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Any experiences?

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#1 cthomper

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 11:57 PM

Has anyone or is anyone using Rouge Vally?

What do you think?

Anyone had positive outcome here?

Thanks :flowers:

IVF try #1 - canceled due to poor response • IVF try #2 - canceled due to over suppression from BCP only
IVF try #2 take 2 - May/June 2009 -
9 eggs retrieved, 7 mature and ICSI'd - no Embryos developed the end of the IVF dream
Dec 6th 2009 - Appointment with a counselor who is a specialist in dealing with infertility issues. - Went great!
Jan 18, 2010 - Follow up appt with RE :D Getting things moving again!

dIUI attempt #1 Feb13/10 - BFN • dIUI attempt #2 - March 12/10 - BFN • dIUI attempt #3 - 125iu Puragon, B2B insemination - April 5 & 6 2010 - BFN

Gave up on the idea of being pregnant, but not the idea of being a mother........


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Posted 04 May 2006 - 02:49 PM

I am also with Rouge Valley. About to start ICSI with Dr. Williams. Not sure how I feel yet. SOmetimes office is professional, sometimes not. I am still trying to figure out this website, (Once I do, I will write more).

#3 Joiia

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Posted 29 May 2006 - 05:45 PM


I am not sure if either one of you is going to check back here, but I will add my two cents worth.

I am at Rouge Valley and have been for almost two years. I find Dr. Williams to be very good haven't had any issues with her. However I do have to agree with you, Juli. There are times when I find the clinic on top of things and very efficient and other times it is me telling them what to do. Nobody told me when to get off some meds that I was on, which apparently I was to stop once I got a BFP and I was never told when to begin taking prenatal vitamins. Those two things really ticked me off. A nurse started there a while back, Bev and I find that she is all over the place, I have had to correct her because she was telling me the wrong thing. For the most part I find everyone to be very nice and very accommodating. There prices also don't seem to be too bad. I did a couple of IUI's and there was no charge for the IUI specifically and I know other clinics can charge in the hundreds.

If you have any specific questions ask away. Hope this helps.



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Posted 30 May 2006 - 09:03 AM

Hi Joiia,
Are you pregnant now?? Sorry I don't keep up with this site much. (Oh, and I am not sure of all the acronyms) If you are, was it through IUI or IVF?? Also, I was surprised to read that you weren't charged for your IUI's. My husband and I did it three times and paid hundreds every time with Rouge Valley. We just met with Dr. Williams today and were given our protocol for our first ICSI attempt. I was hoping to start in June but it turns out Dr. Williams will be on holidays in July so we have to wait till July/Aug now. A little disappointing (all the waiting) but I guess that's how things go!! It would be nice to keep chatting about things.

#5 Joiia

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Posted 30 May 2006 - 09:30 AM

Juli - Yes I am pregnant. The second IUI worked. As far as costs we just had to pay for the donor sperm. All my meds are covered so that kept costs down. We were going to do an IVF/ICSI but after a procedure we founf out dh's sperm wasnt mature enough to use so we had to go with plan B...donor sperm.

With regrads to holidays and being cancelled that happened to me also I was planning my first IUI in March only to find out a couple ofr days before hand that dr. williams couldn't do it because she was going to be on holidays. Can be very frustrating especially when there is no forewarning.

Ask away if you have any questions. How much did you pay for each IUI?



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Posted 30 May 2006 - 09:46 AM

Congratulations, that's great. How far along are you??

We did our IUI's 3 to 4 years ago. First one resulted in pregnancy, with miscarriage and the other two failed. I believe we paid between $500 to $600 for the procedure itself. I was not taking any meds at the time.

DH sperm has gotten worse over the previous years resulting in us needing ISCI now. I wish we had just gone straight to IVF or ISCI four years ago.

So now we have been given a D1 protocol with gonal f and suprafact. Have you taken any of these?? (Any side effects)

Congrats again

#7 Joiia

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Posted 30 May 2006 - 10:25 AM

Juli - Yes I took 450units of gonal-f and suprefact the two times I was prepping for IVF/ICSI. Both were cancelled because my timing and dh's timing were not in sync. We were hoping to have him do his procedure the same day of my ER after two attempts we figured we would use frozen if there was any. (That probably sounds very confusing) Looking back I wish we had just gone ahead with his procedure. We wasted a year, oh well live and learn.

For my first IUI I didn't take any meds. For my second one I was on Gonal-f.

With regards to side affects I didn't experience any. Everyone reacts differently though.


#8 gottahavefaith

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Posted 27 February 2008 - 10:05 AM

I changed clinics because i find them to be inefficient and they cancelled me after only 3 days of stims without a reasonable explanation...only that they didn't want me spending more money...on what? B/W and U/S? My E2 level was low but fromw have researched 3 days of stims is not a good indication of how i would have responded. Needless to say I looked into it and most clinics will NOT cancel after only 3 days and my new clinic agreed. I felt like I had to advocate for myself there and tell them what to do when my DH sperm count came back low I had to ask for urologist and further testing! Be weary.
July 2007 -DH diagnosed with severe low sperm count
April 2008 diagnosed with testicular failure/maturation arrest

IVF #1
Dec 2007 started BCP
Jan 2008 IVF #1 cancelled after 3 days of stims due to low E2 Levels (should've waited at least 5-6 days)
Jan 2008 changed clinics and waiting for AF

IVF #2
March 3 2008 begin BCP
March 29-April 5 2008 start drugs Gonal F, Repronex,Orgalutron
April 8 2008 ER - 15 eggs, 5 fertilized
April 13 5 day ET - transferred 2 8 cell morulas, froze 1 5BAO
April 23 1st BETA 100 BFP
April 25 2nd BETA 278
May 2 3rd BETA 6200
May 12 2008 Viability scan 120bpm one strong heartbeat
June 14 Emerg U/S diagnosed with placenta previa and subchorionic bleeding but baby ok
EDD December 29, 2008
DD born Jan 2, 2009
God has a plan

FET #1
Feb 8 AF, Feb 21 u/s to check lining
Feb 26,2010 Transferred ONE (only one we have) beautiful blast
March 8 2010 BETA #1 10dp5dt-42
March 10 2010 Beta #2 12dp5dt- 38 M/c :(
AF March 13

start BCP April 13 to May 3
May 7 AF, May 8 start stims gonal f 225 repronex and orgalutron
May 17 end stims, trigger May 18
ER May 20 9 eggs, 6 fertilized (Day 3 5- 8 cells, 1- 6 cell)
ET May 25 Transferred ONE advanced blast (froze 1 - 5BB0,1- 4AB0 & 1- 4BB0)
Beta 10DP5DT June 4- BFP 335
Beta #2 13DP5DT June 7- 1265
June 21 Viability scan ONE strong heart beat 122 bpm
EDD February 10,2011 (seems sooo far away)
DD born February 2, 2011
How blessed are we? HAVE FAITH