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Recent experiences at Originelle?

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#1 Highest hopes

Highest hopes
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Posted 21 January 2014 - 12:24 AM


I was wondering if anyone here has had frozen eggs or embryos moved to Originelle (or Montreal Reproductive) from McGill and how was that process?
By the way, how long has this clinic been called Originelle?
Would also love to hear any recent experiences at this clinic.  I was sorry to see that there were a lot of negative posts here, but there were also some positives.  No one has posted in a few months now.  
Thanks for any info.


Dx: Age & Endometriosis & Tubal


#2 Heregoesnothing



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Posted 21 January 2014 - 07:30 AM

There are some past threads about this clinic.  If you search MFC you'll find them  Overall, there wasn't a whole lot of positive feedback!  Maybe thats why the name is  changing?  Fresh start?

May 2013 - We welcome our baby boy 

Nov. 28th 2015 - We welcome our baby girl


3 day 3 embryos on ice 


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#3 RYLIE91011

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 10:25 AM


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Me: 37, TTC since July 2011

Husband: 38- thought it was DNA fragmentation-turns out maybe not

DX: Unexplained, possibly polyp (removed),


Nov 2012: Totally natural IVF cycle, 2 eggs retrieved, one fertilized, day2 transfer of a "perfect" 4 cell embryo, BFN


Jan 23 2013: starting modified natural cycle (150 puregon day 4, 6, 8) day 4 US: 5 follicles on L side, 7 follicles on R side
Feb 4 2013: ER: 9 eggs retrieved. Cyst drained during ER as well.
Feb 5th: 1 egg mature+ICSI, fertilized. 3 immature eggs maturing in lab, 5 immature.
Feb 6th: 1 embryo dividing well, 3 eggs matured and ICSI done, waiting to see if fertilized. 5 discarded. tentative transfer day feb 8th.
Feb 8th: ET, 1xday 4 (cells have started to compact.) 3 leftovers have fertilized.
Feb 11th: call from embryologist: 3 leftovers arrested. nothing to freeze.
Feb 14th: 6dp4dt, HPT-BFN major bummer.
Feb 20th, Beta BFN


April 2013:Fresh Cycle. Antagonist protocol. 150puregon/day+Orgalutran+Ovidrel.

April 8th: 12 eggs collected, 8 mature, 7 fertilized. 7 blasts, 6 hatching, 1 hatched.

April 13th: 1 great looking hatching blast transferred.  6 blasts frozen.

April 22: crying my eyes out,cry.gif feel period coming. BETA on the 24th.

April 24th: NEGATIVE BETA, but got call saying that I can start preparing for FET right away


May 14th: FET 1 hatching blast BETA May 24th.

May 17-18: cramps at 3dpFET, then on and off since

May 18th: hpt BFN 

May24th: BETA day: BFN. Told to wait out a cycle before pursuing another FET.


June 2013: Hubs did a second DNA fragmentation test with another urologist for a second opinion.  Test came back at 15% abnormal, so... now within the norm... huh??? So happy but wondering how it went from 59% fragmented down to 15% fragmented.  Morphology still low.


July 15 2013: Hysteroscopy, Endo Biopsy done.  They've removed a polyp as well.  Still waiting for full results... darn summer vacations, making test results delayed... so anxious.


August 28th 2013: Green light to start Estrace today for FET

Sept 4: on duty Dr. (not Dr. Tan) gave me a big NO on a double transfer due to me having blasts and my age URGH!

Sept 11th: Transfer day.  surprise! Dr tells me they're transferring 2 hatching blasts.  lower quality though...

Sept 23: Beta: negative.

WTF appointment Sept 26.


5 3 frozen hatching blasts left.

Immune Testing: positive for high CD56 (and other stuff moderate)


December 21 2013: Cycle starts! Immune protocol: Prednisone, Lovenox, Estrace, PIO, Doxy, Medrol, Calcium

Perfect lining (triple stipe, first time the technician is so happy with it!)

Transfer on Jan 7th, Empty Bladder transfer. (so much easier!)

1 blast didnt make it thru thaw, 2 great ones left, transferred both. so nothing left from our 2nd cycle.

Embryologist particularly thrilled with an almost fully hatched blast.

Jan 20: Beta 208

Viability Scan Feb 3

Feb 3: no gestational sac found. Beta 5.9.


March 2014: IVF#3

7 eggs, 6 mature, 4 blasts.

Immune: prednisone, Lovenox, Intralipids. 

transferred 2, 2 frozen.

April 3rd: BFN.


Thats it.  consult at MFC.  BIG polyp found right on implantation site.  Seems to have been there all along and was never properly removed or not completely in the past. 


Clinic Switch to MFC- a world of difference.


Aug 21: polyp removal-hysteroscopy- done by a specialist in polyp removal.

Sept 8th: FET cycle starts.

Sept 24: transfer 2 medium quality day 5 embryos (3AA and 2AB)

Oct 3: BETA  (sneaked a FRER on my way home from blood test: very dark BFP) at 9dp5dt: 279

repeat Beta Oct 6: 1276

viability scan: Oct 21st




#4 Maxwells_Mum

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Posted 22 October 2015 - 01:20 PM

Stay away!


"Try your best, forget the rest" TTC Since November 2011heart.gif heart.gif After 3 rounds of IVF (2 fresh, 1 frozen), Maxwell  babyboy.gif was born on via a fresh cycle {5dt, single embryo transfer}  on May 17, 2014!   heart.gif  heart.gif Project Sibling -FET September 2015 - BFN Next round of IVF - started Feb 4
Egg collection Feb 17
5 Day Transfer Feb 22 - 1 embryo
2 embryos have been frozen