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#26 sydney00

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 11:49 AM

Good afternoon - Wow, it's been a while since someone posted on this thread. This is my FIRST post on ivf.ca !!

DH and I will be going to Repromed on April 28 - - anxious to get IVF underway.

How long should we expect it'll be before we can have E.T. ? How long is this process ? (assuming everything else goes okay... )

#27 Duck

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 12:11 PM

Hi Sydney,
I imagine that repromed will (at least SHOULD) do initial screening of your fertility even though you ahve male factor it is also important to make sure that all is well with you (standard screening is day 3 blood work/ultra sounds and a sonohystogram to make sure that all is well with the uterus) So that will take the month of may. Then, depending on the results and your age I would hope that you would be able to start your cycling in June, depending on the protocol you may have to have lupron for a period of time before doing the stimulation phase and then transfer.

Dr. D was a very nice doctor, super kind and the nurses were also fantastic (just expect to wait for an extended period of time!). We waited for a few hours, but, Dr. D was with us for over an hour!
Best of luck!

Diagnosed with endometrosis at age 19

5 pelvic surgeries

2 IVF, numerous FETs

2 different gestational carriers

Now mother of 2 year old twins.

#28 hopeful eri

hopeful eri
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Posted 03 November 2010 - 01:11 PM

I have been TTC for over 10yrs now and finally I have found someone (Dr.D) who tells it like it is- honest and aggressive, I feel like I am finally in good hands. This is my 4th and final try, previous cycles were doomed from the start because no one ever told me that without surgery, implantation was virtually impossible due to bilateral hydrosalpinx. My ex husband and I were literally "conned." (previous clinic was START now known as Lifequest) I am now undergoing a donor cycle after a 6 yr break from IVF, transfer is in 2 1/2 wks! November 22, 2010. All in all Repromed is a great clinic and i am happy with their services...soooooo excited!

#29 chickie

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 06:32 PM

Dr D and Dr S are both professional...but their staff are disorganized and apathetic.

They consistently did not check my chart, and were clueless about where I was in the process (for home insemination). They misinformed me about the next steps I needed to do (things I had already done), and then set me back in time a few months by neglecting to tell me what I actually needed to do to move forward.

Overall, I was left with a bad impression, despite the fact the doctors are good.

I am at another centre now (for unrelated reasons), but am actually grateful I ended up somewhere else given the incompetence of some of the support staff, RNs etc

If you do go to Repromed, check in with DrsD and S regularly to make sure staff are on the right track!

I should say "some of the staff" - obviously I am not talking about everyone there

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#30 dreaming22

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 03:28 PM

Hi, I am looking at doing an DE cycle (I found my own donor) with Dr. D. Does anyone know the cost? I've sent a request to the clinic and am waiting to hear back from them, but thought someone here may know. Thanks.

Dx: Blocked Tubes/only one ovary

TTC - over 12 years with a long break in there from trying

IVF #1 - 2000 - BFN

IVF #2 - 2001 - cancelled poor response

IVF #3 - 2001 - BFN

Took long break from TTC - decided to live child free then changed our minds and decided to try IVF one more time

IVF #4 - April 2010 - 10 eggs retrieved; 5 mature and ICSI done on all 5; all 5 fertilized; 4 made it to day 3 - two 8 cell grade 4; one 9 cell grade 4 and one 10 cell grade 4A; two transferred on day 3 and 2 frozen - BFN

FET #1 - Dec 2010, transferred 2 - BFN

DE IVF #1 (shared cycle) 15 embryos - Aug 2011 - transferred 2 perfect 3 day embryos (13 embryos on ice) - BFP!!

August 26, BETA # 1 - 129, BETA #2 230 - not doubling

Sept 18, u/s showed baby's heart had stopped - D&C

FET #2 - Nov 2011 - BFN

FET #3 - Dec 2011 - BFN

FET #4 - March 2012 - BFN

FET #5 - April 2013 - Chemical

DE IVF #2 - with new donor- November 2013 - BFN; took break.

FET- July 11, 2015 with our remaining 2 embryos.  

BFP on HPT at 7dpt 3dt and every day since!!  BETA will be on Friday, July 24.  Hoping this one sticks!

BETA #1 13dpt3dt - 223, BETA #2 15dpt3dt- 432, BETA #3 17dpt3dt - 916, BETA #4  20dpt3dt -3361,

First U/S scheduled for Aug 9th.
1st U/S - 6 wks 4 days- baby measuring 6 weeks 3 days with HB of 120

2nd U/S - 7 wks 4 days - baby looks perfect!

3rd U/S - 8 wks 4 days - baby growing away and still looking perfect!

NT Scan looks great!  Almost 3 months!!!

Beautiful baby girl born March 17, 2016 at 3:50 am.  Perfect in every way!  We are totally in love with her!!