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#5176 tcclare

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:12 AM

New to the forum - fiancé has had two semen analyses, both results came back with 0 sperm. Waiting on a referral to the urologist now. In the meantime, they've poked and proded me - HSG came back normal. Waiting on AFC and labwork results. Follow up with the fertility clinic in early June. Hoping to find some support and encouragement through this forum, as it's an unbelievably emotionally trying thing to go through.

#5177 Abby3119

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Posted 05 June 2020 - 11:54 AM

tcclare, sorry you are going through this. My husband had same diagnosis. Everything checked out well on my side. Turns out my husband has Klienfelters Syndrome and that is why he is sterile. After getting this news we mulled over are options and went to some infertility counseling. We ended up using donor sperm and I got pregnant first time via insemination. We now have a beautiful almost 5 year old daughter. I know things can seem really dark right now and not how you thought things would go but I promise you that their is light at the end of the tunnel.