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FET after age 40.

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Posted 06 May 2004 - 07:19 PM

dr doctor...

it is now 8 days post transfer.
we thawed all 10 embryos, and 6 survived.

as we expected, they all divided, but there was alot of fragmentation (ranging from 10% to over 30%).
the cells did not 'compact' at day 3 post thaw as our embryologist mentioned he was hoping they would.
none were even consdired 'good' quality...all fair to poor.

we transferred all 6.

so here we are.

my questions now are:
1. my estrodiol and progesterone levels were both VERY HIGH yesterday when we tested. (5 times the min).
i am taking 2cc progesterone in oil im daily, and 0.25cc estadiol im twice a week.

do these numbers mean anything?

in each of my previous (fresh) cycles (6) my numbers were always low, except the one when we had a chem pregnancy at which time the numbers were somewhat higher...

2. is there a chance we can conceive with poor quality fragmented embryos with this fet cycle?

3. is there a chance of multiples?
that is, does it happen?
as i mentioned on my first post, i was age 38 or 39 when we frooze one or 2 of these embies...(i am confusing all the details as it's been quite a while and quite a ride since those early cycles).

thanks for your reply.