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Experience with using misoprostrol

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 06:27 PM

I recently made the decision to use misoprostol after it was confirmed at my 9 week ultrasound that the baby stopped developed at 8.5 weeks and no heartbeat was detected.


To prepare myself, I did a lot of searching and reading about what to expect after using miso, and while I found some stories, many of the stories others described didn't match my own.  I thought I'd start a thread that might also collect a variety of experiences and recommendations for others making the decision to proceed with miso after a pregnancy loss.



1. Ask your doctor what to expect. Below is just my personal story and certainly not medical advice by any means. 

2.  Ask your doctor about pain medication options and take those pain meds early. The cramps can be more like labour pains at times.

3.  Collect the things that you think you may need for the day(s) to come.  This could include - extra towels, baby wipes (very useful between showers), mattress protectors, a good stash of overnight maxi-pads, a variety of clothing (you might get really hot and/or cold at times), water (I got really thirsty at times), snacks (though I personally was too nauseas to eat), garbage bags, container to collect any material (if you are trying to collect and save expelled product - I wasn't prepared for this!).  Maybe others can chime in with things to have on hand that might help!

4. Choose the day and time to take the miso purposefully. Mid-morning worked well for me - after we had a decent breakfast. Choosing a day after you're able to get in a good night of sleep is wise - my body was exhausted after going through the miso process.

5. Surround yourself with an appropriate support person or two and don't be afraid to use their help!  You could lose a lot of blood, you'll be on pain meds, you'll be exhausted, and you'll be going through an emotionally difficult process.  Have support people around you. I thought I could do it alone - and that turned out to be a bad idea!

6. Be prepared for an intense emotional response to hit some time after - in part due to the experience and in part due to the rapidly declining hormones in your body. I was not really prepared for how hard it hit me two days after taking the miso.


My experience:


I was prepared for the worst, and thankfully, my experience was quite manageable and better than expected. The bleeding for me was surprisingly light compared to many of the stories I read (and was prepared for) on the internet.  That doesn't mean that yours will be the same. I think reading about a range of possible experiences will help prepare you for what is to come after taking the miso.


For us, we chose to start the miso on a Saturday.  I was prepared that I might have to repeat it on Monday (after 48 hours, as my doctor prescribed/warned).  I also knew that I was not prepared to go through this experience in the presence of my son (8 years old) or our visiting student (a teenager) who was with us for the summer.  I begged my hubby to take the boys up to the cottage and let me go through this process on my own.  In hindsight, I wish we found someone else to take the boys, so that my hubby could be with me. During the process, I got so freaked out that I started writing everything down, just in case the paramedics found me incapable of explaining what was happening. And, I put a call out to my parents to help me through, who thankfully live close by.


We decided to go out for a family breakfast after a decent (but somewhat unsettled) night of sleep on Friday night.  I ordered a toasted western sandwich and some orange juice.  I figured this would give me some nourishment should I not feel up to eating anything for the next day or two.


At 10 am, once the boys were packed and gone to the cottage, I took my 4 misoprostol tablets.  The nurse at my clinic suggested putting a drop of water on a finger, placing the tablet on the drop of water, and inserting it as deep as possible into the vagina - then repeat with the next tablet, and then the next two in the same manner.  Needless to say, clean hands would be a good idea.


I laid down for the recommended 30 minutes, but ended up dozing off a bit.  In the end I was laying down for almost an hour.  I then arranged all of my collected items (which I had purchased or gathered the night before) in my bedroom and in the bathroom I was planning to use.  Following a recommendation I read from others on the internet, I decided it made sense to try walking around to get things going.  Gravity and the stimulation from walking were the rationale provided for getting things going. I have no idea if this has any medical bearing, but I tried it and it seemed to work for me. I went for a slow walk around the neighbourhood (cell phone in hand, just in case).  I returned home for a rest and some water.  Then I went out for another slow walk around the neighbourhood.  Each walk was only about 15 minutes and I was never more than 3-4 minutes away from the shortest route back to the house.


By 12:30 pm (2.5 hours after taking the miso), I started feeling really tight in my abdominal area. I couldn't decide if it was actual cramps or not, but by 1 pm, I was certain the tightness had advanced to cramps and I had started spotting. I took one of my prescribed Percocet pills.  I was allowed to take 1-2 every 6 hours, and it was recommended by my doctor to take the first dose at the first sign of a cramp.  Perhaps I waited too long, and should have started at 12:30 when I experienced the tightness, but I wasn't sure and ended up taking only 1 tablet at 1 pm.


Between 1 pm and 2 pm, I made many many many trips from my bed to the toilet.  I had many urges and need for both peeing and bowel movements during this time. And I became really thirsty and exceptionally cold!! I couldn't stop shivering.  And my palms were so very itchy. I put on extra layers of clothing and used a comforter to keep me warm as I sat on the toilet. I was passing many clots during this time, but they seemed fairly small to me. Not too much bleeding though - I'd say it was light to moderate.  But the pain was mounting quickly - the cramps now similar to the contractions I had in labour years ago.  I regretted not taking 2 Percocets from the outset, so at 2 pm, I popped the second one.  From 2 pm to about 2:30, I was in excruciating pain and was now passing a lot of material.  It all ended up in the toilet as I was ill-prepared to collect any of it. By 3 pm, the pain subsided - I guess the second Percocet kicked in - and instead of focusing on getting through the pain, I became really nervous about being home alone, and started trying to write everything down, in case I needed to call 911 and the paramedics found me unconscious or something.  Writing helped me cope, actually, and helped me feel more in control of what was happening to my body. My mom lives five minutes away, so I called her and asked if I could sleep at her house for the night, as I became paranoid especially of what was to come throughout the night.  She wanted to send my dad over to pick me up straight away, but I just wanted to lay down and rest.  She called me every hour from 3 pm to 6 pm, when she finally sent my dad to get me. 


I don't remember much between 3 and 6 pm. I slept a lot.  I went to the bathroom a lot. I passed a lot more material.  I sweat a lot.  By 6 pm, I was filthy, sweaty, exhausted, nauseas, scared, and dizzy.  I had gone through many baby wipes (they were a blessing to have on hand - soothing and soft and they do a decent job at cleaning up).  My dad helped me pack up my things and helped me walk to the car (I was pretty weak by then).  I spent the next few hours resting and using the bathroom at their home, but largely feeling much better.  By 8 pm, it seemed to be over... and I started feeling much better.  I had a long soothing shower, started feeling a bit hungry (mom made me some soup), and was much more coherent.  I thought that was just the calm before the storm that would be nighttime.  I took a Percocet at 9 pm just to prepare myself for the night, but the storm never came. I slept reasonably well, passed very few smaller clots, and only bled lightly through the night.  I woke up convinced the miso hadn't fully worked and I was in for another round on Monday morning.


My doctor had given me his cell phone number and asked me to text him updates, which I had done periodically.  When I mentioned I was concerned that it I thought I'd have to take another round of miso because it couldn't be 'that easy' compared to what I was expecting and that the amount of blood shed was much less than expected, he immediately ordered me an ultrasound for Sunday morning at 10:30 am.  That ultrasound showed no evidence of any pregnancy product left in my uterus, so they concluded that I was through the worst of it, and didn't need to go through the second round of miso. 


It's Monday, now two days after I took the miso, and physically, I'm doing well.  I'm still passing the occasional small clot here and there, but they are really tiny now, and I'd say I'm just spotting at this point. I never did experience the heavy bleeding that some have reported, thankfully. I have another follow up ultrasound and blood work booked in 10 days to confirm everything has passed and my beta levels are declining. Emotionally though, I'm a wreck.  It really hit me today, 2 days after taking the miso. This, I wasn't expecting to be nearly as bad, but I guess I should have prepared myself for the emotional hormonal decline that comes from a pregnancy loss. It's been an emotional experience like none other I have ever had, and one in which I was not really expecting, so it has caught me off guard. The boys went at school and camp, and hubby stayed home with me today from work, and we grieved and cried together - but I was the one that was an unstoppable fountain of tears and emotions.  I'm feeling more settled this evening, but I think there's still a lot of grieving to go through over the next little while. 


It can be a tough experience to go through, but I'm a firm believer that knowing what to expect can help tremendously.  I hope that this personal experience, and perhaps others that might be shared, will help someone else in the future prepare themselves should they be in the very unfortunate situation of losing a pregnancy and facing a decision of whether to take misoprostol.





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Me (AMH 45+, FSH~4, AFC 20+, history of Graves' disease, but currently euthyroid without meds); DH (severe male factor)

IUI#1: clomid, one follicle, 0.9 mil sperm = BFP.
DS born 2007.

IUI #1 (2009): unmedicated, one follicle, 0.9 mil sperm = BFP. Low beta, did not double, ended @ 5 wks.
IUI #2-5 (2011-2012): medicated (clomid), more follies, 1.9-2.2 mil sperm, all BFN.
IVF #1 (2014):
First try - poor stim response, converted to IUI, BFN.
Second try - puregon, menopur, orgalutran = 20+ follicles; triggered early due to increasing LH, 10 mature, 8 fertilized with icsi, transferred 1 perfect day 3 embryo, BFN. Froze 7 day3 embryos.
FET #1 (Oct 2014): transferred 2 day3 embryos with AH and progesterone support. Very low beta, did not double.
FET #2 (Dec 2014): transferred 2 day3 embryos with AH and progesterone support. Very low beta, did not increase.
FET #3 (May 2015): lost one embryo in the thaw, transferred last two day3 embryos with AH and progesterone support.
Faint BFP on HPT (10dp3dt).Very low betas to start, but increasing steadily (12dp3dt=17, 14dp3dt=45, 16dp3dt=132, 18dp3dt=307, 20dp3dt=630, 21dp3dt=938, 23dp3dt=1606, 25dp3dt=2608, 29dp3dt=5742). 
1st U/S (21dp3dt) shows small gestational sac in uterus.
2nd U/S (25dp3dt) shows larger gestational sac (now 7-8 mm) and small yolk sac, confirming it is not ectopic.
3rd U/S (June 24; 33dp3dt): HR=141, CRL=8mm, small gestational sac, measuring 6wks+5d.
4th U/S (July 3; 42dp3dt): HR=180, CRL=1.5cm, measuring 7wks+6d.
Prenatal bloodwork found very high levels of TPO. Levothyroxine started July 8.
5th U/S (July 10; 49dp3dt)

See my profile page for the details.

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 11:36 PM

I'm so extremely sorry you had to go through this and unfortunately know everything you're going through.  Take it easy and be gentle to yourself for the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I'd echo every one of your recommendations.  I can try to add a bit from my own experience.


I sterilized a big white metal tub I had and used that on my bathroom floor for all the bleeding/clots/etc.  I knew I wanted to collect the sac to bring to the lab and didn't want anything lost in the toilet.  I got sterile containers from my ObGyn to collect the "products of conception" which I then brought to the pathology lab the next day.  The sac was easily identifiable-- I cried for 4 hours straight at that point, such an intense emotional experience to see that and collect it into a container.  I used garbage bags under a dark towel on my bed.


I had both Percocet and Morphine on hand that my ObGyn had prescribed. I used the Percocet (took it 1/2 hr BEFORE the Miso) because I'd had it before so I knew its effects on me -- I found it extremely helpful not just to numb the physical pain when the cramps started, but really to numb my brain to be able to get through the idea of "ending my pregnancy".  Even though it was already "dead" I really struggled with the feeling that I was about to kill it.  I also took Gravol for the nausea after calling the pharmacist who said it was ok to mix with the Percocet and Miso.


And yes, the wild emotions and physical exhaustion for the next 7-10 days because of hormones crashing all over the place. I wasn't prepared for that and took me a while to figure out why I felt like such hell.  It was better once I understood and accepted what my body was going through.  But I seriously felt horrendous.  It's definitely a major grieving process.  I was caught off guard at how much grief was possible at such an "early" loss, even when I'd tried to be as level headed as possible knowing I had a 50% chance of miscarriage.  It made me realize that as much as you can control your optimism and hold back any excitement at being pregnant, you can't control "hope".  As my RE said afterwards, hope is what makes us human.  Hope was suddenly sitting in front of me in a sterile container.


I did it all alone, no choice in my case, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  I was lucky that I have an extremely supportive RE who checked up on me constantly (while on his Christmas holidays) and ObGyn via text message also.  I also agree with reading up as much as possible to know the range of experiences possible.  I was glad I was prepared for the worst when that ended up being me.  The flip side is maybe getting too scared for nothing, but I'd take that over not being prepared.  I also wrote every detail down as I went (in fact kept documenting for the next 5 wks...), kept my cell phone physically attached to me, and taped to my cell phone a card with every emergency number (911, RE cell, ObGyn cell, 24-hr pharmacist, Mom).


So yes I pretty much had "the worst" according to my RE.  I chose to do it at night.  First run through nothing much happened first night, then passed massive lemon-sized blood clots the 2nd night and the sac, then just very light bleeding through the week and then randomly another large clot about 5 days later, then no more bleeding. But then ultrasound showed not everything was gone.  So I went through it again.  And again nothing happened on the first night, everything happened on the 2nd night.  But then I ended up bleeding for the next 5 weeks straight (no joke), most of it the "bleeding through thick pads every 2 hours" type of bleeding with only a couple of short breaks before it would start again.  Hemoglobin and iron levels plummeted.  As terrible as my experience was though, I would choose it again in my case to avoid the D&C and associated risks.  My "perfect uterus" is the only good thing I have going for me, so everyone concerned wanted to avoid any risk if possible.

Me: 40 41 42 43 44 45, single, FSH 6, LH 2 (FSH not high, but exceeded 2:1 ratio), DOR (AFC 5-7, v.low AMH), all else normal/healthy.

After a difficult 6 year journey of everything going wrong, amazing baby boy born Dec 2018.  Donor sperm + DEB-USA donor eggs.  Detailed journey in 'about me'.


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Posted 10 August 2015 - 09:53 PM

Logo, I am sorry for your loss.

My misoprostal experience:

This was July 2012. I decided to start it on a Saturday. I was told to take 2 tablets vaginally and if that did not work then 2 more 48 hours later. I was given Tylenol 3 for the pain.

So Saturday morning I take the tablets and I think pretty much within 2 hours I started bleeding and passing huge clots. Had to change my pad ever hr to 2 hrs till Monday. Had cramping and pain, etc but I guess the Tylenol 3 was helping and I honestly tried to sleep through most of it. Was still bleeding pretty heavily and was still in pain Monday. Tuesday, started feeling better (yay!). Ok maybe not by Wednesday started getting more intense pains (pretty much similar to what I felt delivering my son (naturally no epidural) except at that point I did not know what delivery pain was because I had no children before that). Thursday early morning went to the ER because the pain was so terrible. I couldn't, stand, sit, sleep, basically couldn't do anything. By now I was also exhausted. At the hospital I was put on morphine and basically did an ultrasound. I was still in pain even with the morphine. They pretty much said that there was still some tissue to come out and I had to wait for that to happen and to go see my re the next day. I was so terrified when they pulled me off the morphine because the pain was so intense. Anyway get home cannot even climb into bed. At some point I must have been exhausted enough to fall asleep. Went to see my RE Friday I guess by morning all the tissue had cleared out. I felt so weak and drained after that, that and going to work on Monday felt like a burden but I felt bad since I was off a whole week for this.

Looks like I will repeating the same starting next Saturday, really hoping it goes better this time as I have a 22 month toddler and honestly NO HELP as we are not sharing this with family. My DH cringes just thinking about it because I have a high pain tolerance and do not complain in general but I was out for the count the last time. He thinks I should just wait it miscarry naturally (as he thinks it might be easier) but I don't know how long it could take and just want to move on.

Me - 31, DH - 33 


Was trying Naturally from Feb 2010

Tests and 2 cycles of Clomid Feb-May 2012


IVF with ICSI - cycle #1 (May/June 2012)

May 5 - Started supressing - Suprefact; May 19-27 - Stimulating - 200 IUI GonalF; May 27 - HCG shot; May 29 - ER - 9 eggs retrieved, 5 were injectable, only 1 fertilized; June 1 - ET - Day 3 transfer, 1 good grade embryo; June 10 - HPT - 9DP3DT - BFN; June 12 - HPT - 11DP3DT - BFP (faint); June 13 - HPT - 12DP3DT - BFP (faint but darker); June 15 - Beta 1 - 345June 17 - Beta 2 - 702; July 20 - 9W3D - baby measuring at 5W6D no heart beat - Dx Missed Miscarriage; July 21 - Misprostol


IVF with ICSI - cycle #2 (January 2013)

Jan 4 - Started supressing - Suprefact; Jan 17 - Stim -Gonal F - 250 IUI; Jan 29 - ER - 16 eggs retrieved, 12 injectable, 11 fertilized; Feb 4 - ET - Day 5 transfer, one embryo transfered; Feb 5th - 4Frozen embryos; Feb 13th - HPT - BFPFeb 18 - Beta 1 - 1581; Feb 20 - Beta 2 - 2700

We welcomed our precious little boy in September 2013.


FET #1 - (March 2015) -1, 3BB embie - BFN

FET #2 - (May 2015) -1, 3BB embie - BFN

FET#3 - (July 2015) - D&C

July 8, 2015 Transferred 1, 4AB 6 day embie - BFP; July 10 - HPT - +ve; July 20 - Beta 1 - 220; July 22 - Beta 2 - 440; Aug 14 D&C


FET#4 - (November 2015)

November 5, 2015 Transferred 1 3BB 6 day embie; Beta 1 Nov 16 - 430; Beta 2 Nov 18 - 812; US - Dec 4 - 6W6D - heartbeat -138

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Posted 25 March 2018 - 04:39 PM

I know this is the old post but want to bump it up and share my experience to everyone just in case soneone is gping throigh the same sittuation as me.

Here is my Mifepristone and misoprostole

3days passed my L&D TFMR, my physically is fine but my emotionally is so hurt still ;-(

Anyway My baby girl was diagnosed with 10mm cystic hygroma and later on developed to hydrop.
She also go diagnosd with Hypo plastic right heart syndrom (HRHS) negative of all Trisomy. Just our bad luck that our little girl was so sick.
We as the parents dont want her to suffer when she is born (if she made it to term) so we decided to let her go now rather than seeing her and expecting her to die on the operation table of the heart surgeries.

Anyway march21, I took Mifepristone with a heavy heart and I cried all day. Dr told me that our little poor baby would pass away on her own but she didnt ;-( I felt her kick here and there all day and all night. Of course I cried myself to sleep that night.

4 am the next morning, we got up and drove ourself to Toronto for the procedure. We got in just in time at 8:00am. The nurse got us settle in in our room back in th corner of the ward. Which we understand why but still, we still like we were left behind somewhat.

10:00 dr finally came in and talked to us about the procedure and get us changed into hospital gound.

11:00 dr came in again and insert the Miroprostole. I cried hard and felt so guilty and told my still kicking but softly baby girl how much we love her and much we are so sorry that we had to do this to her.

11:20ish the medicine kicked in, the contraction starting to come and getting stronger and stronger. No pain med arrived at this point yet.
I hate to say that it hurt so much but it wasnt that bad like a full term labor. The pain came from the front abdoment mostly not like true labor when the pain would comes from the back and wrap around to the front.

12ish my water broke and nurses finally got order from the dr to give me pain med through IV. I believed its called Fentanyl. It just made me high but didnt really help with the pain at all ;-(

12ish-2:30 I was in active labor the whole entire time. The contraction came every 15second. It came and it gone and it came again. ;-(

2:30 With my final push my sleeping angel baby girl was born sleeping. I cried at my last push and really screamed that I was so sorry that I couldnt protect her and had to do this to her. My nurses and dr had their tears in their eyes and feel really sad for me. I really appreciated that they didnt judge me and being so supportive to me.

My hubby was the best. He was there with me from the begining to the very end. He cried with me he hold my hands the whole time. I am so glad he was there or else I dont know what I would do.

First I told myself that I didnt want to see her because I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. But after I went through all that, I changed my mind. I asked my nurses right away that I wanted to see her no matter what. My baby girl, she still had her cystic hygroma on her neck. She must be really sick my poor girl. Evern the huge cyst on her neck she is still my beautiful baby girl. I got to see all her tiny little fingers and tiny little toes, her daddys lip and nose. Omg I love her so much. I hold her for the longest time and I let the nurse took her way to get dressed.

Dr kept me to check my bleeding for 6 hours and I got discharged at 9:30pm. I asked my nursed again before I leave if I could hold her again and say good bye which I did. I cried and cried and cried. My heart is now has a whole in it. I left the most wanted baby girl there in Toronto and came home with a heavy heart.

I dont know when this pain going to go away. But all I know for sure is that I will love her and miss her and think about her forever.

In the memory of my beautiful sleeping angel baby.
March 22/2018.
Age : Me 34
Hubby 43

Trying to conceive : 2 years
IUI : 4 failed
IVF#1 : 19 folical, 19 retrieved, 11 fertilized with ICIS
FET#1, #2 : FAILED 😭😭
FET#3 : our Son, Alexander was born November 2015 🎉🎉🎉🎂😍💖

Sibling project is started ^^ 😊😊😊
FET #4 (2017) (Natural FET, estrace day3-7, hcg trigger shot, low does hcg every 3 days after transfer)
Cd3 : lining 4.1Cd9 : lining 7.1Cd10 : lining 8.6 tripple line+trigger shot good to go.
Dec2 : transfered 1 5AA BlastoBeta#1 (9dp5dt) 388 !!!!Beta#2 (12dp5dt) 798 !!!!!!! Im officially PREGNANT !!! ;-)
12w NT SCAN showed 10mm Cystic hygroma(didnt get the result until 15w ;-( ;-( )
NIPT low risk all 3 Trisomy 13, 18, 21
17w1d : Diagonsed with 11m cystic hygroma +hydrops
17w2d : Disgnosed with Hypo plastic right heart syndrome
18w4d : TMFR. Our hearts are shattered. Our little sleeping angel baby girl Cicely Bella Veighey was born @2:30.She was beautiful just like her name. She was so loved and so wanted. Mommy and daddy and your big brother will love you forever !!!Sibling project continue with the hole in our heart.Hoping to

TTC our rainbow baby girl (if possible)
FET#5 : transfered perfect 6AA fully hatched
10dp5dt : 428 Progesterone 60
12dp5dt : 709 (not quite double) progesterone 50
14dp5dt: 1457 Progesterone 49
19dp5dt: 6158 Progesterone ?
7w u/s gestrational sac measure 6w2d no fetal pole or heart beat
10w gestrational sac still the same 6w2d still no fetal pole or heart beat. Diagnosed with Blighted ovum ;( took Misoprostole to end the pregnancy and spotting for 8w until beta turned back to 0.

Continue our sibling Progect. We will bring home our rainbow this time!!

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Posted 18 February 2019 - 09:54 PM

This is an old thread but it was incredibly helpful for me when I had a missed miscarriage in the fall so I thought I'd add my experience with misoprostol. Rather TMI.
There was a slow heartbeat of 95 bpm when I should have been 7+1 but was measuring 6+1. The following week (8+1), there had been no growth (still 6+1) and had no heartbeat. I waited another 1.5 weeks before I took the misoprostol, and I had been having some mild cramping the last bit of that time.
I took 4 tablets of misoprostol vaginally at 8:45 am (and a T3 at 8:30 am) on a Wednesday. I had terrible heartburn/indigestion from about 10:15-11:15am. Bleeding and cramping started maybe around 11:30, but started getting bad around 12:30. From 12:45 to 1:15 I had the worst cramps ever. (I took 2 T3 at 1pm - in retrospect, I should have taken it at 11:30am.) Around 1:15 pm, I passed a clot that looked like it had some sort of tissue/fleshy material in the top part of it, followed by a walnut-sized clot and a quarter-sized clot. Within 15 min, the cramping and bleeding became bearable. Over the following hour I had what seemed to be contractions - 1 min of cramps, 1 min of relief. I filled a max overnight pad in 2.5 hours. After that, bleeding and cramping became more normal but I started feeling dizzy and nauseous (codeine typically does make me nauseous). I was fairly sleepy in the evening, and finally was able to throw up before bed, which made me feel better. Around 10pm, I caught a 5mm grey/fleshy sphere and two 1cm pieces of stretchy tissue-like material. There was no pain associated with these.


I took 3 days off work (as I wanted it over with before the weekend, which was Canadian Thanksgiving).


The following day I was feeling pretty normal. A little sleepy, and still bleeding but it was bearable. I bled like a heavy period (but not unusually heavy) for 10 days (with one light day in the middle) and then lighter or spotting for another 4 days - so about 14 days in total. 


I had an ultrasound 15 days after I took the medication which showed no retained tissue. I took a home pregnancy test that was negative (which I later realized was expired by a few months, oops). I did not have a beta test done. 


The entire cycle was 35 days from the day I took meds until the day before my next period. That period was fairly crampy and heavy. The ones since then have been back to normal. 


I felt strangely numb for maybe 2 months and then felt incredibly sad for maybe 2 months. I feel like I am getting back to normal now although I still feel sad when I think about how far along I would have been. I am thinking of taking my estimated due date off work and treating myself.
Overall, I was glad in the end that I took misoprostol. I was worried about whether a D&C would affect my lining later (don't know if there is any rational basis to that), and I wanted to experience the pain and see the tissue, to feel closure. But it hurt a lot. I think if I were measuring further along, I would seriously consider a D&C instead. 
To anyone dealing with a missed miscarriage or loss, my heart goes out to you. 

TTC since 2013

Unsuccessful IVFs 2014-2016

Unsuccessful known egg donor cycle 2018

Donor Egg Bank Assured Refund plan 2019

Two unsuccessful DE transfers 2019

Unsuccessful DE transfer 2020

DE transfer Nov 2020 - BFP

More about my journey in my profile

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Posted 13 August 2021 - 04:23 PM

Thanks to everyone who posted on this thread I will have experience with this on Monday and it helps to know what to expect

IVF #1: Oct 2018, 8 embryos all untested

FET #1: Jan 2019, 2 transfered, BFP 

DD Born Oct 2019


FET #2.1: July 2020 Cancelled due to fluid

FET#2.2: August 2020 Cancelled due to fluid (surgery to fix c section defect in Jan of 2020)

IVF#2: October 2020 5 embryos all untested

FET #2: March 2021 2 transfered BFN

FET#3: April 2021 1 transfered BFN

FET#4.1: May 2021 cancelled due to polyps (hysterscopy to remove polyps) 

FET #4.2: June 2021 cancelled due to double stripped lining

FET #4.3: July 2021 2 transferred BFP 43 1st beta 169 2nd beta 339 3rd beta 3600 First Ultrasound no heartbeat, second ultrasound no heartbeat MC at 8 weeks. 


Now a patient at Hannam Fertility