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plz help me with this semen analysis

semen analysis

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#1 mamo

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 09:21 AM

plz help me, i need to know chances for having childrens??



age: 31

volume:                             2.0 ml


colour:                               opaque grey


reaction :                           alkaline


viscosity:                            normal


liquifaction time:                 30 minuites



microscopic Ex:




            progressive              25%

            non-progressive       30%

            non-motile                45%


total count                             66 millions/cc


pus cells                                0-1 /HPF


red cells                                 0-1 /HPF


epithelial cells                         0-1 /HPF


spermatogenic cells                6-8 /HPF




                      Normal               70%

                      Abnormal           30%



#2 Lisa1981

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 10:48 AM


I'm not an Andrologist but we also have male factor motility issues so though that maybe I could help a little.


I can't say if all those results are normal or not, but I can say that for the following, these are the results that are considered good (according to the World Health organisation):


The appearance (grey-opalescent) is normal

PH: 7.2 and above

Volume: 2.0ml and above

Count: 20 million/ML and above

Progressive motility: 50% or above (here is where I see your results being on the low side)


According to the results you wrote above, your volume is border line at 2.0ml but still normal and good considering the count of 66million. However; to me, it seams there is a motility issue.. Your results show 25% progressive motility when it should be 50%. The other 75% are not swimming like they should and/or not moving at all (45% in your case are none-motile).


One RE had told me that although not impossible to get pregnant with low motility, it can take years and years to achieve. It's after this first DX that we where told we needed IUI or IVF (my dx came later).


Good luck smile.png


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Me: 33 - DH: 36

July 2012: referred to Ottawa fertility center
August 2012: Test results are back
High FSH, Low AFC (only 6)
Endo (duuuh) & DOR  (great....)

And may has well make it a trio...male factor (motility)


After 2 failed IUIs, 5 Failed IVF:

Trying on our own until spring come's along... 


Feb 09: A little Miracle, a natural BFP. Praying it sticks around for 9 months.

Feb 11: Beta 25 (yikes)- P4: 47 oh boy, put on progesterone

Feb 13: Beta 86 - P4: 144

Feb 18: Beta 544 - P4: 96

Feb 20: Beta 1128 - P4: 81... increased progesterone to 600mg

Feb 24: Beta 1608 - P4: 100... oh boy, not looking promissing

Feb 25: Beta: 1942 (no P4) at another hospital.. ok, looking better... U/S: sac and yolk. Nothing else.

March 04: HB 115. Problem: Sac is small... repeat u/s next week

March 14: U/S , HB (abdominal) 167bpm (internal) 158bpm. Problem: Sac still small, reapeat u/s in 10 days..

March 24: U/S confirmed no HB.. stop progesterone. M/C that same evening

#3 Wantingour1st

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:04 PM

a count of 66 million is above average.  20 million is average.  morphology (shape) 70% is good as far as I know.  motility (movement) I don't know about it.  ICSI takes the best sperm & inserts into the egg & you only need one sperm per egg.

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me 43, FSH 5, AMH 8.8 pmol/L is "Low Ovarian Reserve" which is 2.3 to 15.7 pmol/L

dh 41, low sperm, good for IVF


chance of IVF working because of age: 5% or less


we're taking lots of vitamins, (always did but now are taking a few different ones: InnoQnol CoQ10, PQQ, Inositol powder, baby aspirin, Prednisone (cuz i'm MTHFR I did a blood test & shows positive for blood clotting), Synthroid/Eltroxin (for my slightly elevated antibodies to thyroid I got after IVF) DHEA, Melatonin, Folapro (active form of folate), Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, L’arginine, L’carninitine, Grape Seed, Pycnogenol, Resveratrol, Astaxanthin, NAC, Macca, E, C, D, Chinese Tea, homeopathic detox Unda numbers, weekly acupuncture, No dairy, no wheat, no sugar, everything organic I can find.

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