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#1 Natiko

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Posted 30 January 2005 - 07:46 PM

Hey Kelly :wavey:

I know I read a post in here somewhere from you saying that you were going to do your e/r Tuesday... is that right??! I couldn't find the post again so I'm making a new one :P . If that's the case, you're exactly a week behind me, that is SO cool! Your transfer should be Friday then, yaaaaaay!! :banana: I can't wait to find out how it all goes, I feel bad that I haven't been on much but I've felt so crappy :sick: , hehe, like someone did this... :download: to me! I read that you're feeling like that, too, hu? Awwww poor you, drink LOTS of Gatorade and don't over do it!

I met a girl at the clinic, she's been having really bad luck and I feel so bad for her. She developed OHSS and is now in the hospital. The day of her transfer they told her that they couldn't do it and she was ON THE TABLE all ready for it!! They decided to transfer one anyhow and she developed the OHSS even worse. They said that was the risk, but she wanted to take it. It's sooooo sad to hear of things like that. She did get embies to freeze tho :thumb: .

By the way Kelly, it wasn't me who went shopping, I think it was Sarah after her e/r! NO WAY :icon_exclaim: , I couldn't have done that after mine!! Haha

That really sucks that you can't have dh in the room with you during e/r... shouldn't that be your own choice? Like I have a say :icon_question: , but it still sucks. With what I went through, I'm glad dh was there! :icon_cry: . You'll be fine tho, I know it, easy breezy!! Yay dinner is ready! :dance:

Talk to you soon


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Posted 31 January 2005 - 10:38 AM

Hey buddy! :wavey:

That poor girl...would that ever suck. Man alive...

So are you feeling abit better yet? Pretty swollen and bloated? ((hugs))
I gave myself my last 2 injections lastnight with my husband and son around was a "family" son helped open the package with the needle end in it and hubs drew up my dose for me in my needles. I had to break them up into 2..just like you did I think. Anyway, didn't sting...she said it might as it is more concentrated but it didn't. How drugs at all today...except tonite at bed time...valium... :wacko: I never have done valium...I said to Craig (hubs) have you ever done valium...he says no...I said I get to...he says your lucky... :rofl: what a jokester.

Yeah, it sucks he can't be there to hold my hand...but lastnight I was likening the e/r to labour...they have to "deliver" my babies first this way...I will be jumping up on the table to get my babies delivered tomorrow... :thumbup:

Did you find the stims made you feel "gassy" and bloated? How about your nips? Mine are so sensitive...hurts to have my pj's rubbin against them...I guess we better get used to those symptoms eh? lol

Ok...I am going to get out of this computer room...I have bed head...I just took the dog out for a pee and off to grab a cup of coffee...I will check back later!


#3 Natiko

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Posted 31 January 2005 - 12:03 PM

Hey you,

Yes, I'm feeling a bit better, but I felt this way 2 mornings ago and I got worse as the day went on. Keeping my fingers crossed that I keep feeling ok cause I have to go shopping today, well, I have to get a few things for our guest! You know the girl I was telling you about who hyper stimulated? Well, Pete told them that they could come stay with us if they have to because they're from out of town. But because their stay was longer than anticipated, her dh has to go back to work and she is still in the hospital for a while, when she gets out she would have to go to a hotel and be all alone!! So, we told them 'no way' :icon_exclaim: , that she has to come stay with us and Pete will take care of all of us :D . He had to leave for home lastnight and she's still in the hospital, poor girl. So, I have to do a few things before she comes. Lucky Pete, he has to take care of TWO women who just went through IVF!! He's crazy :wacko:

RIIIIIIGHT, the gassy tummy and sore nipples, I totally forgot! I remember my nips hurting far before the HCG inj., I can't remember HOW far before but it was at least a week. God, just to have a shirt touch them :ouch: . My mom told me to put bandaids on them!!! :rofl: , I didn't take her up on that, but maybe you can!! I couldn't even wear a bra.

I LOVE that you made the last inj. a "family event", that is so sweet! Pete would NEVER watch me inject, ever, he's a little queasy when it comes to that sort of stuff. My son thought it was the best, tho, he's a little doctor in the makin' :icon_wink: . Mine never burned either, thought it would but nope :D .

You ARE lucky you get to take valium, I'm sure it would have worked way better than the Adv... Adivan...(sp)??? I think they should make it a rule to give it to both you and dh's!! :icon_wink:

So you're feeling totally good about this, I see, great!! I can't get over how you were totally feeling scared in the beginning and now you're ready to jump on the table! You psyched yourself up more than I could have ever thought, that's for sure! I hope your recovery goes a lot smoother than mine, just rest as much as you can. They told me that OHSS has a bigger chance at developing AFTER the e/r!!! To get rid of the fluid accumulation in the abdomen, drink lots and make sure you pee lots, too. Fruit juices so you don't get constipated, they said. Ummm what else... oh, no sex, no orgasms, no bouncing or jumping, no vacuuming, no aerobics... :banana: , haha. I got a huge list of "what not to do" post transfer. I'm sure you'll get one, too. Just remember that "No regrets", that has been going through my mind since the transfer. I haven't done anything that I will regret.

If I don't "talk" to you, GOOD LUCK!!!!! You'll do fine, I can't wait to hear how many they got :dance: , ooooo I'm so giddy now all over again! Hope your shoulder feels better, that's all you need now, hu? You've been doing too much of this... :banana: (he's so cute!) I wonder why he's a banana? Why not an apple or a carrot? Cellery even :icon_wink: , awwww cellery would be cute, he'd have hair! Off to eat breakfast! Take care and we'll talk to you soon, fingers and toes crossed for you!


I'm happy that we'll still be in this together, even if we are a week apart. Exactly a week :D .


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Posted 31 January 2005 - 02:30 PM

You are so funny! :banana: that would be cute!

Yes, I have come along way from the beginning haven't I? I just have to tell myself that there is no way getting out of the procedure of getting the eggs out...I will be on meds and they keep telling me it isn't any worse than an HSG...have you ever had one of those tests?

Your Pete is so sweet...(rhymes) you are beautiful people to open your home like that...I don't know if Craig would be comfortable doing that for sure. He is so shy that way. That touches my heart. :flowers: I am glad I met you and get to experience this huge thing in our lives together.

We are off to do some shopping and stuff...I will check back later.


#5 Natiko

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Posted 31 January 2005 - 05:05 PM

I knew the way that I spelled celery didn't look right :bang: .

I did have an HSG and did that alone, I thought it was a bit uncomfortable but now that I look back, ya... the "normal" part of my e/r sort of felt like the worst part of the HSG. That's when I found out that I only had one fallopian tube :( , I was looking on the monitor and thought that it was odd that I didn't see dye flowing freely on the right side like I had on the left. Looooong story, I just didn't know that I had lost my right tube when I had my ectopic pg so it was a sad moment.

You know what!? Pete totally threw me for a loop when he asked them to come stay!! He is NEVER like that, he (like yours) is really shy. He is this huge guy, deep voice and always looks pissed off and mean :rofl: , but he's shy and has a good heart, go figure! But when he said that to them, I knew it came right from his heart. I think it's because these people are going through the same things we are, and Pete can relate to that more so than he ever can with anyone (except my dad, they love each other). You know, like we all do on here, right? I hope I CAN meet you one day, that would be awesome! We already have a connection, as we ALL do, I think it just makes it even more special. Right?

I never did make it out to get anything done. I'm still taking it sooooo slow today and never got around to getting out the door. She (the OHSS girl) Tamara, called from the hospital to tell me she was in there till at least Wednesday or Thursday, so that was a bit of a relief, I can wait till tomorrow to get stuff done.

What are you going shopping for? Food? Mmmm, I'm sooo hungry now, I can now fit food in my tummy cause a lot of the swelling is gone, yaaaay!!!! Do you have all the housework done? All ready for tomorrow? I made spaghetti sauce the day before and some Alfredo with chicken and carrots, red pepper and cauliflower in it, too, so meals were made a head of time. I rock!! :rofl: That is SO not me, I hate to cook but figured it would make it easier on dh. I hope your dh is a good cook! That helps :icon_wink: .

I guess I won't hear form you for a while, unless you feel up to getting up after the transfer :dontknow: , I say stay in bed! I just want to know how many you got!! Ohhh I got bad news today, none of my embryos made it, they all arrested. I was supposed to call today to find out, I was hoping for a few to make it but none did, just the 3 that I got cooking now :( . Ohhhh boy, I pray that this works :pray: Please be sticky beans, please!!!

Ok, enough, I just write WAY too much :blush:
GOOOOOOD LUUUUUUCK!!!! I'll be thinking about you!

Shawn :flowers:
grrrrr my internet connection is down, I have to wait to send this now :wall:


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Posted 31 January 2005 - 06:17 PM

((hugs)) Shawn, I am so sorry that they arrested...why is that? do they know?

That is good Tamara won't be coming until can rest some more. I didn't cook anything ahead of time like do rock! My hubs is afraid of the kitchen...he doesn't know how to cook anything except grill cheese and soup...oh and ichiban. Not bad eh? I am sure he will try...hopefully, or we will starve... :P

We went out and walked around the mall for is so hard to move like I used's so weird. You can feel them kinda giggling inside...don't you find that? with every I have to take it kinda slow...I usually am a brisk walker so it drives me nuts. I started to feel tender nips about a week ago...unreal eh? They almost feel "raw"

Well, I hope I can make it to the puter tomorrow night to let you know how many...and how it all went. I can't believe how close it is getting now!

later buddy! :wavey:


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Posted 31 January 2005 - 06:46 PM

Hey there Kelly and Shawn!
I just wanted to say hi, and to let you know that I've been thinking about you both. You are really lucky to have found each other. I hope that I can find a cycle buddy. Two more days until my first Suprefact needle :blush: