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Menstrual Cycle

FSH Tubal Ovulation Egg count

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 06:29 PM

Hello there, 


So, it has now been a week since I was diagnosed with hydrosalpix on both my tubes.  I am now awaiting laparoscopy to confirm if indeed both my tubes are involved, the severity of my condition, and the possible removal of both.  My days have been up and down and I couldn't be any more stressed out over.... pretty much anything I can think of.


I went to the lab today for another Day 3 FSH to recheck my levels while I await an appointment to a new RE.  I'm hoping it has gotten better but who knows.  My previous FSH was at 14.4 which my gyne said is a little high.  (I've posted about that before too.... ). 


So anyway, today I'm fixated on my period, and somehow thinking if that has anything to do with my FSH and my egg production etc.  I was not diagnosed with DOR (or at least not yet, I don't know I try not to think of more things that can go wrong) but it was mentioned by my previous RE that eggs are a little low (5 at the time of the u/s she did that day), but otherwise are good and ok.  I normally menstruate about 3-4 days, having my second day the heaviest and spotting on days 1-3 and almost gone by 4.  And like clockwork I get my period every 28-30 days.... and was reassured by my gyne that I ovulate on my own.


This time though I got it 2 days early, heavy right on day 1 (which is this saturday) and pretty much gone by now (monday).  So now I'm anxiously thinking if there's something wrong with me? why it's so light and somewhat shorter than my usual.... blush.png


Anyway, I know I've been so stressed out, upset and some feelings I didn't even know existed since I was diagnosed that I'm thinking that affected my cycle too... anyway.... just venting and getting my thoughts out..... and would love to hear from any of you!


I really am grateful for this site and the members who contribute their time! I appreciate you all!

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