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Need some hope......

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 07:31 AM

So..... We had our first appointment at RFP and it did not go well...... Not because of the service. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgable, and even though we weren't able to see Dr Okeane and had to see Dr Scott due to the flooding, it was still an overall good service.

Before we went, all of our tests last year came out that we had unexplained infertility,which was hard to deal with...... But I still had hope that maybe by some luck of the draw, we'd still be able to conceive naturally. My DH repeated his semen analysis and since last year he's gone from very healthy to "severe male infertility!" His boys appear to be moving fine, we're still waiting on morphology results, but his count is down to 7 million....... The doctor told us that at this point our only option to conceive is through IVFwith ICSI. Now I personally hate crying in public, or in front of anyone other than my husband, but I couldn't hold back..... Part of me felt well we finally have a reason why we haven't gotten pregnant, but the other half of me is worried for my DH. I really don't want to have to go to donor sperm. Is there anyone out there who has successfully gone through IVF with severe male factor infertility and didn't have to use donor sperm?

And if all that wasn't enough, the doctor asked to measure my uterus by attempting to fish a catheter through my cervix. She said that I should expect amid cramp. Well apparently I have a tiny cervix that is on lockdown because she couldn't get the catheter through. She pull out some torture device called a tenaculum, which was hell on earth and she still couldn't get the damn thing in! I need to go back in a few weeks to have a SHG done, she is going to try suppositories to help dilate me, and try a LAM tent. Has anyone out there experienced this issue, and if so are able to tell me it that it works to dilate you. If it doesn't work, i need to wait 3-4 months to get it surgically dilated, which would blow because the doctor wants us to start IVF in August. I'm scared when I go in, they'll have to use that torture device on me again, and I just can't bear the thought! It makes me more nervous for the procedures to come! I hope the SHG goes smooth and is not too painful......

Overall, it was a crappy day, and the all the rain in Calgary was just painful irony. I'm having a hard time finding hope. I work on as an admin on a construction site, and am at work trying not to cry..... The last thing I need is to be "that girl" who is an emotional wreck........ Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...... :'(

#2 silverdollar

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 07:46 AM

You will find lots of examples here of success with severe MFI. The beauty of ICSI is that you only need a few sperm to work with. It's hard to grapple with now, but having an identified reason is actually better than being unexplained in terms of getting you to paenthood. When things are unexplained there is a lot of trial and error with treatments.

With regards to the cervical dilation, I hope they are able to use the most minimally invasive procedure. I would certainly let the doctor know how much pain you were in and ask for some better pain medication and perhaps even Ativan or something to help with relaxation. I had to have my cervix dilated and it was painful, but I did get through it and it was worth it in the end.
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Unexplained IF/ DOR. Began TTC in 2008.
After a wild and crazy ride on the treatment train, our baby GIRL arrived on Jan 6, 2012
Hold on.... Surprise spontaneous just 7 months postpartum while still breastfeeding!!! Baby boy born May 2, 2013
My heart couldn't be more full :)
Full details are now in my profile "About Me" page

#3 If at first

If at first
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Posted 22 June 2013 - 09:17 AM

Yep, I'd say that was a brutal day. A good cry was well deserved! I second what silverdollar said about icsi and sperm count... you only need a few to create some great embryos, and your embryologist team will hand select those for you. Thank god that technology exists.


There is such a wide array of torture devices we encounter in IF, it's nuts. People who don't go through this really have no idea! I'm so sorry it was so painful for you. I haven't had to do the dilation, so I will let someone else who has offer you their advice.


Just wanted to send big hugs and let you know that someone is thinking of you and rooting for you.


Hope your home is staying safe and dry!

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#4 ilovemydogs

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 10:52 AM

I feel for you. A couple of years ago I had a fibroid growing into my cervix (which narrowed it significantly), which no one knew about at that point, and when I went in for the SHG they couldn't get the catheter in and sounded like your experience. I started hyperventilating in the middle of the clinic where there were several other women waiting for the same procedure...I felt bad for them although I was the exception.


Since they couldn't finish it, I had to go back in for a second attempt. I took the suppositories to help me dilate. I have to say that it wasn't pleasant - I took it before bed and woke up 2 hours later with lots of cramping like a very painful period, to the point where I was sick to my stomach a few times. However, the procedure was a piece of cake - I successfully dilated - and I started feeling better not to long afterward. I don't want to freak you out, but better to know what it can do to you. My friend had to be dilated before me (she was also successfully dilated) and told me all about it - she hadn't known and she said it was much worse not knowing. 


All the best to you. IVF with ICSI has worked for so many people on this and other boards.

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Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 11:43 AM

Thanks Ladies for your replies! Ilovemydog I have my SHG in a few weeks, and they said that they want to try to dilate me with suppositories and they told me to expect cramping with them..... If that doesn't work, they want to try a LAM tent.... Which the nurse told me is ultimately a thin piece of seaweed that they put into my cervix that over the span of a few hours gradually expands...... I really hope it works out cause I really want to avoid that tenaculum torture device!
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#6 loo

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 03:29 PM

We have a beautiful 6 month old boy... my DH had terrible SA!  His highest count was 5 million :)  IVF can be a very emotional process, be kind to yourself and allow yourself to cry and be angry.  Don't lose hope.  

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TTC 7 years, me: 29 35, DH: 31 36
Dx: severe male factor

IVF #1 ET: 1 5AA blast on March 30, 2012.  6 frozen on March 31, 2012. HPT: +ve 5dpt. [email protected] 308.

Healthy DS born on Dec. 5, 2012

Natural BFP #1 chemical Sept 2013 

FET #1 March 28, 2014 1x 5AA blast. HPT: +ve 5dpt. [email protected] 908. M/C @ 6 weeks 

FET#2 Sept 9, 2014 2x 5AB + 4AA. HPT: +ve5dpt. [email protected]: 2000.  Early [email protected] 5w intrauterine preg+tubal preg, [email protected] 6w tubal preg failed (yay!) [email protected] 7w no hb, M/C @ 8 weeks 

FET #3 Feb 3, 2015 2x 4AA.  HPT: +ve 6dpt.  [email protected] 980.  Healthy DD born on October 15, 2015. 

IVF #2 Nov 4, 2017 2 x 16/20, 6 frozen. HPT:+ve 5dpt, [email protected] 1300.  [email protected] wk: di/di twins, [email protected] weeks twin A hydrops, [email protected] Twin A passed away.  Healthy DS born at 40 weeks on July 21, 2017. 

What to do with the last 6 frozen embryo's.... 

#7 Rachael (diva)

Rachael (diva)
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Posted 22 June 2013 - 05:54 PM

My hubs' sperm count also dropped significantly from his sa in 2009 to 2013.  I have him taking ProCreation for Men which can be bought on Amazon & L-Arginine, which can be bought at Wal Mart.  It's suppossed to really help and was suggested by my RE.  He's been on it for just over 2 months now and my IVF is in Aug.  Im hoping it really helps.

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Me: 38

The hubs: 34


Mother of 3 boys and 1 girl.


Tubal ligation 2003

Tubal reveral 2009


HSG shows 1 tube blocked, 1 tube open


TTC for 5 years and no baby


IVF through Invocell clinical trial 12/13

ER: 12/6/13 -  8 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilized

ET: 2 embryos transfered, 2 frozen.  bfn cry.gif


7/7/14: Currently enrolled in Afolia study trial.

8/20/14: 22 eggs retreived

8/21/14: 11 fertilized/developing normally

8/23/14: 2 embryos transfered on day 3. 5 frozen.  bfn cry.gif


#8 onawingandapraye

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 11:44 AM

Hi Cristina F - My hubby had a blockage that would not allow any sperm come out. We went straight to ICSI and it has been great so far.  Dr Greene at RFP was able to remove the sperm right in his office on a friday afternoon.  They got about 30 out of him which I thought wow what a low #  but they were super happy as they only need one to make the embyro. Then they freeze what you don't use for future use.  We are currently 10.5 weeks pregnant with twins and have 3 frozen embryos as well.


Good luck to you

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Me: 34 (35 for 3rd try - 36 when daughters were born)
DH: 32 (33 -34)

June 2011 - diagnosed with Male issues - Edmonton Fertility Clinic
End of October 2011- Transferred file to Calgary regional fertility clinic
Mid November - 2011- Calgary regional fertility clinic orientation date - March 8th-9th
December 10th 2011 - biopsy on DH to see if he has swimmers
January 4th 2012- Biopsy results--- oh happy day he has perfect mature boys
March 9th 2012 - officially on waiting list for IVF cycle #1
April 20th 2012 - DH Pesa to retrieve sperm

IVF #1
April 24th 2012 - got the call to start IVF
May 7th 2012 - Start superfact
May 18th 2012 - Ultrasound in Edmonton
May 20th 2012 - Start Gonal F 150
May 23rd 2012 - B/W increase Gonal F to 175
May 26th 2012- Calgary for U/S and B/W
May 28th 2012 - Increase gonal F to 325
May 30th 2012 - Decrease Gonal F to 175 too many follicles and BW high
May 31st 2012 - Coasting, levels increasing
June 2nd 2012 - Trigger shot 7500 IU
ER June 4 2012 - 11 eggs 8 mature 5 Embryos
ET June 9 2012 - Transfered 1embryo I already love and 1 more lovable embryo left to freeze
June 22 2012 - beta 503
June 26 2012 - beta #2 2077
July 2nd 2012 - beta #3 6838
July 10 2012 - 7 week ultrasound HOLY CRAP 1 beautiful embie became TWO beautiful babies yahoo.gif
July 18 2012 - ER ultrasound and no heartbeats. Not sure if I will try the frozen or just end the IVF journey here 8388.gif

FET #1
Oct 25th 2012 - Start superfact sniffing again
Nov 27th 2012 - transfer the last and winning baby bean
Dec 12th 2012 - test day
Chemical pregnancy sad.png

IVF fresh cycle #2
March 26 2013 - start superfact
April 9 2013 - Ultrasound in Edmonton

Bigger success with number two.  2 embies put back 3 frozen.   I guess not caring and not fixating on different changes worked.  lived my life as normal and 5 wonderful embryos made.

Twins!!!!  Even better success this time as both made it to term.  38.5 weeks two beautiful little girls were born Jan 5/14