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Anyone had a fallopian tube recanalization??

HSG blocked tubes recanalization

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#1 Curlygirl77

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 02:50 AM

So, here I am posting again.... I just started this whole infertility journey and I feel already like the questions and decisions are overwhelming my life!  Just for some background - I have a decreased AMH value so DOR, but my partner and I were still hopeful that we could conceive naturally.


Today I had my first HSG procedure.  Initially, they found that both tubes were blocked, but after some serious discomfort and increased pressure, the left tube was slightly unblocked.  The right tube stayed blocked until it was too painful for me to carry on and it seemed like no amount of pressure could unblock it.  The radiologist informed me that I would be booked for a fallopian tube recanalization under sedation.


Has anyone had this procedure and then had success with pregnancy?  I hear that it increases your risk of ectopic pregnancy.


Also, has anyone had both tubes be blocked despite no prior history of an STD or endometriosis or PID or anything???  I did have an ovarian cyst removed by laparoscopy a long time ago, but that is the only surgery I've had.  


Not sure if we should try for the recanalization or just keep on moving towards IVF without bothering...



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Surprise BFP October 2013!!! 

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05/12- 8+6 - beautiful heartbeat of 165 heard and baby is exactly the right size (and also very photogenic).  Can't believe it!!!!!!

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#2 impatient

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 10:24 AM

I had it done twice.  Both times it showed two patent tubes (HSG showed one blocked).  Ultimately, it didn't help us get pregnant, but it does have a reasonable success rate and it's a very simple procedure.  I had it done at UBC, and unlike the HSG, they give you morphine, so it's not particularly painful.  And unlike IVF, it's covered by MSP. 

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