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May 2016 IUI

iui insemination May 2016

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Posted 06 April 2016 - 03:52 PM

I know it's a bit early, but I'll be doing my first IUI attempt in May. First time trying OPKs and BBT charting and i'm on my own (no fertility clinic here) so it's quite confusing.

Hope I can time it right!

Anyone else with me?!?!

Me: 33DH: 33Married : 07-07-07TTC for 2 years before finding out about our infertility issueNovember 2009: found out that husband has azoospermiaApril 2010: biospy done on DH to find mature sperm in testes, sperm found, referral sent to CFC in July 2010November 22nd, 2010:confusion between doctors in regards to sperm analysis, also just been told that we need karyotype and micro-deletion resultsMay 2011:5 months later, Karyotype and micro deletion results are back and all is negative. We are ready to go for sperm retrieval!June 8th, 2011: Biospy done at CFC. Dr says there is NO VIABLE sperm. We are devastated..starting to look at other options.June 13th, 2011: Dr at CFC called two days after mTESE. Biospy results had been sent to lab and they DID find sperm. 12 straws of sperm frozen..waiting for my eggs.August 10th, 2011: HSG scheduled but when i got there, there was no Gyne available as Dr. never referred me to one! FRUSTRATED!!!August 29th, 2011: HSG done, most paingful thing EVER!!!!Sept 16 2011: HSG results look good. waiting to call in CD1. Once thats in, i should start treatment..anxious and very nervous!Sept. 22, 2011: called in. AF is in the house!Sept. 26, 2011: CFC finally called and i'm starting my first IVF cycleOct. 12th, 2011: start suprefactOct. 25th, 2011: baseline ultrasound. Everything looks good. Couldn't determind the # of AF but the doc and nurses say it was "many" in both ovaries.Oct. 26th, 2011: begin gonal-F (225IUI) and Luveris (75IUI) injections. Hoping to start an egg factoryOct. 28, 2011: Fly down to CalgaryOct. 29th, 2011: b/w, E2 levels at 716. Too high. Doc lowered my Gonal-F dosage to 150Oct. 30, 2011: 1st u/s shows 13 follies lt, 15 follicles rt. Risk of OHSS. Lowered dosage again to 125Nov. 1st, 2011: 2nd u/s shows 15 follies on each side. E2 levels are at 3224!!!! lowered Gonal F to 100 iuiNov. 3rd, 2011: 3rd u/s shows 20 follies on each side. avrg size of 14 mm. E2 7634. Same dosageNov. 4th, 2011: 4th u/s 40 follicles, avg size 18mm. E2 11 034. Coasting. No more injections until trigger!Nov. 5th, 2011: 5th b/w. E2 14000+. HCG triggerNov. 7, 2011: ER, 22 eggs retrieved, 20 mature, 1 borderline, 1 immature.Nov. 8th, 2011: only 3 fertilized :(Nov. 9th, 2011: assessment, 5% risk of OHSS, very minimal fluid. Good for transfer. 3 embryos at 5-cell stageNovember 10th, 2011: transferred two 8-cell embryos. Froze one compounding 10-cell embryo.Nov. 21st, 2011: BETA 7. BFN. End of the road for this cycle.May 11th, 2012 : start suprefactMay 25th, 2012: start estradiolJune 7th, 2012 : U/S, lining between 8-8.9mm.June 8th, 20120: Good to go for FET. Start progesteroneJune 9th, 2012: off to CalgaryJune 11th, 2012: FET. 3 day 7 cell embryo. Start the 2WWJune 24th, 2012; HPT. BFNJune 26th, 2012: scheduled pregnancy test

March 2016: Starting process for IUI using sperm donor. TSH 1.7, CMV -. FSH 5.6.Day-21 Prog 22.9. Medicated IUI(Clomid CD3-CD7). OPK and BBT used. Not using a fertility clinic or fertility doctor. 1st IUI May 8th,2016 (MOTHERS DAY!), 2nd IUI May 9th, 2016. HPT at 10DPO BFP. Beta #1 at 11 dpo= 41. Beta #2 at 14dpo = 325. Beta #3 at 16dpo = 889. First u/s scheduled for June 2nd. th_abfp.gifth_abfp.gif

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