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Experiment: Supplements and lifestyle change raised most parameters

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Posted 25 March 2015 - 04:11 PM

I posted this in another thread but decided to make my own, in case somebody might be interested. I believe that a certain supplementation and lifestyle changes CAN improve semen parameters, if there is no genetical disorder or certain anatomical problem/disease. If there is an anatomical problem, it must be treated first by a doctor and THEN a specific supplementation can eventually help to raise your parameters. Even if the improvement is minimal, perhaps it could be just enough to allow actions like IVF or ICSI.


I made an experiment to see, if and how much vitamins, supplements and a more or less healthy lifestyle does improve the semen parameters. Therefore i made two semen analysises, before and after the supplementation. I did not suffer from a specific disease or problem, parameters seemed to be normal (apart from the 1% A-Grade Motility).
Before the 1st semen analysis: I lived a relatively unhealthy life. I smoked (1 package a day), i drank too much beer (+3 per day), no sports activity, around 5 coffees a day and a less than optimal nutrition.
I started with the supplementation around 3 months before the second analysis. In brackets, the minimum values defined by the laboratory. I made the analysises in two different laboratories.
My value / (minimum required) / (change 1st - 2nd analysis in %)
1st analysis:
18.10.2013, age: 30
Abstinence: 5 days
Liquefaction: complete
Viscosity: normal
Turbidity: normal
PH: 7,6 (7,2 - 8)
Volume: 4,0 ml (>=2,0 ml)
Total count: blank (>= 40 x 10^6), i calculated 240 Million (count per ml x volume)
Count per ml: 60 x 10^6/ml (>=15 x 10^6/ml)
Round cells: 0,2 x 10^6/ml (<= 5)
Neutrophil cells: 0,5 x 10^6/ml (<= 1)
Epithelia cells: low
Agglutination: not observed
Crystalisation: low
Morphology: 5% normal forms (>= 4 %, Kruger)
(a+b )) : 68% (>= 50%)
a: 1% (rapid, >= 25%)
b: 67% (sluggish or curved)
c: 7% ( in circles, local)
d: 25% (immotile)
Viability: 77 % alive (>= 75% living sperm)
Diagnosis: -
2nd analysis (comes along with new, updated minimum values defined by the WHO):
05.02.2015, age 32
Abstinence: 4 days
Viscosity: normal
Color: grey
Volume: 5,5 ml (>=1,5 ml) (+1,5 ml with 1 day less abstinence)
Total count: 561 x 10^6 (>= 22,5 x 10^6) (+133,5%!)
Count per ml: 102 x 10^6/ml (>=15 x 10^6/ml) (+70%)
Morphology: 6% normal forms (>= 4 %, Kruger) (+1%)
Progressive: 47% (>= 32% progressive) (-21%)
Not progressive: 14%
Total: 61% (>=40%)
Immotile: 39%
Viability: 90% alive (>=58%) (+13%)
Diagnosis: Normozoospermia (everything allright smile.png
Volume went up 1,5 ml to 5,5 ml, total count went up to 561 million spermazotas, count per ml went up to 102 million per ml, morphology went slightly up by 1% to 6% total. I heard, that it is very hard to improve morphology. On the other hand it is said that morphology does not play a very important role compared to count and motility. Vitality went up by 13% to 90% total live sperm. 
Only the motility went down - at the first glance. Remember, i had a very low count of A grade sperms (1%) in the first analysis. The new WHO guide does not distinguish between A and B grade anymore. It remains unclear if the A grades have improved. If they only improved by 5%, that would be a significant plus to the first analysis, independently of the total motile sperms. Furthermore, without any possible improvement of A grade, the mass of total sperms available (47% A+B motiles of 561 Million: 263'670'000 compared to 68% A+B of 240 Million: 163'200'000) does outweigh the loss of motility. I assume that a grade has improved because of the regime, but cannot prove it.
It worked very well. I regret that i was unable to stop smoking and that i still do not make a lot of exercises (at least now i am playing ping pong regularly), i still drink up to 3 coffees a day (slightly reduced). The values might be even higher without smoking and coffee. However i strongly reduced drinking, i eat healthy with a good fruit/vegetables intake. I do not drink Soda, sweetened drinks. Avoid corn sirup. I do not eat processed food from can, only fresh and homemade food. I avoid junk food in any form. I do not take hot baths, i sleep without clothes. Avoid contact with pesticides, fungicides, chemical toxins and heavy metals.
My diet and supplementation:
A fruit cereal: 
+Lycopene (count, motility)
+Selenium (motility, viability, morphology)
Every morning i eat a cereal made of watermelon and banana and yoghurt. I add also 1-2 brazil nuts into it. Watermelons are extremely high in lycopene, brazil nuts are very high in selenium (warning: avoid too high intakes, selenium is poisonous in mega doses and may have a destructive effect on sperm cells, keep it around 200 IU of recommended daily units, please inform yourself via google). Bananas are believed to have a good effect on sperm because of its Bromelain protein.
A good meal with meat and vegetables and a fruit juice.
+Vitamin B complex, 1 pill (count, DNA)
+Vitamin C, 500mg-1000mg, 1-2 capsules (anti agglutination, Count, motility, morphology, anti-oxidant, that helps smokers in particular)
+Zinc, 50mg, 1 pill (count, DNA, effective in combination with folic acid)
+Folic acid, 2mg, 2 pills 1mg each (count, DNA)
+Ginseng, 1 capsule (count, quality)
+Vitamin D (quality): You can buy it as a supplement but i get it free. Get out in the sun for 15 minutes every other day, better daily. A lack of Vitamin D is linked to poor sperm quality and fragmented DNA.
+ 1 Carrot -> Betacarotene (motility)
Special drink, one glass of water with:
+Bee pollen, 1-2 teaspoons (count, motility)
+Maca ("black Maca"), 1-2 teaspoons (volume, count, motility)
You can get Maca and Bee Pollen in the health food store or online.
Of course there are other supplements that help. I just listed the regime i took (and take). Please get advice from your doctor what you can take and what not, i don't assume liability and don't guarantee success. It was a success in my case.
Additional tips:
+Water: Drink a lot of water, it helps volume. Drink 8 glasses daily
+Google also for sperm parameters: celery, ginger, onion, beetroot, spinach (added into my new regime), vitamin E, pycnogenol, Omega 3, CoQ10, Carnitine, Arginine, etc.
For women:
+Folic acid: 1 mg Folic acid daily. My doctor told me, that it helps sperma to "stick" to the egg. Keep the folic acid intake in case you are pregnant for 3 months. It helps avoiding certain damages to the embryo.
+Vitamin C, E or any other anti oxidant.
+Bicarbonate (baking soda): Improves sperm motility in the vaginal tract. The following method seemed to help alot of couples, however be careful, as it can provoke a yeast infection: Women in various forums "douched" their vaginas with a solution of water and disolved baking soda via douche bag, nozzle or finger dipped into baking soda before and seemed to result in a spontaneous pregnancy in various cases. The idea behind is, that the vaginal tract is acidic to protect itself against pathogens, germs and bacteria. The acidic environment kills the biggest part of the sperm. The baking soda converts the ph level into a more alkaline, sperm friendly state. Motility seems to be improved and survival period as well. However, it seems to favor the pregnancy of a boy. It is said that masculine sperm swims faster, but feminine sperm survives longer in an acidic environment. Again, the method comes along with a certain risk. Eventually, a safer method would be drinking the water/baking soda mix to raise the body PH level. At your own risk. Inform yourself before or ask a doctor.
A study to sperm and bicarbonate: http://www.jbc.org/content/260/17/9699.full.pdf 
Keep your regime with discipline on a daily basis.

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 02:58 AM

Thank you for sharing...

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