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what happens after second beta?

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#1 neen.

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Posted 24 December 2015 - 10:08 PM

Hi All, 


I just got my second beta test results (1431!) and am just wondering what happens next and when? I haven't gotten the call from the clinic yet as I checked my results online. 


Merry Christmas! 

Me: 32 DH:32


Dx: unexplained IF 

him: perfect

me: all tests normal, polycystic ovaries but not the syndrome, longer cycles (31 days) 


TTC #1 since November 2013

Started Fertility treatments July 2014.


Jul 2014- Feb 2015: superovulation drugs +timed intercourse/IUI = BFN


Nov 2014: laparoscopy. found mild endo, lasered it out and did some ovarian drilling

After 3 IUI's, several cycles of drugs+ timed intercourse, all BFN's and a lot of stress we went for a second opinion. 


March 2015- switched fertility clinics.


June 2015- IVF#1: antagonist protocol (puregon, luveris, orgalutron).  mild OHSS so freeze-all cycle


Aug 2015- FET#1= BFN

Oct 2015- FET #2 natural cycle= BFN

Nov 2015- endometrial scratch procedure

Dec 2015- FET#3 natural cycle with reactine, medrol= BFP!!!!

beta#1: 548!

beta#2: 1431!!

pregnancy ultrasound 7w1d - saw two little peanuts! Baby A- 7w1d, 135 bpm, Baby B- 7w2d, 145 bpm! Can't believe we are going to have 2 little munchkins! Officially graduated from CFRH


Awaiting call from OB office at Mount Sinai Hospital



#2 Hopingfor1

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Posted 25 December 2015 - 01:30 AM

Back when I was with the clinic, we couldn't get results online and had to wait for the call so I'm happy you could check your results online.


When they called me with the second number, they told me that someone would be calling me to set up an ultrasound.  A day or so later I got a message with a date to come in for an ultrasound.  The doctor I was with did hers at the 7 week mark.


Congratulations - what a great Christmas present!

Me: 40  = High FSH (ranges from 8 - 15), Low AMH (2.7), Low AFC = DOR

DH: 43 = borderline sperm analysis

Started TTC#1 January 2010


2011 - 2012 - First fertility clinic, lots of testing, operative hysteroscopy to remove polyps, multiple unsuccessful IUIs, 1 IVF (150 Menopur/150 Gonal F) converted to IUI due to poor response


2012 - got second opinion and after AMH results came back, advised at 36 I had a less than 5% chance of conceiving via IVF.  Donor eggs strongly recommended but not yet ready for that (I should say - hubby not ready for that.  I was ready for donor eggs - I just wanted to be a Mom).  Decided clinic wasn't for us and back to clinic #1


2013 - IVF #1 (after 1st converted to IUI).  Estrogen Priming protocol - start Climara patch 7 days post ovulation and change every other day.  3 orgalutran injections beginning day after first Climara patch applied.  Start stims day 2 triggered on night 15 of stims = 3 eggs retrieved, 0 fertilized via ICSI = no transfer  (300 Gonal F/150 Menopur & Orgalutran)


2013 - Switch clinics


Office hysteroscopy = all clear


IVF #2 (37 years old) June 2013 - Estrace priming protocol.  4 mg estrace started 7 days post ovulation.  Start stims Day 3 (300 Gonal F/150 Menopur & Orgalutran)

Slow response as usual

Triggered on night 12 of stims (given the option to cancel as it looked like we'd get 3 eggs - knew we wouldn't do any better so continued).

ER:  6 eggs, but advised some were small and would be immature

Fert report:  5 of 6 eggs immature.  2 fertilized via ICSI (including one of the immature eggs)

ET:  Transferred our only 2 embryos - a 5 cell and an 8 cell

11dp3dt = BFP - HCG = 65

16dp3dt = HCG 1,305 (cautiously pregnant)

7 week ultrasound = 1 baby HB = 141

12 weeks ultrasound NT scan = NT = 1.7mm all looks good.  Combined with blood work risk is 1/1,400

Got Harmony blood test results back (done for peace of mind) - all clear and we're having a GIRL!

EDD = March 2014 (cautiously looking forward to that date)

However - baby had plans to arrive early. After PPROM and managing to cook the little one a bit longer, our bundle of joy arrived at 33 weeks.  After a 3 week NICU stay, she is finally home.  We are totally in love and forever thankful for our little miracle baby - Ashley Nicole.



#3 WishinNhopin

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Posted 25 December 2015 - 09:36 AM

Congratulations from a fellow Mt. SINAI cycler! All the best.