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Our Story - New To Surrogacy

Surrogate support Intended parents baby

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#1 Paul&April

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 09:31 AM

Our little story:

My husband and I have been married for just over a year now. We both come from a previous marriage with children so we are a blended family. I have two children and he has one, so our family is quite busy! :) Growing up I always thought I would have at least 4 children, so when my husband and I discovered we just cannot support another child in our busy family life already it was difficult to accept that I was 'done'. He also had a vasectomy during his previous marriage so the hope of another was even further away. Our children are growing up with the youngest at 8yrs old and that as well played a factor in whether or not it was a good idea to have another baby. So I grieved the loss of being able to share the experience of pregnancy and childbirth with the man I love dearly. It was a very emotional time for me, and as I went through this grieving I realized that it was not as much the loss of having another child, although my heart aches knowing I would not see a precious babe that we had shared in creating, but the loss of being able to share in the pregnancy and birth together. So we decided to set out on a path to help someone else. We are very excited about it, because I can fulfil my need to be pregnant again and share the experience with him and our children. We are a very family oriented couple and really look forward to meeting another couple who want children and be able to go through this journey with them. My husband is adopted himself and so he is very happy with the prospect of giving a family a child.

There is so much more I could say and not enough time to do it!

So in conclusion our main goal is to help a deserving family out, with the added benefit of sharing the experience together! We would only like to be a gestational surrogate. We are still researching the process so we have much learning to do! We'd love to chat with people who are looking, and people who have been a surrogate as well.

Cheers to you all, and we hope you have a wonderful new year!
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#2 Tanyamaree

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 02:11 PM

wow how great of you to do this for someone!! my heart goes out to you!
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Me 30 pcos

DH 32 antibodies on sperm


Ivf#1 Retrieval was April 30 Transfer was May 2nd Urine test at clinic May 17th. BFN Lost and a mess


FET #1 Superfact started January 22nd Entrace started Feb 6th

3 day embrio transfer of 2 - feb 24th Hpt- POsITIVE!!! Est due date nov 14th 2012

No heart beat at 10 weeks (baby showed 8 weeks 3 days)

d/c scheduled for fridaystart whole process over again


 IVF#2 2013 failed no sperm sad.png long story) FET transfered and nothing came of it

May 2015 IVF # 3 - Different Protocal (more needles eek)



May 7th FIrst bloodwork and U/S

May 25th ( bit behind on notes lol )

on 3 needles a day and going for blood work and u/s every day now

Retrieval most likely may 30th

14 fertalized and were froze as Blastacycst

Freeze all cycle




Currently on superfact, estrace

linning check aug 18th

Estimated transfer aug 24th - 28th


thawing 1/2 blastacycst and hoping for at least 3 out of the 7 to become embyos  (8 would still be remaining blast frozen)




11dp3dt POS

14dp3dt POS

Sept 10th beta 282 15dp3dt smile.pngsmile.png

sept 16 21dp3dt 3327

sept 18 23dp3dt 6300 (cant remeber exact)


Sept 28th U/S ONE BABY!!!! HB 120





#3 Maralee

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 05:17 PM

What a neat and interesting topic! Congrats on finding your journey! Very well said.
Me 30, 31, 32 Hubs 35, 36, 37

See about me for past history
Jan 2013-awaiting consult at VFC...
Feb 2013-Consult a success, off to victoria we go!  Looking at April.  Meanwhile, started gluten/dairy reduced diet with a ton of supplements.  Feeling great!
Day 1...Mar13/13
LH surge Mar 24 Start estrace Mar 27
Day 1, April 8
Fly to VFC April 9-u/s and blood work-all OK
April 10-start stims Gonal 225, saizen 1.66mg, repronex 75
April 15-u/s and bw, all good, 6 follies, all same size, continue and next u/s and bw apr 17
April 17-u/s and bw-all good, 7 follies, similar size, continue and next u/s apr 18.  ER on april 20 or 21
April 18-bw good, u/s now 10 follies but starting to separate in size.  Back tomorrow, ER april 21/22?
April 19-bw good, 1/2 of follies ready...trigger tonight, ER on April 21
April 21-9 retrieved.  Awaiting fertilization reports... fingers crossed!
April 22-Amazing news, 8 out of 9 are mature and all 8 fertilize, 1/2 by ICSI, 1/2 by regular.  How could that happen?
April 23-All 8 still going, mix of 15-19/20
April 24-6 still going, 2 transferred-an 19/20 and 18/20, 2 frozen a 18/20, 17/20, and 2 in culture to day 5-wait and see
May 8-OMG, positive beta!!  517, wow! 14dp3dt
May 10-beta 1060.  Yay!!
May 27-viability u/s...both took, it's twins!  Heartbeats around 140, 1 measures a couple days behind.  CRAZY!
June 16-10 wk u/s, both still growing, hb's 172 and 165. 
July 2-Nuchal-excellent.  Fell in love with them.  hb's 168 and 160, both measure a couple days ahead now.
Aug 16- 18 week detailed, both are amazing.  Team green! Cord insertion issue with baby A discovered.
Oct 10-27wk 4 day, A is 2 lbs, B is 2.2 lbs...may have seen a penis and sac on one of them.
Nov 7-30wk 4 day, A is 3lbs 13 oz, B is 4lbs 2 oz, this is going to hurt.
Nov 21-32wk 4 day, A is 4lbs, B is 4 lbs 8 oz, starting to slow down a bit, and both head down.
Dec 4-34 wk 3 day, A is 5 lbs 2 oz, B is 5 lbs 5 oz, A head down and engaged, B now breech.
Dec 17-after falling down the stairs, our baby boy and girl arrived at 36 weeks, small but healthy
Welcome Abigael and Colin.


#4 Adventure

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Posted 09 January 2013 - 05:05 PM

What a beautiful selfless act. It's wonderful.
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#5 Nurse08

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 09:38 AM

Paul&April- You can see my signature below for some info about my DH and I. We are looking for someone to be a GS for us. We have 4 frozen totcicles. I will PM you.

Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.


Me 32, DH 39 | TTC#1 since June 2008 Dx : Ovaries abnormally placed,Tubal, MF, ? Unexplained MMC x 3

See more info in the about me section.

Moving onto using a Gestational Carrier (my sister) in May/June 2014.

IVF #3- May/June 2014 w Gestational Carrier ( Me:32 yrs, DH 39)

Feb 26- SIS and Lining check for my sister. All looks great.

May 14- Suprefact 5x day

May 20- Last BCP

May 26- (CD3) Baseline u/s and b/w, decrease Suprefact to 3x day, antibiotic for DH and I. AFC Rt 7,Lt ?. Gonal F 150iu, Menopur 75iu. E2- 88.1 LH 0.226

May 30- (CD7) u/s & b/w- Rt 9 Lt 9 E2 481 LH 0.259 Lining 3.2

June 2- (CD10) u/s & b/w- Rt 9 Lt 9 E2 1978 LH 0.425 Lining 7.41

June 3- (CD11) u/s & b/w- Rt 9 Lt 11 E2 3208 LH 0.646 Lining 5.21?

June 4- (CD12) u/s & b/w- Rt 10 Lt 10 E2 5090 LH 0.794 Lining 8.82 Triple layer

June 5- (CD13) u/s & b/w- E2 6752

June 6- (CD14) u/s & b/w- All good to go ! Trigger tonight @ 10pm

June 8- Egg Retrieval @ 0900- 12 Retrieved, 10 mature, all 10 fertilized via ICSI

June 11- Day 3 report- All growing well. Ranging between 6-10 cells.

June 13-Transfer @ 1000  (DH's 40th Birthday)- Transferred 2 hatched blasts, GS had a flawless lining. We had 9 of the 10 make it to blasts on Day 5.yahoo.gif The remainder 5 embabies sent for PGD, then freezing. 2 didn't make to biopsy. Mild OHSS for me.

June 18- 3w3d or 5dp5dt- HPT ++++++ "Pregnant 1-2 weeks" on Clear Blue Digital. So freaking HAPPY !!th_abfp.gif

June 19- GS flies back to AB.

June 20- + HPT 7dp5dt or 3w5d

June 22- + HPT 9dp5dt or 4w0d

June 24- + HPT 11dp5dt or 4w2d

June 25- "Pregnant 2-3 weeks" on CB Digital 12dp5dt or 4w3d- Beta #1-696.8

June 27- 14dp5dt or 4w5d-Beta #2-1807 (Doubling time 34.9hrs) preggo.gif

June 29- 16dp5dt or 5w0d-Beta #3- 3837 (Doubling time 44.2hrs)

June 30- Meet w RE to discuss PGD results. Out of 5 embryos tested we had 1 normal embryo. cry.gif. Crossing our fingers we have 2 healthy babies growing strong inside our GS.

July 11- u/s #1 6w5d- one baby measuring 8mm with heart.gif HR 122 bpm

July 28- u/s #2 9w1d- measuring 2.37cm with heart.gif HR 154 bpm

Aug 5- First midwife appointment

Aug 11- u/s #3 heart.gif Baby dancing up a storm in our GS-First OB appointment

Aug 14- u/s #4  11w4d- IPS (NT testing)- Measuring 56mm 12w1d, NT 1.0mm, BPD 17.1mm. All looks PERFECT !!

Sept 29- u/s #5 Anatomy Scan @ 18w1d heart.gif 154 bpm measuring 18w5d. We are team babyboy.gif. IPS Negative.


EDD- March 1,2015. Expected to deliver in our 39th week.


Jan 6,2015- Welcomed Blake David into the world weighing 4lbs9oz and 18" long and 32cm head circumference.



#6 Duck

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Posted 19 January 2013 - 01:51 PM

Hi! Fantastic that your willing to become a gestational surrogate for another couple. We have twins via GS that are 2 years old. I highly recommend joining surromomsonline.com, they have a great network for surrogates in Canada and the us, and can provide you with lots of guidance and support, which will be such a huge help for you while you start searching for intended parents. I think that website can provide you with help in terms of what a surrogate pregnancy is like. As an ip I would be concerned that you and your husband do not have a child together and that you have expressed a desire to have his child(you can do a vasectomy reversal?). But I could be off base, if you join surromomsonline, they would be able to give you better guidance.

Diagnosed with endometrosis at age 19

5 pelvic surgeries

2 IVF, numerous FETs

2 different gestational carriers

Now mother of 2 year old twins.

#7 MelanieMay

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 08:59 AM

I have a similar story to yours and am currently 27 weeks pregnant! My brother and his wife were unable to conceive and approached my husband and I as possible surrogates! It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done ( apart from having my own children ). I commend you in your decision to do this as the road is long and full of ups and downs. They are happy to announce the coming of what will be, I'm sure, the most precious and loved child in history. Also, as a side note the bond that has formed between myself and my brother is the most precious thing and I am grateful for that experience. Good luck !
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#8 mpjones

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 01:55 PM

Hello April,

Well, I just joined this group and saw your post.  My husband and I have been grieving about not being able to have another child (we have a 7 year old girl naturally) due to our age and me hitting menopause.  The other day we thought maybe we could do something about it rather than just shed tears all the time.

So we have started researching into finding a surrogate mother.  

This is all new to us and I for one feel very vulnerable but I really feel led to put it out there and see where it will lead.

#9 Marina Jason

Marina Jason
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Posted 06 February 2013 - 05:21 AM

Hi April.

Amazing and interesting story :).

You are doing a great job for humanity and that deserving family. wish you best of luck for your new journey.preggo.gif

ivf treatment ..A Hope babyboy.gif babygirl.gif

#10 Annemom

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Posted 16 March 2013 - 10:27 PM

Hi April,


First of all, this is an amazing thing that you are thinking of doing.  My husband and I have been looking for a gestational surrogate to carry our frozen embryos for a while.  We had family members volunteer but then we found out that they had to be done having their own children and they plan on having more.  This journey has been filled with ups and downs but I know we will find the right person to help us.  I would love to chat to see if we would be what you are looking for.  I would be happy to share more of our story with you and answer any questions that you had for us.  Our email address is [email protected]


I wish you all the best in this journey.

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