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Success with PCOS at Conceptia?

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#1 Andy81

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 04:39 PM

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and do not ovulate. Tried several rounds of Clomid/Metformin with no success. We have our first appointment in June at Conceptia. Has anyone out there had success in this situation? I'm also wondering if they will opt for IVF right away or recommend other things. We have been trying things for years and I am worried we will have to do more of the same first. Thanks for any info you have!

#2 Ren

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Posted 29 April 2015 - 07:15 AM

Hi Andy,


I don't know about PCOS, so I really can't say anything either way. But I just wanted to say good luck, and everyone at the clinic is great and knowledgeable. When I went, they told us our different options and let us chose which one we preferred. If you really want to go straight to IVF, I'd suggest you ask him if its an option when you go for your visit.


I wish you the best of luck and hope someone has experience with this so they can tell you about it and what worked for them.


I hope you get your preggo.gif dreams in the near future.

Me: 33 (no kids), DH: 39 (two DDs, 15 & 10)

Dx: Vasectomy (9 years ago)


IVF  #1 (Jan/Feb 2015)

Started Suprefact 5.0  Jan 14th (same day as my car accident).

Jan 26th - Started Stims (Puregon, Pregnyl & Suprefact and Dexamethazone for high progesterone

TESA and ER on February 5th & 6th.

Retrieved 8 eggs, 7 were matured, 6 fertilized, 2 transferred and none made it to freeze


ET February 9th - 3dt of 1-7cell, 1-8cell embryos both of great quality.


POAS Feb. 20th  th_abfp.gifyahoo.gif

BETA #1(Feb. 22nd) = 746.5

BETA #2(Feb. 28th) = 14,229

U/S (March 20th): Twins... both measuring at 8w 1d.



#3 MGC

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Posted 02 May 2015 - 11:07 AM

Andy81 - If you have already done several rounds of treatments, they will likely move forward with IVF. I think that is generally the next step for those with PCOS. Your attempts at treatment were likely noted in your medical history when your file was referred to Conceptia. Puts you another step closer to your goal of a BFP! Have you already done your diagnostics (bloodwork,etc) or are you just meeting the team for the first time?

TTC since 2011
Dec 2011 - M/C
Aug 2012 - Ectopic pregnancy ~ 10w, laparoscopic sx, left tube removed
May 2013 - Ectopic pregnancy ~ 8w, laparotomy sx, right tube removed

IVF #1 - April 2015 - 1st cycle, 5dt blastocyst 3AA 29Apr15 - BFN

FET #1 - August 2015 - Transferred one perfect 4AA 6day Blastocyst - BFP, miscarried Aug 26th

Hysteroscopy - Sept 2015 - NSF. Additional B/W requested (8-12wk wait for results - UGH!)
Results complete. Consultation complete - Lovenox introduced into new protocol.

FET #2 - Jan 2016 - 4AA 6day Blastocyst - BFN

FET #3 - May 2016 - Transferred 4BB and 3BA embies. - BFN

FET #4 - December 15th, 2016 - last frostie (4AA 5d blastocyst) - BFP


December 31st, 2016 - Miscarriage 


IVF #2 - May 2017, Antagonist Protocol

BCP started May 20th / Estimated CD1 ~ June 22nd / Retrieval July 4th


#4 Andy81

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Posted 19 July 2015 - 01:13 PM

Thank you both for your replies. Dr. Robichaud recommended IVF - I was very grateful for his approach! Hoping for transfer in September or October!
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#5 Patiently Waiting

Patiently Waiting
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Posted 20 July 2015 - 04:28 PM

Hi Andy,


I have onset of PCOS and Male Factor. We were also recommended IVF with ICSI and hoping to cycle in Sept/Oct as well. Maybe we will be cycle buddies! :)

Me: 29 ( no children) DH: 36 ( 2 children, aged 10 and 12)

DX: Male Factor

Clinic: Conceptia

March 2014: Vasectomy reversal

September 2015: Vasectomy reversal deemed unsuccessful after many SA. No sperm present at all.

January 2015: Referral to Conceptia

April 1 2015: Consultation at Conceptia.


April 7-9 2015: Initial blood work for  DH and remaining blood work for myself.
April 13.15: clinic called. My PPT test came back slightly elevated. Wait for referral to Oncologist. Prior to moving on to Mock Transfer.

April 28,15: Met with Oncologist regarding elevated PPT. Retesting and hoping original test was false positive.

April 28, 15: SA for DH at Conceptia.

April 30, 15: Call from Oncologist office. False Positive for PPT. Thank God!

May 4,15: Cycle on hold. My Insulin came back slightly elevated. Prescribed Metformin for 6 weeks then retest on June 15.

May 8,14: Consult for DH with Urologist who will do the TESA. Urologist agreed to do TESA on DH.

June 15, 15: Re-test insulin levels to determine if we can start cycle.

July 28,15: Mock Transfer

Sept/Oct,15: IVF #1

Aug 22,15: Started BCP

Sept 18, 15: Teaching appointment at clinic

Sept 23,15 Injections

Oct 15,15: DH TESA

Oct 17,15: Egg Retrieval- Left Ovary is to high to retrieve from. 5 eggs from right side.

Oct 18,15: 4 mature eggs ICSI. Only 2 fertilized.

Oct 20,15: 3 day transfer of our only two embryos. ( 8 cell (grade 1) and a 7 cell ( grade 2).

Nov 3, 15: BFN Beta -1 :(

#6 ivfdreamer

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Posted 26 July 2015 - 05:14 PM

Hi Andy,

I have PCOS and we are on our second fresh cycle trying for number 2. Our DS was a result of a successful FET (twins, lost one early) our fresh did not take the first time. I tried max dose of clomid first, didn't even touch my follicles, no response. This time, we are on 75ui of Gonal F and 75ui of menopur along with suprefact. Retrieval is set for Aug 6th! Good luck on your cycle, keep us posted!! :)

TTC since 2006 Me (PCOS)-31 DH (No male factor) -39


Dec 09'-April 10' Clomid x 3 BFN

Sept/Oct 2010 IVF #1 - 2, 3 day Embryos, good quality, transferred 2, 5 day blasts top quality on ice! Chemical Miscarriage

Jan 2011- FET #1 Jan 19- U/S & BW, Start Estogel

Jan 29- U/S & BW, lining 8.3

Feb 3rd- ET 2 great quality expanding blasts with AH

Feb 7th- 4dp5dt - Very faint + on HPT (FRER)

Feb 9th- 6dp5dt BFP + Hpt (Frer, CB)

Feb 14th (VDAY!) Beta 338 11dp5dt :)

Feb 16th- Beta # 2 829!! =D 13dp5dt

Feb 19th- Beta # 3 3587!!! smile.pngsmile.png 16dp5dtMarch 1st- Early U/S 2 sacs, 2 healthy heartbeats!!! TWINS! :)

March 15th- 8 1/2 week U/S! =D

March 15th- Baby A stopped growing at 6w4d sad.png Baby B right on track!!Graduated to OB!! :)

MArch 27th- HB 163, Perfect <3April 12th 12w4d U/S, Baby measured right on track, doing summersaults! smile.png HB 160!

June 3rd- Gender determination U/S- Its a BOY!!!! :)

Oct 18, 2011 - DS born at 11:08pm weighing 8lbs 13oz....the love of our lives <3


August 2015- IVF fresh cycle #2 Suprefact 0.5ml/0.25, Gonal F 75 ui (increased to 150 day 5 of stims) Menopur 75ui

July 26 start stims

Aug 6th Retreival - 9 eggs retreived...only 5 mature.

Aug 9th our only embie that made it out of this cycle was transfered...1 perfect 8 cell top quality....fingers crossed!

Aug 24..BFN with none to freeze :(


Feb/Mar 2016...IVF # 3 Suprefact 0.25ml, Menopur 75 Gonal F 75 (Increased to 112.5 on day 6)

ER set for March 7th