
- 24 eggs retrieved
- 22 eggs fertilized
- 2 embryos 3 day transfer Fri. July 13 2012
- Beta #1 Fri. July 27, 2012 - BFP - 499
- Beta #2 Sun July 29, 2012 - 1274
- 1st u/s Tues Aug 14 - a singleton! FHR = 118bpm, .89 cm
- 2nd u/s Wed Sept 5 - measuring right on track
- 3rd u/s Wed Sept 19 -

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 12:08 AM

I have been going to ReproMed for almost 3 years now. We have issues with Male Factor infertility, so we needed to go the donor sperm route. ReproMed seemed to have a good program and initially, we were impressed with their home insemination program. We did about 3 cycles of that without success. Then tried IUI. Then, finally,IVF. Up to that point, though they seemed a little disorganized, we were OK with them. Nice atmosphere, seemed to have fairly high success rates, etc. During my first IVF treatment, there were some odd things that happened. Near the end of the treatment, I recieved a voice mail with instructions for meds. I called back to clarify and they started rhyming off a whole new set of instructions. I questioned this and the nurse said she had emailed me the instructions and called me by a different name! A little disconcerting. Anyway, the first cycle failed. I only had 6 viable eggs, 3 "didn't take" and 3 did. Tried fresh transfer of 2. Nada. Then the last one. When I met with the Dr., I asked about my low response and the fact that 3 of 6 didn't take. I asked if we should consider donor embryos or eggs. He talked me out of it saying the 3 that survived were "perfect" and next time he would suggest a more aggressive protocol.

I told him we would need time to save up a bit. He said to just come in the cycle before I'm ready to start. 6 months later, I was ready and came in. After an hour and a half wait, the nurse asked me if this was my first time at ReproMed and sent me again for STD tests, etc! Then she was confused why I was there, gave me not instructions other than to come back on Day 1 or 2 of my next cycle. The day before I was going in, I emailed to let them know I would be coming in the next day...thinking this would give them a head start to put my meds and protocol together. I emailed at 8am and recieved no response. I went in with my husband and we waited for over an hour and a half again. By the time we were called in, the lab was closed and they said my husband would have to go get tests (again) as well. SUPER annoying. Anyway, we waited another hour while the nurse figured out our protocol and dates. Over the next few weeks, I noticed 2 errors in medication (didn't perscribe enough antibiotics for myself and husband, perscribed incorrect dosages of Estrace). This time, I produce a total of 2 eggs. The Dr. hinted that I waited too long. Both didn't take. Apparently there was some genetic issue. Suddenly, the doctor wants to talk about donor embryos. (BTW, looking back, they didn't even increase my stim meds). Throughout the nurses were rude and acted put out (rather than apologetic) when I caught their mistakes.

Now, I'm starting to feel taken advantage of. I was 37 when we my 39th birthday looms and I'm faced with decided if I trust this clinic anymore and wonder if it makes sense to proceed further at all.

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 01:55 PM

@Kellykira I am so sorry to read your story. I experienced exactly thesame thing in this clinic. It’s a horrible place. There are very cash driven, nurses are extremely rude and inconsiderate. The doctor pushes IVF on you without really finding out what is wrong with you. Leaving this clinic was the best thing to happen to me. The difference between repomed and create is night and day.
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Me 29, doctor says i have PCOS (without symptoms) but i suspect Endo
DH 32 fine
1 medicated cycle with timed intercourse BFN
FET BFP super excited, went on Vacation in Edmonton Dec 26 2012, bleeding. ER passing out large clots. Beta falling :-(
Taking a break and asking for a Lap to be done

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 10:04 PM

I just completed my first natural IUI cycle at Repromed and will not be returning.  I had requested the two insemination protocol, one just before ovulation (when LH surge detected) and one the day after.  I went in on day 10, had ultrasound and bloodwork and I was told that I wouldn't ovulate for another couple days.  I then get a phone call about three hours later from the nurse saying that I was LH surging (I guess they sent me home before they got bloodwork results).  I said I could be there in 10 minutes for insemination but she said that since it was the weekend everyone has gone home so they can't do the insemination today.  But she said I could always come in the next day for the insemination when the staff will be back.  So I go in the next day, ultrasound shows I already ovulated so only had one insemination.


My real issue with the clinic comes when I call the clinic to discuss how this situation could be avoided next cycle.  I speak to a nurse called Petroiya.  When I expressed my concerns that if I ovulate on a weekend I may not be able to have the two inseminations, she was incredibly rude and condescending.  She said :  "What do you expect - that I call a staff meeting to announce that the day  when you come in no one can leave the clinic until your bloodwork results are in?"   


The clinic advertises itself as a stress free spa like environment - and yes they do play spa like music in the procedure rooms - but the stress that this clinic created for me was more reminiscent of a war zone than any spa like environment!

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 08:09 PM

Hello everyone,


I decided to share my experience with Repromed for all I went through for almost one year.


I was been transferred from Montreal hospital to Repromed (I know it is + 411 miles but we did not have choice).


We transferred our file to the clinic, I had a fibroid 6cm (back at this time on October 2013),everything was going well, even if there is lack of information, you can't know detailed steps about what you suppose to do.


We started the transfer on December 2013, at this time my fibroid become bigger it was 8cm, my husband asked if we should wait, have surgery first as we paid alot of money and we have only 4 embryos, Dr. D said no it is fine, some women will get pregnant with this. After 12 days from the transfer I got the worst pain in the word, and bleeding .. went to the hospital the pregnant was negative but my fibroid increased to 10cm..

I had surgery after 3 months .. and after 4 months from the surgery called the clinic to start the ivf second cycle, told Dr. D that as per my doctor we should wait until I have surgery as my fibroid was big! all he said that some decision has made!


as there is huge lack of information, after I  traveled 411 miles I discover that there are over $2000 that I should pay, no one informed me about this, no emails no calls, the girl at the counter said I sent an email, but she cannot prove, she never sent .. when I protest specially I dont have the amount with me as no one told me about (I usually don't hang out with $2300 and travel with all these miles), Dr. D was so angry and said a lot of things he should not say to a patient (like were I am thinking at? a restaurant)?, not professional way at all. I paid +$12000 and I deserve as a patient to be aware about everything, and I request more professionalism!


He refused to do anything unless I pay, at the end we had agreement to pay $300 now and $700 when I go back. I insisted to have a copy of the email that the receptionist pretend to send, until now almost one month no emails, just a lie!