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Donor eggs from a sister??

donor eggs IVF sister low AMH

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#1 Curlygirl77

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 06:19 PM

Hello everyone,


I have just turned 35 and have recently been diagnosed with low ovarian reserve (AMH of 0.56).  We don't have heaps of money for IVF, and I would love to hear some stories or women who have either successfully done IVF with low AMH, or who have used a sister's eggs for IVF.  My younger sister has offered to donate to us!


I am curious if it is more worth the money with low AMH to go straight to a donor, especially if my sister (who has been pregnant) is willing to help us.


Thank you for your advice or for sharing your experiences!  Also, if you have used donor eggs, how have you thought about telling the child in the future??



Diagnosed with DOR in October 2012

Surprise BFP October 2012! Chemical pregnancy

January 2013- decided to pursue donor egg IVF with my sister- she is diagnosed with DOR as well :-(

July 2013- decided on donor egg IVF in Europe, planning on early 2014 to give time to try naturally

Surprise BFP September 2013. Another chemical pregnancy :-( At the same time, a dear friend offers to donate her eggs to us! Her testing begins...

Surprise BFP October 2013!!! 

First beta 29/10- 36

Second beta 31/10- 106, right on track!

Third beta 03/11- 277

Fourth beta 09/11- only 622... doubling time more than 3 days :-( Bracing ourselves for another miscarriage.

Fifth and final beta 12/11- 1875! Tripled in 3 days. RE wondering about ectopic...  

13/11- first ultrasound- gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal pole seen! Baby measuring exactly right on for dates! We are ecstatic!!!  Too early for heartbeat so now waiting patiently for next ultrasound.

05/12- 8+6 - beautiful heartbeat of 165 heard and baby is exactly the right size (and also very photogenic).  Can't believe it!!!!!!

12/12- 9+5 - first OB appointment. New due date is July 12th by our 8 week scan. Can't believe how much baby was moving in there on the ultrasound today!!! Happy little heartbeat too.

June 17, 2014-  our little miracle baby boy born by c-section for pre-eclampsia and breech at 36 weeks!  He is so awesome.  So incredibly thankful....


Surprise BFP July 2015. Third chemical pregnancy. Ugh.

Surprise BFP August 2015.  Seems too good to be true.  Very cautious but holding out a bit of hope...

First beta 02/09 - 2811

Second beta 10/09 - 29 455

22/09 - first ultrasound at 7+5! Little baby measuring right on track with a beautiful heartbeat. Due date May 5th!

April 21, 2016 - our second miracle boy is born naturally after a c-section the first time.  What an experience… We are so thankful to the universe and feel that our family is now complete. 

#2 Surro-in-Canada

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 01:25 PM

Hi Curlygirl77,

  What a great thing for your sister to offer! I have offerred to donate to my own sister, if she has the need. They are going through starting tests now to see why she has not conceived.

I carried a surrobabe who came to be through the help of an egg donor, she just turned 2 and her parents have planned to tell her about the donor and myself as she grows. I know this isnt a directly related answer to your question, though thought to share. The child has met me and my children 4 times since her birth and the parents have been open to telling her who we are. Though this is not always the case with donor babies, I hope that it becomes the norm.

Mother to 2 - Son Dec 1999, Daughter 2006
Surromama to Miss S - January 2010

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