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My journey starts

Mt Sinai Dr Liu

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#1 Teressa74

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Posted 22 February 2015 - 10:51 AM

My fiance & I went for our first appointment at Mt Sinai on Feb 19. We have to drive about 4-5 hours each way to get there, so they scheduled our consult with Dr Liu as well as a sonohysterogram for me & a semen analysis for my fiance for the same day.


I have to admit...driving in Toronto was not a pleasant experience LOL. Word of those intersections...they are a little bit weird/confusing. Finding parking even with the help of a GPS was not easy either.


When we arrived for our 1:00 PM appointments, we registered & I was taken back to the procedure room. Told to strip from the waist down and put on 2 of the gowns. The antibiotic meds I was prescribed and told to take an hour before the procedure made me nauseated, however, I am thinking it's probably because I had eaten nothing at all and we had been on the road since 6:30 AM. 


The procedure room was huge! and I wish my GYN exam room had their table & stirrups. I was made to feel comfortable right from the start. They explained everything both before the procedure as well as during it. I experienced a lot of cramping & discomfort, but had I taken a tylenol or advil before hand, I am sure I would have been fine. As it was, they encouraged me to breath to try & help me relax. It was over pretty quickly, I am thinking maybe 15-20 minutes.


When my fiance came back from the semen sample test, he made the comment that he was impressed with their selection & jokingly asked if he could get a copy of it or go back until it was time to meet with the doctor. He is a joker :) He made me & the receptionists laugh.


We met with the doctors & got the results from our tests. We were given options based on our results. While we were there, Dr. Liu suggested I go for an AMH  test while we were in Toronto as well as do our other bloodwork. The AMH test was not covered by OHIP, but we knew that already. It cost us $75. Now we are just waiting to find out the results for that. We are also waiting to hear from the Urology unit for my fiance's next test.


Unfortunately, my referring OB/GYN didn't send either of my laparoscopy results or any other information other than my fiance having klinefelter's & my having cancer. Even though I asked the receptionist before we left & she assured me that she would have faxed everything when she made the referral.  


Dr Liu was great! She was very nice & understanding. She took the time to explain to us various things if we didn't understand. She tried very hard to work with us. I am excited to see her again & start our journey.


I just wanted to share this experience in case others were wondering what the journey was like.

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#2 Hopingfor1

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Posted 22 February 2015 - 10:58 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience.  I know when I got my referral to Mt Sinai there wasn't tons of information on the clinic and this would have been very helpful.  Dr. Liu was also my doctor.  Although I only saw her at my initial appointment and then again at my viability ultrasound, she gave me hope where the doctor I saw previous to her (at another clinic) left me depressed with no hope.


I was thankful that Dr. Liu allowed me to get started quickly when I saw her as I'd cycled at other clinics.  She put my protocol together at my initial appointment so I could start an IVF cycle as soon as I got an all clear on my hysteroscopy.


Good luck to you Teressa74.

Me: 40  = High FSH (ranges from 8 - 15), Low AMH (2.7), Low AFC = DOR

DH: 43 = borderline sperm analysis

Started TTC#1 January 2010


2011 - 2012 - First fertility clinic, lots of testing, operative hysteroscopy to remove polyps, multiple unsuccessful IUIs, 1 IVF (150 Menopur/150 Gonal F) converted to IUI due to poor response


2012 - got second opinion and after AMH results came back, advised at 36 I had a less than 5% chance of conceiving via IVF.  Donor eggs strongly recommended but not yet ready for that (I should say - hubby not ready for that.  I was ready for donor eggs - I just wanted to be a Mom).  Decided clinic wasn't for us and back to clinic #1


2013 - IVF #1 (after 1st converted to IUI).  Estrogen Priming protocol - start Climara patch 7 days post ovulation and change every other day.  3 orgalutran injections beginning day after first Climara patch applied.  Start stims day 2 triggered on night 15 of stims = 3 eggs retrieved, 0 fertilized via ICSI = no transfer  (300 Gonal F/150 Menopur & Orgalutran)


2013 - Switch clinics


Office hysteroscopy = all clear


IVF #2 (37 years old) June 2013 - Estrace priming protocol.  4 mg estrace started 7 days post ovulation.  Start stims Day 3 (300 Gonal F/150 Menopur & Orgalutran)

Slow response as usual

Triggered on night 12 of stims (given the option to cancel as it looked like we'd get 3 eggs - knew we wouldn't do any better so continued).

ER:  6 eggs, but advised some were small and would be immature

Fert report:  5 of 6 eggs immature.  2 fertilized via ICSI (including one of the immature eggs)

ET:  Transferred our only 2 embryos - a 5 cell and an 8 cell

11dp3dt = BFP - HCG = 65

16dp3dt = HCG 1,305 (cautiously pregnant)

7 week ultrasound = 1 baby HB = 141

12 weeks ultrasound NT scan = NT = 1.7mm all looks good.  Combined with blood work risk is 1/1,400

Got Harmony blood test results back (done for peace of mind) - all clear and we're having a GIRL!

EDD = March 2014 (cautiously looking forward to that date)

However - baby had plans to arrive early. After PPROM and managing to cook the little one a bit longer, our bundle of joy arrived at 33 weeks.  After a 3 week NICU stay, she is finally home.  We are totally in love and forever thankful for our little miracle baby - Ashley Nicole.



#3 mak

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Posted 26 February 2015 - 04:13 PM

We had our first appointment at the clinic on Feb 12th with Dr. Moore. We are now doing all our test and hoping to start the cycle in April.

#4 WishinNhopin

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Posted 23 September 2015 - 05:48 PM

I just had my consult last Friday with Dr Liu after reading your post I wish they had booked me in for the procedures at the same time as I'm coming from 2 hours away...I had a great experience with the staff ...just overwhelming to know how many times I have to go back...van I ask how your experience has been? Any baby news or??

#5 WishinNhopin

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Posted 23 September 2015 - 05:49 PM

Ps I feel like this process is going to take I'm so impatient

#6 kylful

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Posted 30 September 2015 - 05:28 PM

I was at Mt Sinai from Jan-Sept...multiple failed clomid attempts, switched to Puregon/IUI cycle and overstimulated, converted to an IVF cycle and ended with a BFP. 


To be completely honest about my experience there. The docs are all amazing. 1/2 the nurses are also awesome. Sadly there were some experiences there that really turned me away from recommending them to other people struggling with infertility. I'm a nurse myself so I have great empathy for how busy it is and how hard it is to juggle so many patients. But when he comes down to not fitting into a "cookie cutter" cycle it is hard to proactively get any sort of direction/understanding. Just a warning -- you will wait....and wait...and wait and feel like cattle. My advice to you is to find a good game on your phone, a good book to read, and try to block out everything else around you while you wait. My other advice is to make sure you KNOW what is going on with your cycle. You know your own body better than anyone, so make sure you know what meds you should be taking, why you're taking them and make sure to ask questions and lots of them. Do your research with some reputable resources online outside of what you get at the clinic. They are so busy there that sometimes you need the added support/information. One more thing - for cycle monitoring, if you need a specific time (for instance I needed 7am so I could make it to work), if you know you are likely to have to come back in a couple days or a few 7am appointments in the same week BEFORE you go in for your US. So if you go in on a Monday, and you think you'll have to come in on Wed/Thurs, book both days on your way in. If you wait until you come out the early spots (or whatever spot you want) could be gone. 


Good luck to everyone.

Me (30) Dx: PCOS (2011) DH (35) - No issues

PCOS Tx - Metformin in 2011. Between 2011-2014 Lost 135lbs. D/C'd Metformin in 2012
TTC #1 July 2014
Cycle #1 Feb 28 2015 Cancelled (Clomid 100mg, ++follicles)
Cycle #2 Mar 20 2015 - Rest cycle..CD3 US = cysts
Cycle #3 April 26 2015 - Clomid 50mg AF @ CD23 7dayLP - BFN
Cycle #4 May 19 2015 - Clomid 50mg CD15 - no growth
Cycle #5 June 2, 2015 - Clomid 75mg w/Progesterone - 2 fat follies, triggered at CD12 - BFN frown.gif
Cycle #6 June 30, 2015 - Clomid 75mg w/Progesterone - Three good follies - BFN 
Cycle #7 - July 31, 2015 - Puregon 50 w/Progesterone, then 75 - then IVF conversion d/t overstimulation with 100 - ER August 24, 2015, 3dt on August August 27, 2015..

September 5 = BFP!!!! 

Beta #1 September 8 - 125

Beta #2 September 10 - 333

#7 WishinNhopin

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Posted 30 September 2015 - 06:38 PM

Thank you for the advice about sinai! Much appreciated. Actually the nurse who called me Jocelyn * amazing just in the few minutes she talked to me gave me the best advice.. don't rush it...ask questions and know whats going on. Such a nice lady! Good luck everyone.

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