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Beta. Hell. Low, but Doubling. Any success stories?


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#1 If at first

If at first
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Posted 30 October 2013 - 08:27 AM

I'm posting this under 'encouragement' because I'm in desperate need of some...


My first beta at 9dp5dt was 15

12dp5dt was 62

19dp5dt was 897


So they are doubling at an ok rate, but are just so much lower than everyone else.


Anyone have success with numbers this low??  I have an ultrasound next week. I am counting the minutes and trying to stay realistic, but it's hard when everything you've ever wanted is 'maybe' there or maybe not... This is torture.

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#2 Feisty

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 08:56 AM

I had to have 5 betas because mine were not doubling as they should initially. For some reason I tend to have low betas and I really believed this time it was going to be loss number 5 for me. We have made it to 17.3 weeks with a little girl. I will keep you in my prayers.
It's a great sign that your betas are going up :) remember those are just guidelines that doctors would like to see.
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DH 40, ME 39 expecting our first (it's a girl!) 4/6/13 after 11+ yrs TTC and 4 back to back lossesI have endo, PCOS, both gene mutations MTHFR, slightly elevated thyroid,blood clotting disorder, had endometrial polyps, born with large uterine septum that was removed and urological abnormality that will cost me my kidney in a couple yrs.14 GYN surgeries, and 6 other surgeries including multiple lumbar surgeries IVF# 9 W ICSI and PGD, stims started 7/1/13, ER 7/14/139 embryos sent out for PGD 4 came back normal 2 girls & 1 boy survived andwere transferred on 7/19/13. 5DP5DT faint positive and each day getting darker.8/4/13 5 weeks emergency scan due to severe pain, shows enlarged ovaries and ruptured cyst. we also saw a tiny gestational sac, put on restrictions and basically can do nothing 8/15/13 2nd scan @ 6.4 weeks shows strong little heartbeat and enlarged ovaries, still on restrictions. 8/23 urgent scan @ 7.5 weeks for clotting and bleeding showed heart beating away and growing baby, no bleed seen in around baby or in uterus. Continue restrictions, DC baby aspirin continue all other meds including Lovenox and 4th scan scheduled for 9/4. Ended up having 6 massive bleeds and taken off Lovenox. Spent the entire first tri on bedrest. taken off PIO, Estrogen and prednisone at 12.1 weeks. First OB appt 13.1 weeks. Spotting, bleeding and some massive bleeds thru the entire 1st tri and part of the 2nd. 2nd tri had placenta previa and cervical shortening issues. Made it to 26 weeks which wasn't far enough along to have steriod injections, more rest. Made it to 28 weeks and cervix was long enough not to be too concerned, steroid injections are on hold. Was officially off bed rest @28 weeks. 30 weeks lost 8lbs. 32 weeks gained 8lbs and the start of preeclampsia. Currently being monitored very closely and seeing several specialists to find out when exactly we need to deliver. Lots of tests done and a couple ultrasounds to date (33.6 weeks) 02/22/14. After being carefully monitored several times a week DD was born via c-section 3/13/14. 5.9lbs, 18 inches, spent 6 days in NICU born @ 36 weeks

#3 GraceM

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 09:05 AM

My first beta at 13dpo was 48' second 5 days later was just doubled appropriately for at period of time and a few days later was in the 800's. My five week old son, aka Mr. low Beta, is resting in my arms as I type this (with one hand). Good luck!
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#4 Crazy

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 09:06 AM

If at first - There is a huge range of normal numbers.  If you are doubling at a good rate try not to stress too much.  You can check out this web site:  They collect beta values and doubling times for successful pregnancies.  Good luck!

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#5 If at first

If at first
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Posted 30 October 2013 - 08:49 PM

Thank you so much ladies, and congrats to all three of you!

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#6 me'n'B

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 08:34 AM

I think your numbers are great. The first was probably just a little early. I didn't even do first beta until 15dp3dt. Just let that bean snuggle. Congratulations!
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Clomid 25mg: July 2012 - Cancelled cycle, no response :(
Clomid 50mg: August 2012 - two good follies, 19 and 15 when surging naturally. BFN
Clomid 50mg: September 2012 - no monitoring, started acupuncture. BFN
Clomid 75mg: October 2012 with acupuncture. Ovidrel trigger. BFP but sadly early loss.
Clomid 75mg: November and December 2012 with acupuncture. Both BFN
Natural cycle: January 2013 BFN Puregon 58-75mg: February 2013 with iui. BFN
Natural cycle BFN Round 2-5 of Puregon with iui: March to May 2013 all BFN
Hello IVF. Starting bcp June 2013, Suprefact, Puregon 150mg and Menopur 75.
Retrieved 9 eggs after 10 days of stims. 8 Mature and 7 fertilized. 6 divided normally.
Day 3 transfer of two embabies.
Positive beta!

#7 Butterfli

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 12:00 PM

2brides started out with 36 on day 9(or there abouts) and she has a beautiful chubby 6 month old. She was the same low but doubled. You could have just had a late implanted but the fact that its doubling nicely is a great sign.
Hope you come out of limbo soon and see a lovely heartbeat :)

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Sep 8 - 2nd Beta 8751 18dp3dt

Sep 15 - 3rd Beta - 43066 25dp3dt


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Third Beta 12470 21dp5dt


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#8 K.N.

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 02:41 PM

if at first- congratuations!!!:)))) Happy for you! Your numbers look great and double nicely. I agree with previous posts, probably a bit early tested or late implanter. Cant wait to hear and update from you on Monday! Fingers crossed for you:)

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