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Just For Fun: Weirdest P/G Symptom?


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#1 angelgirl

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Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:39 AM

Hi ladies,

Since we could all use a bit of light-heartedness in an IVF pregnancy, here's a question for you all, just for fun. What is the weirdest symptom you have experienced in your pregnancy so far?

I'll start with one that is TMI! You know how some people, when they eat asparagus, get really bad-smelling urine afterwards? Well, my husband and I enjoy asparagus fairly regularly - he has always had the "smell issue", but I never have. Then, a few weeks ago, I ate some asparagus for the first time since beginning my most recent IVF cycle. Half an hour later, I went to the bathroom...and immediately detected an awful smell. At first I was worried, thinking maybe I was getting some sort of infection...then it hit me. For the first time in my life, I had Asparagus Pee!

I asked my doctor about it - she laughed and said that the chemical in asparagus that causes the smell is synthesised differently by some women when pregnant. She also said that the smell would probably disappear after I have my baby. Weird, weird, weird!

Anyone else have strange symptoms to share?

#2 leigh14

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Posted 19 March 2012 - 01:18 PM

During my 2 week wait, I woke up one morning with bad jaw pain. When I ate my cereal that morning it was hard to open my mouth on that side. I researched it and came to the conclusion that it was TMJ pain. I have had this periodically throughout my pregnancy. I read somewhere that when you are pregnant you release more of a hormone called relaxin and that this can be related to TMJ. I don't know for sure if there is any connection but I never had TMJ issues until being pregnant.

Me: 40
Dx: DH: Vasectomy; need IVF/ICSI ME: D.O.R. and many immunological issues. (Initially presented as "normal" but issues were only discovered after IVF attempt #2 and #3 after testing at new clinic)
IVF attempt #1 Nov.2009, Age 37: Long "Lupron" protocol
Dec.2009: Cycle cancelled due to oversuppression
IVF attempt #2, Age 38: April 2010: 3 eggs retrieved, 2 mature, 2 fertilized, ET of 2 embryos BFN
IVF atempt #3 at new clinic: November 2010, Age 38: 5 eggs retrieved, 4 mature, 4 fertilized, ET of 2 blastocysts BFP
Strong beta numbers but babies not measuring on track but one heartbeat is present. Followup u/s reveals no HB's :( Had D&C--so sad.
Moved to new clinic closer to home + more of a focus on testing for potential immunological factors:
Further testing reveals three mutations related to inherited thrombophilia (2 MTHFR mutations and PA1-1 mutation), positive ANA, elevated NK cells and cytokines and low levels of leukocyte antibodies (LADS), Recommended Immunological treatment: Humira, LIT, IVig and blood thinners if PG
IVF Protocol: Low stim for me/ TESE needed for DH; took Humira in late August and early September; taking DHEA plus Co-Enzyme Q10, vitamins for DH just for good measure! September--two trips to Mexico for LIT treatment, treatments 3 weeks apart
Initial re-testing through Alan Beer Centre after some of the immune treatments reveals only cytokines were lowered, NKs still high and LAD numbers still low. Another LIT in Mexico is recommended. We decide to begin cycle on doctor's recommendation of just doing IVIG.
IVF#4, Age 39 : November 2011: Worst AFC EVER--a whopping 4! Three follicles responded, two eggs were retrieved. Three day transfer of two Grade 1 8 cell embryos: "Fahita" & "Burrito" Stick, stick, stick little ones!
BFP! Beta of 569
Viability u/s at 6 w 2d shows TWO babies measuring on track with heartbeats of 121. Looks like babies might be sharing the same amniotic sac.
Second u/s at 7w 2 d shows ONE baby with hb of 150, measuring 7 w 3 days. No sign of twin. Vanishing twin syndrome?
Third u/s at 8 w 2d shows ONE baby with hb of 170, measuring 8 w 3 days. Looks like a little jellybean!
12 week u/s at 12 w 2 days and baby is measuring 12 w 5 days with a heart beat of 150. Baby mooned us and waved at us with one hand....looked like a "royal" wave to me!
13 week doctor's appointment, HB=155 on doppler
14 week u/s to check cervix, HB=148
16 week u/s to check cervix, HB=138, baby had hiccups!
20 week u/s--everything looks good! HB=130, looks like we're having a GIRL!
IPS results very good!
39 weeks: Our baby girl arrived!!! She is healthy and beautiful! We are so happy! :)

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