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Unsure of Olive

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#51 thirdtimelucky

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 05:57 PM

Has anyone had their consult with VFC.  I spoke to Doctor Hudson on Saturday and was very impressed.   Looking into switching clinics for a fresh approach.  Just wondering where everyone is at?

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 12:20 AM

Hi Thirdtimelucky,


I also had my consult with Dr H and he emphasized that the care that Dr T has been giving me has been very good. I did like the fact that Victoria seemed in general slower paced. The waiting room was empty mid-day and he was able to spend alot of time with me at my appointment. I think it's a good choice if you are planning for a change anyways. DH have alot to think about before we continue, so likely we won't be changing clinics soon.

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#53 smurfette_w

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 01:06 AM

room - yay you had your appointment!  Sounds like it went well.  And I'm so glad to hear Dr. H's opinion of Dr. T's care, I really like Dr. T, she did several of my ultrasounds, one of my retrievals and one of my successful transfers.


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#54 Brokenhearted

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 01:16 PM

Room - I'm very pleased you had a good meeting with Dr H.  I can't tell if you are pleased or disappointed....perhaps you didn't get the answers you were hoping for?  But I'm sure you feel validated with the care Dr T has given you now that Dr H has given you similar opinion.  Look forward to hearing your game plan once you feel like sharing it.


I have a second opinion consult with PCRM in 13 days and a request in to speak with VFC.  Dr T emailed me the plan she and the Drs have come up with me and I just want to make sure with other clinics that they agree or don't have any other ideas.  

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#55 Jaya

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 04:05 PM



Jaya, can you let me know what you find with other clinics.

Yes, of course, I would be happy to. I'm going to consult with PCRM, Genesis and possibly even VFC as they seem to have such rave reviews on the forum.
Merry Christmas to all you Ladies


I spoke to my doctor (Dr H), he was very supportive and even had his nursing team call me this year. I'm inclined to try another cycle with Olive. (This will be my second cycle and the first was very unsuccessful)

I am hoping that my doctor and clinic will have a better plan for me after the failing of the first.

How are your consults going with other clinics?



I am now deciding between PCRM and VFC - I like VFC - the only thing stopping me is the travel times


Let us know how your next cycle goes

#56 Seem14

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 11:23 PM

Notthemom - loved reading your post.  As an HC, I find it has helped me cope a little better.  


I, too, go to Olive and by far has not had an issue and find that Dr. H has been nothing but helpful.   

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#57 Seem14

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 11:24 PM

Dad here....(I know, i know, what do I really have to say?). I was present with my wife for most of the appointments.


Overall I will say my/our overall experience is that the clinic was great. This is coloured by the fact that Olive helped us bring in a beautiful baby girl within a year of our first visit (Aug 2014 to Aug 2015). We are blessed, lucky (or however you want to see it). Also we are truly grateful.


The individual experiences here can not be discounted (and we have shared many of the same experiences)....but remember, they can be impacted by the success of the therapy. A couple trying multiple rounds of IVF (with multiple retrievals) may not respond with positive feedback (and post-IVF attempt studies looking at couple's/women's satisfaction with IVF support this).


Also colouring our experience and feedback here is that we are both front-line licensed HC professionals. Why does this matter? We we had awareness of the pathophysiology/medical issues, medical jargon, questions to ask and reasonable expectations of the process and people (mind you I find many people going through this journey are usually well informed).


So anyways...for what it's worth from the perspective of a  dad/male.....as many other's have commented Olive maintains a clean professional clinic...almost to the point of being cold (in appearance). We met with Dr. T for the first appointment and had various other MD's for ultrasounds, etc. Dr. T was professional, straight-forward and realistic. She didn't offer the moon nor eliminate hope. After our initial appointment we went to 1 IUI and quickly after an IVF retrieval and implantation (August-December 2014).


 Wife's appointment dates never seemed to align with Dr. T-but we did not expect a single MD to be present for all our appointments (unrealistic-tea based care environment). We encountered all MDs at some point-they were all professional, open and easy to communicate with. Dr. Y's humour was great and appreciated during various points of anxiety, self-pity, etc (maybe my wife thinks differently). 


Dr. T was easy to get a hold of via email/phone if needed. 


I/We do echo some challenges others have commented on in the forum. Especially with discrepancies between verbal communication and what ended up in our EMR. For example, between the time we left the US room to get our medications, our understanding and that of the nurse did not align.  But this was easily corrected as we spoke up and asked questions (as I am sure any vigilant patient would.....and I find those seeking fertility treatments up-to-date, vigilant and aware). 


Also, there was some lack of clarity when the nurse created the medication calendar (when to start/stop which meds, etc). 



Do miscommunications happen and wires get crossed? All the time in the public health care system and I imagine the private system is no different...but the staff handled our concerns promptly and provided clarity when needed. When you are in the thick-of-things and trying to conceive, your patience can wane quickly and anxiety can rise (from personal experience) so these mistakes are often not taken well.



Nurses for the most part were good-professional without overly engaging our emotions (and for us...this was okay. I didn't need it...dealt with it in the usual ways guys deal with things). I wonder if this approach is purposeful, as many (male and female) patients can be at the verge of tears. Operating a busy private clinic/business and fully supporting the patient's emotional experience would be a challenge (and possibly not Olive's goal). But for some, the warm touch and understanding from a nurse or other clinical worker is sometimes needed at various points through the process...which I understand. 


But aside from the miscommunication/mis-understandings (maybe we weren't paying attention and still trying to process the whole experience when we were being counseled), our experience was great. We would (and will be) going back.

Forgot to quote what I just enjoyed reading!  :)