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FET - when is estradiol levels too high?

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Posted 11 August 2014 - 12:12 PM

I'm currently on CD14 and have been taking Estrace 3x/day for 11 days. I just went in for b/w and my estradiol level is 13,576 pmol/L and they are delaying my FET until Aug 16th to see if lining grows thicker.


Should I be concerned about this high level of estradiol for a FET?


I have PCOS-like ovaries... could this be why? Should I be speaking to my RE even though the nurse said the RE didn't seem concerned?

See full journey details on my profile:


About Us:

​Trying to conceive since 2013 (male factor); Me: 39 yrs old; DH: 37 yrs old; low testosterone; very low sperm count; on Clomid for testosterone


~ 2014 ~ IVF Cycle #1:


Cycle Info:

- Antagonist protocol

- Retrieval: 22 eggs retrieved; 8 injected (ICSI); 6 fertilized; 4 embryos divided - 2 embryos are 4 cell grade 1, 1 embryo is 5 cell grade 2, and 1 embryo is 8 cell grade 2


FET #1 - medicated cycle (2014)

- transferred two day-3s: one 10 cell grade 1 and one 12 cell grade 2; Beta: BFN; approved to do a natural FET next time


FET #2 - Non-medicated cycle (2014)

- added Teva-Doxycycline 100mg (antibiotic) started one day before procedure: 1 tab 2xdaily until finished) 

- transferred two day-3 embies (1 is 10 cell grade 2 and 1 is 12 cell grade 2); took 1 tab of Apo-Diazepam (valium) 5mg 45mins before FET        

​- HPT = th_abfp.gifbanana.gifbanana.gifth_abfp.gif  Welcomed our little babygirl.gif in summer of 2015


~ 2016/17IVF Cycle #2: Project Sibling


Cycle Info:

Oct. 29: Retrieval - 23 eggs retrieved; will be a freeze all cycle

Nov. 2: Dostinex 0.5mg every other day for a total of 8 days has started to alleviate OHSS 

Nov. 4: Day 6 report: 5 embryos on ice... yay! 4 day-5s (4AA and 3 are 4BC quality) and 1 day-6 (5BC quality)


FET #1 - Non-medicated cycle (2017)

Feb. 6: start Teva-Doxycycline antibiotic100mg one day before procedure
Feb. 7: scheduled transfer at 11:45am; 1 tab of Apo-Diazepam (valium) 5mg taken 45mins before transfer; transfer of one 4AA blast

Feb.20: BETA - BFN; approved to go right into another natural FET with no cycle in between


FET #2 - Non-medicated cycle (2017)

Feb.24: CD3 - u/s and b/w= nothing said about lining; E2 19, LH 4.4 IU/L, FSH 6.6 IU/L, Prolactin 8.1 Ng/mL, TSH 2.22 IU/L, Progesterone 1.6 nmol/L, Glucose 4.1 - I requested (norm is 3.6-7.7); back on CD15; acupuncture 2x weekly until fet to try and bring on LH surge sooner than CD17.

Mar.6: OPK positive in the evening so looks like I will be going into the clinic tomorrow

Mar.7: CD14 - u/s and b/w= 11mm triple lining; E2 712, LH 32 IU/L

Mar.8: CD15 - b/w= confirmed LH surge was yesterday; E2 343, LH 8.12 IU/L; start Endometrin 3x/daily

Mar.11: start Doxycycline antibiotic 100mg (8 pills total) one day before procedure: 1 tab 2xdaily until finished

Mar.12: scheduled transfer at 10am of one 4BA blast; 1 tab of Apo-Diazepam (valium) 5mg taken 45mins before transfer

Mar.23: HPT = th_abfp.gifbanana.gifbanana.gifth_abfp.gif

​Mar.25: Beta #1= 788 hcg, Progesterone 107 nmol/L; RE happy with results so skipping beta #2 and going right to u/s

​Apr.4: had light bleeding last night so went to clinic where they did an u/s; too early to really see much but did see a gestational sac; u/s moved from Apr.8th to 15th

Apr.18: First u/s scheduled (at 8 wks).... omg there are twins!!! One had a heartbeat of 140 and the other only 80 so being referred to the head OB of internal fetal medicine as it looks like I may have a vanishing twin which RE said 50% of twins go down to one before the 2nd trimester.






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