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Some current pricing and question: Where to buy cheapest on-line meds?

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#1 CanadaK

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 01:36 PM

Hi Everyone. We will start our first IVF cycle overseas on Oct 13, 2014. Very excited and nervous. There is so much to learn/do/understand=overwhelming=stress:( 


Like many, we are trying to save costs and purchase required meds at cheapest online pharmacies. 


Can anyone please recommend where they found their drugs the cheapest that ship either to Canada or USA? 


So far we have been in contact with and received following pricing-this information may be helpful to others. I found these pharmacies recommended by others in various ivf discussion boards:


IVF Pharmacy-based out of UK,  Menopur (5 boxes for $2000US including shipping): SHIPS to USA, not Canada. Requires Prescription.


Freedom Fertility: based out of USA, requires prescription from US doctor (which we don't have); $3950 for 5 boxes of Menorpur, Leupron, $149. 


Fertility2U-based out of UK; 5 boxes of Menopur $1536USD, Lupron: $156USD, will not ship HGC overseas. Requires Prescription. SHIPS to USA, not Canada. Requires Prescription. $81 shopping fee. 


Louis Drugs (USA based): Menopur 5 boxes $3050 US, Novarel: $166.


IVF Menopur $1975. Lupron $69/vial, HGC: $78/ampoule


Avella: Menopur $4000




Here is our list of meds so far:


  1.  Lupron  ( Leuprolide Acetate) Injection 2.8 ml:  Bt 1
  2. Menopur 75 IU  HIGLY PURIFIED MERROTROPHIN: Bt  5  x ( 10 x 75 IU vial of powder +1ml solvent )
  3. Chorionic Gonadotrophin (Human): 5000iux3amps boxe (2) /Organon
  4. oestradiol Valerate tbs 2mg :  Box 4
  5. Innohep 4500 I.U/0.45ml  ((tinzaparin sodium) Injection  : Box 2 x 10 pre-pemplies  seringues
  6. Prednisolone 5mg tab: Box 1
  7. Progesterone 100mg capsules:  Box 5 x 30 capsules 
  8. Progesterone vaginal gel ) Crinone 8 % Vag Gel : Box  1 x 15 applicateurs 
  9. (FOLIC ACID) 400mg tabs: Box 1 
  10. Acetylsalicylic Acid 80mg-Boxes 1 
  11. Proluton Depot (Hydroxyprogesterone) - 250mg/mL (1 x 1mL) injection -Boxes 3 
  12. Dehydroprogesterone  10 mg  tab -Boxes 2

#2 ollie2013

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Posted 02 September 2014 - 02:34 PM

thank you for this information!

me 26, dh 32

ttc for almost 3 years

one ectopic pregnancy, lost one tube- 2013

one miscarriage- 2014

poor egg quality, unstable hormone levels. AMH dropped from 4 to 1.5 in 4 months.. had it retested and came back at 1.4

RE predicts that i will go through menopause around age 30..27 or 28. Suggests one round  of ivf and then it is time to move onto another option.

1st ivf booked to begin in september

Sept 17- B/w and U/S, Starting Stimulation

Clinic Error and IVF cycle cancelled in October- took some time to think about my options


November- Moving onto donor eggs-

donor #1 selected through little miracles

Dec 29- Lupron Injection

Jan 22- Estrace Started

Estimated Retrieval day for donor is Feb 6. 5 days into the cycle, donor was found to have cocaine and marijuana in her bloodstream- cycle cancelled.. heartbroken and very disappointed

Donor egg cycle round 2 - let's hope things go well this time!

Donor #2 selected... Retrieval in April!

#3 Aliraza2

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Posted 03 September 2014 - 12:44 AM

I did some testing in Canada; some of my results came back normal and some were not, but the local RE was not very familiar with the protocols and concluded that everything was normal.

#4 JacMac

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Posted 11 September 2014 - 12:02 AM

As well if you don't use a pharmacy your prescriptions may not be eligible as tax deductions. I now some ladies had issues claiming drugs they bought from their fertility clinic. So what you think you're saving might end up costing just as much for more of a headache. The other issues that your dosage levels may change throughout your cycle so you may end up with too much or too little medication.

Just some things to think about before buying meds from abroad.
Me - now 36 Him - 37
Trying to conceive since our wedding day May 25, 2008.
Started Clomid Jan-April 2012.
Referred to RFP June 2012.
First consult at RFP November 2012.
First IVF cycle on antagonist protocol (GonalF, Luveris) January 2013.
Transferred two day-3 embryos, had severe OHSS, lost one twin between 7-13 weeks but was expecting one little one October 2013.
Found out at 6 mos that our little one had died weeks earlier and had to induce and deliver stillborn, July 25, 2013.
Something found on adrenal gland at follow up ultrasound, MRI showed what seems to be a benign tumor. Meeting with specialist Jan 8, 2014 - all fertility treatments on hold. :/
Tumour is definitely producing Aldosterone (causes high blood pressure) and Cortisol. Lucky me, only 34 similar cases recorded in the world! Tumour removed May 2014.
Approached about a possible adoption March 2014. Rush through all the paperwork and process.
Charlotte Evangeline born June 27, 2014. We brought her home on July 7 and held our breath for 10 days until she officially became ours.
Surprise BFP October 2014. Due to wonky cycles, ultrasounds convince Doctors I have a blighted ovum but detailed ultrasound reveals heartbeat at 6w3d. On progesterone support and waiting to see if pregnancy is still viable. Holding our breath again.
Adalyn Marie born on June 9, 2014 after a roller coaster pregnancy.

#5 Highest hopes

Highest hopes
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Posted 15 September 2014 - 08:10 PM

I used and would recommend them.

Dx: Age & Endometriosis & Tubal


#6 AnnaTTC

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 01:06 AM

I went to Walgreen's website and they have a program called WINfertility and that was the best price I found and they offer a cash discount and overnight shipping

I am 40 and hubby is 32 we have TTC since 2010 I have bi lateral blocked tubes and he has issues with morphology of the little guys. m/c @ 8w5d 07/2013 IVF ER 9/9/14 due to hyper stimulation - freeze all.  We did genetic testing of the eggs and have 4 genetically normal little frozen babies...3 girls and 1 boy all rated as "good".  #1 FET BFP Due 8/7/15 he was born early 5/23/15 at 29w0d 2lbs 2oz is now over 17lbs and healthy little guy.  We want to try for a sister but need to wait 18mos from his birth for 2nd try.

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