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3 years on this site and need your support.

Vote for Emily

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Posted 10 April 2015 - 09:06 AM

I've been on this site for over 3 years now, I've taken breaks here and there but I am calling for all the support I can get right now.


We are a local Halifax couple and this is our story- (cross posted)

Please take a moment to watch our video and vote Emily.
We started our long journey to parenthood about 6 years ago and we finally become parents in December 2013 to our amazing miracle Braxton. We did our first cycle of IVF in Feb 2012 and miscarried at 6 weeks, we then moved on to a frozen cycle in July 2012 but our eggs did not make the thaw; we decided to give it one more try in March 2013 and were lucky enough for it to finally work. the day Braxton was born we knew those last years of fighting for a baby were all worth it. When we held him for the first time and listen to him cry, we knew we defined the odds and were given a miracle.
Here in Nova Scotia nothing is covered, so we spent our life savings and used loans to be able to afford those 3 cycles, we spent close to $30,000. We are taking part in a Canadian IVF contest. Where the winners (determined by the most votes) will get $5,000 to go towards a IVF cycle with any Canadian clinic. We are looking to get as many votes as we can.
Our video is just a glimpse into why we would love to win. We have a 15 month old sonand we would love to give him a brother or sister but need the funding to be able to afford the treatment.
The contest goes until May 18th 2015 when the winner will be selected, that is the start to national Infertility week. Please take the time to look over our story.
Our link is
Our video is under Emily Robertson-Irwin
PLEASE feel free to SHARE this post on your own walls, we are very open about our fight.

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Plan D - IVF #3 April 2016         BFN


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