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Cycling close to dr's vacation

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#1 netsirk06

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Posted 21 April 2014 - 04:43 PM

Do any of you know how it works if our cycle ends close to their vacation and the cycle ends up with a pregnancy? I was just looking at the calendar and I am estimating my first beta would be around the end of May. I heard they are going on vacation near the end of June.


During my last IVF pregnancy at this clinic I was there until I was 10 weeks pregnant before graduating to an OB.


It's giving me a bit of anxiety, hoping someone can shed some light?

#2 Anas



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Posted 21 April 2014 - 04:55 PM

Hi there,

Even when they are on holidays, the clinic is not fully closed. I remember going for the scan (I believe around 6 weeks of pregnancy) and the clinic was closed and Dr. M was in. They may provide you with an alternative option if they are fully closed.

TTC since Dec. 09
Me (35) him (30)
Unexplained infertility but have only one ovary (lost right to dermoid cyst in Nov. 07) and he has low morphology (5%)

July 10 - Consultation at OFC
All test results normal (did not do Kruger test or AMH test) and was told to try for another 6 months
FSH around 6, antral foli count 9 (on the left)

Dec 10 - Asked to be transferred to MTL (OVO) from OFC
April 11 - Saw Dr. Jamal, antral folli count 8 (on the left) and AMH test show low ovarain reserve (due to a single ovary). Given Clomid for two cycles, had bad reaction (very cranky) and BFN. Dr. Jamal suggested Natural IVF without stimulation. Hated OVO dearly (long wait time, extreme lack of organization, nurses, etc). Googled and found MFC. Consultation booked in Sept. 11

Sept. 11 - Saw Dr. Sophia at MFC. She suggests a standard IVF.
Sept. 11 - Learned that private insurance thru work have coverage up to 20K for IVF (Thank goodness!)
Decided to go for 1st trial at OFC given proximity.

IVF #1 (Oct 11) at OFC (Dr. Haebe) - Puregon 400 IU for 9 days. 9 leading follicles (and 8 smaller ones), which resulted in 5 eggs (but one degenerated). Only 2 fertilized thru ICSI (embryo quality second best and average). Day 3 transfer of 2 embryos, which resulted in BFN

IVF #2 (Nov 11) at MFC - Puregon 300 IU and Menopure 75 IU for 10 days. 8 leading follicles (and some smaller ones). egg collection Nov. 16/11. 7 eggs collected out of 8 follies. 6 are mature and ALL SIX FERTILIZED!!! 5 day transfer of 1 blast Nov. 21/11. Beta scheduled Dec. 2nd 1st Beta 10dp5dt 287. 2nd beta scheduled Dec. 5th 2nd Beta 14dp5dt 1,524

1st U/S Dec. 19th (6wks & 6 days): heartbeat measured at 137bpm, baby measuring 7.2mm, cervix measured at 32.9mm


August 12, 2012: A beautiful baby girl born at 11:21 pm measuring 8 lbs 3 ounces/53 cm long


Trying for Number 2

October 7, 2013 - CD1

October 9, 2013 - First consultation

Start stimulation Friday October 11 (Puregon 300 & Menopur 75) for 10 days

Last us on October 21, 2013 7 leading follicles - Trigger shot tonight (Ovidral)

Retrieval October 23, 2013 - 6 eggs retrieved

Ferti report October 24, 2013 - 4 mature eggs and only 2 fertilized

At this point, I am losing hope.

Oct 25, 2013 - Surprisingly Dr. M. wants us in for 5 day transfer

ET October 28, 2013: one young blastocyst to transfer


8dp5dt HPT Positive yahoo.gif

Some spotting on 9dp5dt and 10dp5dt huh.png

Beta scheduled November 8,2013

1st beta 11dp5dt 106

2nd beta 14dp5dt 525.6

Viability scan scheduled Nov. 21, 2013

Viability scan shows fetus behind schedule by a couple of days

Repeat U/S

Discovered on Dec 10/2013 that fetus stopped growing at 7wk4days (Missed miscarriage)



CD1 March 29. First consult on March 31. Same protocol.

Stimulated for 8 days trigger April 8. ER April 10. Out of 8 follicles, 6 eggs retrieved. Only 1 egg was mature & fertilized. Clinic recommends Day 2 transfer. We declined Day 2 transfer given this may be a complete waste.

Dr.M. understood our concern & agreed. Booked for a Day 5 transfer (but will be a miracle if this one embryo makes it to Day 5). Dr. M. advised that the embryo on Day 2 is 4 cell grade 1. So there is little hope.

Ok no call until Tuesday, which means we are going in for a transfer on Day 5. ET on April 15. Transferred an excellent quality blastocyst. Now 2WW. Blood test April 28. BFN



CD1 August 18. First consult on August 19. Spoke with Dr. M about two wishes - minimum 10 day stimulation & 5 day transfer. Stimulated for 11 days. ER September 4. Out of 9 follicles, 6 eggs, 4 mature and all fertilized. Dr. M called and suggest double Day 3 transfer. However, DH veto a double transfer. Sticking to Day 5 transfer. ET September 9. Suprisingly out of 4 embryos on Day 3, 3 made to blastocysts. Transfer 1 Day 5 blastocyst. Shocking call the next day saying two left over embryos were good enough for freezing. 2ww Turned out to be a chemical pregnancy



FET CD1 Sept 27 First consultation Sept 30 Oct 16 Transferred two blastocysts 2ww

Started nausea 3dp5dt it can`t be this early POAS 5dp5dt readable BFP! Wow

7dp5dt POAS show dark test line (never had such a strong positive)

Worried about risk of multiples

11dp5dt 1st beta at 382.8 13dp5dt 2nd beta at 850

Viability scan booked Nov 11th (6wk 4days)

Viability scan at 6w and 8w are both fine. Now graduated to OB.

NT scan in December 2015: all is good

Anotomy scan in Feb. 2015