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Low Progesterone

progesterone high fsh age diminished ovarian reserve

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Posted 21 July 2012 - 12:46 AM


I haven't had my progesterone tested in a long time, but my temperature charts show sporadic & low temps in the luteal phase which my naturopath & acupuncturist are concerned about, saying that my progesterone looks low. This is most likely due to my age (43) & I also have high FSH (24) & low AMH (< .16). My RE feels that the low progesterone is likely caused by my low egg reserve & therefore not much corpus luteum being produced each month to produce enough progesterone.

This makes sense & although I know that some people do progesterone supplements to ensure implantation, I've read that in a case like mine, this could be "treating the symptom" (low progesterone) instead of the cause (low egg count). My RE agreed, and that the "cause" can only be treated by ovarian stimulation.

We may do another IVF cycle in which case we would supplement with progesterone, but in the meantime I want to be sure that if I get lucky with a good egg, then my body is able to handle the implantation of the embryo.

That being said, would you recommend progesterone supplementation in my case while we try naturally?
i.e. would it hurt anything?

I'm sorry if you need to know my lab results in order to comment - I hope to have them retested soon.

Thanks very much.
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