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Thyroid & Adrenals & Low Progesterone

thyroid hypothyroidism adrenal progesterone older age factor high FSH low AMH

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#1 Highest hopes

Highest hopes
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Posted 21 July 2012 - 12:05 AM

Hi all,

I have a dilemma about thyroid / adrenals / low progesterone, and wondering if anyone can advise or share knowledge.
I need to decide on a treatment & have received different advice from RE & naturopath vs. acupuncturist.

For a few years I've been suspecting hypothyroidism but my TSH was borderline - around 3.
This used to be considered fine & my RE wasn't concerned during our 2 IVF cycles, although I was.
Apparently hypothyroidism can cause failure of the embryo to implant, and I am sorry that we did 2 IVF's while I was hypothyroid, even if it was borderline.

Since our failed cycles, I've pursued this with docs & my RE has agreed it would be ideal to get the TSH lowered to 2.5 before another IVF. My naturopath would like to see it at 2 or less.
They both agree I should get thyroid supplement - RE would advise synethic like Synthroid, & Naturopath recommends dessicated thyroid, & I'm strongly considering the latter.
I also have low progesterone in the luteal phase & my naturopath feels that this would resolve itself if my thryoid issue was corrected, & if not she suggests supplementing with progesterone. My RE feels the low progesterone is caused by my low egg supply, i.e. less corpus luteum after ovulation to produce enough progesterone, but she didn't suggest supplementation.

I've read that if thyroid issues are caused by adrenals, then adrenals must be treated instead of treating the symptom (thyroid), so to rule out adrenals I had my DHEA & Cortisol tested and they were fine.

I was about to get a prescription for thryoid medication when my acupuncturist told me that from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, she doesn't think I have a thyroid problem but she thinks I have an adrenal issue, i.e. stress. She recommends Chinese herbs instead of Thyroid medication, which she feels will then normalize my thyroid as well as my progesterone. I told her I've had the cold hands & feet most of my life so I don't think stress is the cause, but she said maybe my cold hands & feet are caused by poor circulation or frostbite as a child.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd appreciate it.

I have the following symptoms:
-Excessively cold, especially hands & feet
-Hair loss
-Dry skin
-Numb & tingling hands & feet
-2 cycts on thyroid ultrasound
-Basal body temperature (BBT) averages about 36.2 during follicular phase (naturopath says this is low; acupuncturist says this is normal)
-Sporadic & low temps in luteal phase
-Spotting few days before & after period

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#2 ellemar

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Posted 21 July 2012 - 10:02 AM

Hi HH!!

I am not sure my response will help you any, but I am sort of in the same shoes as yourself....

My TSH was 5.8 when tested on the first day of my period. My family Dr was not concerned at all as he felt anything below 6 is not an issue at all...While my embryologist and infertility specialists felt it was high, and wanted to run further tests.... Turns out my antithyroid peroxidase antibodies are VERY high. Has a direct impact on infertility from what I can see....All my other levels are fine.

I am normally ALL about trying natural ways of treatment, however, with all my research I think the thyroid issue can lead to very serious issues if not dealt with.... I personally would try western medicine first, and if you don't notice a difference try the natural way..... Just my opinion....

I have an appointment today with my Dr's and I want to see what they say.... I am in the process of IVF and was expecting my Egg Retrieval Monday or Tuesday...Not sure what's going to happen now.

My symptoms are not really like yours... However, we have a bit different test results. I think I have Graves disease.

- Sore wrists, and knees....
- Restless, or exhausted
- Can't handle hot climates as much anymore
- Menstrual cycle is getting harder to track, can't pin ovulation
- VERY moody

Anyways, best of luck. Have you been tested for Moshimotos disease??

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#3 Onemorego

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Posted 03 March 2013 - 08:32 AM


I was tested for 'immune issues' via the Alan Beer Clinic.  This was initiated by my Dr. in Markham, Ontario at the Markham Fertility Clinic.  I was found to have some mild autoimmune issues that require treatment.  I am due for a FET in the next couple of months since having had treatment for all of these things.  Just thought I would share as I did not know about immune testing and treatment and am so glad my Dr recommended it.  The fact that you have celiac and endometriosis make me suspect that immune treatments would be helpful for you.

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#4 ---

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Posted 03 March 2013 - 12:00 PM

Hope it works out for you ! Sometimes immune treatment can be the key !



#5 mountainchick

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 02:07 PM

Hi Highest Hopes, I have most of the same symptoms as you except celiac disease and low progesterone (and no spotting after my period, just before). I have had hypothyroidism since I was about 12 years old and have been on Synthroid since then to control my TSH. I have recently found out I have Hashimotos through testing with my current clinic. As greta12 suggested, I highly recommend a full autoimmune panel if you can afford it. I just got some basic immune testing-which showed high thyroid antibodies. That explains why my TSH levels have always fluctuated. It is extremely common for those with Hashimotos to also have celiac disease. I have been told to go gluten free- even though I didn't test positive for gluten antibodies/intolerence. I would suggest you go with a combination of conventional and non-conventional thyroid treatment. I think it's important to take medication for your thyoroid to properly manage it. I do remember someone telling me that Synthroid is not gluten free however. My local GP also suggested that free T3 levels can also be managed through medication ( I forget the name of the med at the moment). I have heard dessicated thyroid is really good- but I have never taken it. I think it's harder to get. Synthroid seems to be the standard with most western medical practitioners. I do acupuncture, and follow a naturopathic prescribed regiment in addition to my thyroid meds. My local GP is super into thryoid issues, and for my high thyroid antibodies, she suggested taking a plant sterol called Moducare (with my Synthroid). It's apparantly safe to take during pregnancy. I haven't followed through with that yet, but it may be worth looking into with your naturopath? I firmly believe, however, that many autoimmune issues can be successfully treated with the right RE. Good luck!

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#6 Highest hopes

Highest hopes
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Posted 26 March 2013 - 11:50 PM

Thanks all of you for the replies.  I don't know if I've been tested for Hashimoto's - I will have to go through my lab results.


Do you mind asking how much you all spent on the immune tests, and the treatments?


Thanks again.

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