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Rough road TTC#2; dreaded 1 vs 2 question

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#1 farmwife

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 12:58 PM

Here's the scoop:

- first FET gave us our DS (transferred 2 embryos, lost one twin around 7 weeks)

- TTC #2; first FET (single transfer) resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks

- FET #2 (single transfer) ended in a chemical pregnancy.


We have 2 blasts left (I believe of fair quality). was sent for recurrent preg loss testing and should have results soon, but my doctor is leaning towards egg/ embryo quality issues.


Here is my dilemma, given that our remaining embryos are fair quality and our unknown issues, my RE has said that he wouldn't hesitate transferring both embryos. I'm honestly just not sure how comfortable I am about purposefully increasing our odds of twins. Part of me feels like we were a bit ignorant (and likely desperate to increase our odds) the first time, or maybe it's because the risks this time not only could impact my DH and me, but now our son as well (I'm thinking along the lines of hospital bed rest, etc.). My RE said the odds of having live birth twins is about 12% (can't remember how he reached these numbers), but for my age the odds of miscarriage are only 10% and we hit those twice. I don't know how I feel about putting all our eggs in my basket for a last chance, but the thought of increasing the odds of a pregnancy weighs on me too.


I just am starting to feel so torn. And advice, stories, or experiences....

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#2 hs4816

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 02:37 PM

Just because your doctor wouldn't hesitate, that doesn't mean you can't.


If you and your partner aren't 100% OK with the possibility of a twin pregnancy, then only do 1. You can always do a second FET in the future (unless you've decided this is your last try no matter what). Don't forget, a single blast could still turn into an identical twin...


The only reason I went with 2 for my recent transfer was because we are OK withe chance of twins (but the probability is low because it was a 3d transfer not blast). Now I have a BPF on FRER and I'm getting a little scared because the reality is hitting that I might actually be pregnant and it might actually be twins.... lol...

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I'm 41 with endo

IVF #1: March 2016: Long protocol: Suprefact (200)/Menopur (225)

9 follicles => 4 eggs => 3 mature => 3 fertilized (ICSI) => 2 blasts (one transferred, one frozen)


IVF #2: June 2016: Microdose flare: Suprefact (40 BID)/Menopur (150)/ Gonal (300)

7-10 follicles (?) => 12 mature eggs => only 4 fertilized w/ICSI => transferred 2 @ 3days and 1 blast frozen

BFP: day 14 beta = 93, day 18 beta 557 (37h doubling time)

.... it stuck and we welcomed our boy March 2017!

back on this crazy journey again: June 6, 2018: FET #1...

#3 Hoping Like Crazy

Hoping Like Crazy
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Posted 29 June 2016 - 09:57 PM

Hi there again!


Again we are in the same boat.  Looking at transferring our last 2 blasts, both fair-ish quality.

My RE recommended transferring 2 with our last FET, but I chose to only transfer 1 because I really didn't want twins.

Well, that didn't work out, and now we are left with 2 frosties.


We are going to transfer our last 2, hopefully in August. 
Part of the decision is that if these don't work, we want to proceed with another fresh cycle ASAP.  Because I'm 40 and we all know how crappy that is when you're doing IVF.

The other reason I'm suddenly OK with transferring the 2 is because I'm realizing that I clearly have crappy embryos, and if I get pregnant with twins, well it would be a miracle.


But I agree with the above comment - just because your RE wouldn't hesitate to transfer 2 doesn't mean you don't have to think long and hard about it.  Go with your gut - it's easy to transfer one at a time back to back.


I know that probably isn't at all helpful, but thinking about you!

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TTC since 2010
Me: 37 38 39 40 DH:38 39 40 41

July-Sept 2012 - 3 IUI with Clomid - BFN

IVF Cycle #1
Jan 2013  - 10 eggs retrieved, 6 mature, 6 fertilized with ICSI
                 - transfer of two Day 3 embryos, 1 frozen blast
Jan 31/13 - BFP!!  Yahoo!!
Feb 27/13 - First ultrasound, single heartbeat slow at 96bpm, measuring 1 week behind, advised poor prognosis
Mar 2/13   - Second ultrasound, heartbeat still slow 80-90bpm, no growth
Mar 5/13   - Third ultrasound, heartbeat now 50bpm, measuring now 2 weeks behind, inevitably non-viable, misoprostol induction of miscarriage. Devastated!!!
IVF Cycle #2
Aug 24/13 - Flare protocol.  17 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, 10 fertilized with ICSI
Aug 29/13 - Transfer of single Day 5 blast, 3 frozen blasts
Sept 5/13  - 7dp5dt  - BFP!!!
Sept 17/13- 5w3d US - gestational sac in correct place, this is a start
Sept 24/13- 6w3d US - good heartbeat at 116 bpm!
Oct 8/13    - 8w3d US - great heartbeat at 176 bpm!  Growth on track!  Is this actually going to work this time?
Oct 25/13  - 10w6d US - amazing!  Little Bub moving around and SO IN LOVE!


May 20/14 - our daughter born by CS at 40w3d, and so perfect in every way!


Nov 2015 - FET #1 - chemical pregnancy


Feb 2016 - started Suprefact for FET #2, but AF never came.  Surprise BFP!!  Awaiting US to see if this is real...

Mar 1/16 - Nope, too good to be true.  Empty gestational sac on US.  Miscarried naturally 1 week later.


Jun 2016 - FET #2 - BFN

Aug 2016 - FET #3





#4 CdnHockeyGal

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 11:52 AM

farmwife...just curious...have you and your partner done the DQ-Alpha matching testing? Give the recurrent history of chemicals (which absolutely could be chalked up to the Russian Roulette of FET and/or embryo quality)...I think I'd be disinclined to transfer anything without having that very simple blood test performed so as to best tailor my decision making and protocol. My husband and I had our blood drawn locally and FedEx'd to Boston to be tested at Reprosource. I think to was a couple of hundred each? I obviously wouldn't advocate to chase zebras when the answer is probably a pony but...I'd still want that item crossed off the investigation list before transferring anything.

Big hugs to you.
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It was long, awful & hard. We got very lucky and didn't run out of both emotional and financial resources. We saw some of the most beautiful of people in our lowest moments. Baby Girl arrived Apr 10/2018

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