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Miscarriage after heartbeat @ 6wk scan?

miscarriage heart beat 6 week ultrasound

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Poll: Success rates after strong heartbeat @ 6 wk scan. (175 member(s) have cast votes)

If you had a successful pregnancy & live birth after seeing strong heartbeat (100-160bpm) on 6 week scan, please answer YES. If you miscarried after strong heartbeat @ 6wk scan, please answer NO. If you're currently pregnant, please answer PE...

  1. Yes (64 votes [35.96%])

    Percentage of vote: 35.96%

  2. No (87 votes [48.88%])

    Percentage of vote: 48.88%

  3. Pending (27 votes [15.17%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.17%

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#1 lemongrassdog

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Posted 03 December 2011 - 06:15 PM


I'm trying to determine if a strong heartbeat at your 6 week ultrasound is a good/bad/mediocre indicator of a successful pregnancy. I know that miscarriage and stillbirth are always a risk, but I'd like to know your experience.

For me, I was pregnant last year from our second IVF (second beta didn't double, but it went up about 66%, so it still seemed good), but the 6 week scan showed an empty sac. I miscarried a week or so after I stopped my meds.
This year, on our third IVF (first beta 313, second beta 714), the 6 week scan showed a baby with CRL of .54cm, and a heartrate of 124! We're over the moon Posted Image , but are still concerned with the 8 wk scan... and the 11 wk scan... I guess the worrying never stops!

Please share your experience(s).


#2 anytime now

anytime now
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 09:31 PM

I think that you can find info on the net
I couldn't see the source of this article on my iPhone browser but you can go to the source. Here is the summary


Good luck!

Me: 44 (sigh) DB is 40 (Dear boyfriend!)

TTC from March 2009-March 2011 before DB had arrived on the scene
About 9 IUIs, 3 IVFs total

2 pregnancies with 7 week miscarriage requiring D&C
2 chemical pregnancies

April 2011 began a relationship now with a wonderful guy with an 8 year old son.
Sept 2011 Natural BFP while trying not to conceive (how ironic)
First Beta Day 15 from LMP was 851, Beta 4, 19 days post ovulation 5382
7wk US showed a heartbeat of 150! 9 wk US HB 185

May 19 2012 DS is born!!

#3 lemongrassdog

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 03:03 PM

Coincidentally, after starting this poll last night, I woke up to spotting this morning. It was enough to give me serious concern, and it got worse. I was sure a miscarriage was looming. I called my cilnic, and heard from the doctor a couple of hours later. By that time the spotting had lessened, and was more of a brown colour. The doc ordered a weeks' bed rest.
Something which might be a factor is that I woke this morning because I was having an O in my dream! Do you think that could have caused the bleeding??

#4 anytime now

anytime now
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Posted 04 December 2011 - 04:02 PM

Very unlikely that your O was to blame. I'm 15 weeks and had a fair amount of spotting on and off until my 11th week. I was told not to worry as long as it wasn't bright red along with significant pain/ cramping. Glad to hear things are tapering off and hope all continues to be well.
Me: 44 (sigh) DB is 40 (Dear boyfriend!)

TTC from March 2009-March 2011 before DB had arrived on the scene
About 9 IUIs, 3 IVFs total

2 pregnancies with 7 week miscarriage requiring D&C
2 chemical pregnancies

April 2011 began a relationship now with a wonderful guy with an 8 year old son.
Sept 2011 Natural BFP while trying not to conceive (how ironic)
First Beta Day 15 from LMP was 851, Beta 4, 19 days post ovulation 5382
7wk US showed a heartbeat of 150! 9 wk US HB 185

May 19 2012 DS is born!!

#5 babywanted

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 04:12 PM


I had 2 miscarriages and then successful pregnancy after my second IVF! I was also worried even after hearing strong heartbeat. I had bleeding for 2 or 3 weeks and I was sure that it was over, many women have bleeding in the beginning of pregnancy and it's normal. Please try not to worry. I remember how scary it was in the beginning of my pregnancy, every time going for ultrasound was very stressful. My little girl is 4 months now !

Me 39, DH Poor Morphology
8 IUI  2 Chemical Pregnancies
2010: 1st IVF BFN

          2nd IVF Pregnant!!! Daughter was born July 2011


2013: November

          Positive Pregnancy test :) Expecting twins

#6 RainbowsPromise

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 05:25 PM

I think it's always a worry... I have a theory that if you do u/s too early then it can affect a heart beat. It's nothing official, of course, and I doubt you'll see any studies on it but I see so many people who had early u/s and saw a heartbeat but then went on to have m/c. We waited until just over 9 weeks to have an u/s but we didn't have any fetal poles. I could be way off base but it's just something I've always wondered about. Most women who TTC naturally don't get u/s until later in their pregnancies around 10 weeks or later so it just makes me wonder if there's something to it. I hope this is a successful pregnancy for you (and hope I didn't freak you out).
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Me 42 DH 44 Married since 2005 and have been TTC the whole time.One adoption revocation through the AB govt (son taken back by birth family after 6 days)Multiple failed clomid cyclesMultiple failed home IUI cycles.Two failed IVF cycles (didn't get to retrieval).Pursuit of donor embryos through direct donation.FET with direct donor embryos in Nov 2010 resulted in a BFP!Jan 2011- both empty sacs and m/c has begun. June 2011- Second donor embryo cycle (anonymous donor). BFN.Oct 2011- Third donor embryo cycle (anonymous donor). BFN.Nov 2011- Pursuing private adoption through Christian Adoption Services.May 2012- Officially on the waiting list for CAS.See "About Me" page for specifics on our journey and continued updates.Believing that God WILL answer our prayers for children! He is the one who placed the desire for children in our hearts so we trust that it will happen.... in His time. The message that keeps coming is from Psalm 37:7 "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him". December 2013- God has answered our prayers in a way we truly didn't think was possible- we brought home a little boy and survived the 10-day waiting period, lol. To Him be the glory- the testimony of this little one is amazing!

#7 lemongrassdog

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Posted 04 December 2011 - 05:59 PM

Hi Rainbow,

It's interesting that you should say that...when I had my 6 week scan on Friday, it was done transvaginally. The doctor showed us the heartbeat, so I asked if we could hear it. He said that to hear it would require a Doppler scan, and that sends a "wave" at the baby, which he believes can harm the fetus. I don't really see how a transvaginal scan could cause any damage (but i don't know anything about ultrasound machines, though!), but I can see why the doc wouldn't do a doppler.
You may be right that an u/s may harm a young fetus, but there are also non-IVF women (and they don't usually have the same very early u/s scans) that have early miscarriages just the same. I think it's just a sad reality with pregnancy.

Thanks for sharing.

#8 Anne

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 07:17 AM

Hi Ali,
Just my two cents worth, but I personally won't be having a transvaginal ultrasound after our next transfer. I had my 7 week ultrasound done transvaginally and saw a perfect sac with a beautiful heartbeat of 158 bpm. After 3 ivf cycles we were over the moon. I did comment and complain while the doctor was doing the exam that it was really uncomfortable and hurt (I have a tipped uterus so it can be hard to see at times) but was told this was normal. That night I miscarried.
I've been told by many people that there is no relation between a transvaginal ultrasound and miscarriage and I've read any and all material I could find, but I also work in healthcare and have some people that agree there is a definite possibility that's what caused my miscarriage.
Is there any proof that's what caused it, No. Will we ever know, no. Does it eat away at me and make me feel guilty that this could have taken our only chance to become parents and cause the miscarriage, YES. Will I ever have another transvaginal u/s if we are lucky enough to get a bfp again, hell no!!! If they can't find or detect anything with a regular ultrasound at 7 weeks, I'll take my chances and wait until 9 weeks like most other women!
Just sayin.
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#9 Natalia73

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 12:35 PM

Anne, I was in similar situation with my US. The only thing I had an SCH that caused me some spotting. I had my ultrasound at 8 weeks 1 day and saw beautiful heartbeat of 173. The same night I woke with awful cramping and miscarried my baby :(
4 IVFs, multiple FETs, 2 Clinics (Genesis and VFC), over 60 eggs collected, 2 chemicals, 1 blighted ovum, 1 miscarriage at 8 weeks, 1 miscarrage at 12w5d with twins, severe adenomyosis ... First IVF at 35... Took two years break at 40 after devastating twins loss. Finally at 43 our miracle son Gabriel Marcus is born.. Long painful road...

#10 Valery

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 04:47 PM

Oh god Im scared now had my u/s for viability and to monitor my SCH We saw a hb Im so scared now!!!

Me : 24 PCOS DH : all good 25
Together 8 yrs
Stopped Bcp August 2009
Dx by gyn PCOS Dec 2009
TTC #1: 50 mg clomid with TI: BFN
100 mg clomid with TI: BFN
Transfer to fertility clinic may 2010
5 mg femara with 1700mg metformin and TI: BFP
DD our miracle arrived 37 weeks 5 lbs 2 oz Of perfection
TTC # 2 back to fertility clinic , no cycle since delivery
Sep/Oct 2011 5 mg femara 1000 mg metformin: BFN, but at least ovulation took place
Oct 2011 same protocol will know in 3 weeks

#11 ---

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 05:43 PM

Hi Valery,
I have seen lots of women on this board, as well as one who became a close friend, who had U/S for SCH and they all did great. My IVF Friend (and that is her name on here -lol) ended up with twins when they thought that she was only carrying one originally. (Twin girls). I've had lots of m/c too but not from U/S's. I just wanted to give you that viewpoint as well as the others on here. I hope that helps you a bit not to worry about it. Most SCH's go away within a short period of time. Take it easy and dont' overdue it is the only advice I would give, although I am no professional :)
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

#12 Cassandra_Angela

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 08:35 PM

I had a SCH and had a trans vaginal ultrasound done every two weeks until it went away at 14 weeks and I went on to have an uneventful healthy pregnancy. I know its easier said then done but I would try not to stress too much about the upcoming ultrasounds. There is nothing that you can do ensure that a heart beat is there or prevent it from stopping. God willing you will have an uncomplicated nine months and you dont want to look back on your first trimester and remember nothing but fear and worry.

Please see "about me" section for details

Pictures tell a thousand words: https://www.instagra...dra_angela1981/

#13 lemongrassdog

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Posted 06 December 2011 - 08:56 AM

The thing is that if a miscarriage happens right after an u/s, there's no way to know if it was going to happen on it's own, or if the u/s caused it. The two ladies I know that have done IVF, and have therefore had early and more frequent u/s, both babies were completely fine. Of the three friends of mine who have had natural pregnancies, and therefore fewer and later u/s, two out of three of them had one or more miscarriages.
I never did see a heartbeat with my first pregnancy, as the embryo had stopped developing already, but the loss of all your hopes and dreams is devastating, and I feel for all the ladies who saw a heartbeat, only to miscarry later, for whatever reason.

#14 Heather S

Heather S
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Posted 06 December 2011 - 03:37 PM

I had a transvaginal u/s at 7W and 9W both showing healthy hb. M/C happened around 9w4d but not discovered until 12week appt. I only had one tiny dime shaped blood spot and had no idea otherwise. I personally don't think there is a link between a transvaginal u/s and a m/c. The link to the higher m/c rate is that there is a higher incidence of chromosomal abnormalities from IF factors and since we go through IVF.

me 40; DH 41 PCOS + Male Factor

ICSI #1: Apr/May09ER
Apr 30/09; 24 retrieved, 21 mature, 17 fertilized
ET May 5/09; transferred two 2BB embryos + froze two (a 4BB and a 4BA) on day 6
beta May 14/09 = BFP! (99, 147, 299)
u/s #1 7.7mm & 123hbpm u/s #2 9weeks - everything looks good
7/13/09 missed miscarriage identified at 12 week appt . hb stopped @ 9w4d.

FET #1 Oct 29/09
transferred 2 (4bb and 4ba)
Beta Nov 7/09 = BFP hcg:55. Beta #2 = 84. Beta #3 = 151; Beta #4 = 1424
u/s #1 160bpm and 8.7mm;
EDD July 17, 2010
u/s #2 178bpm and 2.46cm
Baby girl Hailey Denae born July 21st 2010

ICSI #2: Nov/Dec12 Here we go again! Antagonist protocol this time around.
300 bravelle 150 menopure Baseline Nov 22nd.
Start stims Nov 23rd. Est Retrieval Dec 4-6 and Est Transfer Dec 9-11
after 3 days of stims e2=1604, s/b 500-700. yikes! E2 levelled off.
ER Dec 3/12; 14 Retrieved, 9 Fertilized
ET Dec 8/12; 4AA & 2BB transferred, froze 4BB and 3BB on day 6
Beta Dec 17/12 9dp5dt = 64. Beta #2 11dp5dt = 68. Beta #3 13dp5dt = 101. Beta #4 15dp5dt = 178. Beta #5 19dp5dt=493. 
Heartbeat at 6w u/s.  No heartbeat at 7w u/s.  Miscarriage, again

FET March 27/13 One blast didn't make it, the other hadn't fluffed up before transfer. BFN

We're done with ART and will be a happy family of 3.

#15 CarrieW

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Posted 14 December 2011 - 05:07 PM

A little off the mark here as my office only does 7 week scans.

I don't think that you can predict anything anymore. I have been told that a strong heart beat and normal measurements at 7 weeks is concidered excellent and a chance of M/C is less than 10%. I had a perfect 7 week scan and then miscarried the next evening.

With my first pregnancy I was completely naive and breezed through weird cramps and spotting as if it was normal- and it was. Now I am so over- educated on the matter I freak out over every little twinge!

DH -38
Dx: Anti sperm anti-bodies
TTC: 7 years

Dec 2006 - #1 IVF/ICSI - 2 blasts - BFN and 6 frosties
Mar 2007 - FET 3xday3 - BFP *Beautiful little girl!*
Mar 2009 - FET 3xday3 - BFP - M/C @ 7weeks
Oct 2009 - #2 IVF/ICSI - 2 blasts - BFN only 1 to freeze
Mar 2010 - FET 1 blast - BFN
Sept 2010 - #3 IVF/ICSI - 46 eggs, ET cancelled due to OHSS, 7 Blasts in freezer
Nov 2010 - FET 2 Blasts- BFN
Jan 2011 - FET 2 Blasts- BFN
lots of prayer, exercise, councelling and reflection- I am back to try again.
June 2011 - FET 3 Blasts
Beta is June 29th - POSITIVE...Holy Crap!
July 18- perfect 7w ultrasound
July 19- another m/c - my heart is broken.

Trying again in January with a new protocol. Good or bad this is our last cycle.
Jan 2012- IVF #4 Milder and longer stimulation phase - 2 PERFECT 1AB and 1AA fully expanded blasts transferred
Feb 6 Beta 274!!!!
Feb 8 Beta 577 - looking good!
Feb 10 Beta (just for fun!) -1160- Right on target!
Due Date October 12!

#16 Excited

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 11:22 PM

Why do people think the vaginal ultrasounds are dangerous? Closer to the bean than a normal u/s? Some sort of intererence? Just wondering
Me: 38
DH: 36
TTC: 2 years
Oct 2010: Started infertility testing
January 2011: Referral to urologist after two Zero SA
February 2011: TESE biopsy
March 2011: Biopsy results zero-referred to Fertility Clinic Foothills
April-present: numerous tests, HSG, U/S, SA
Doctor indicated Sperm Donor is only option- no sperm for ICSI
June 2011: Decided to do IUI with donor
June 2011: Searching for donor
July 2011: Counselling appointment re: donor insemination
July 2011: Picked Donor through Repromed- ordered two units for IUI

Sept. 2, 2011: Clomid DIUI #1, timed ovulation perfectly, 18.9 million-BFN
Oct. 1, 2011: Clomid DIUI #2, 13.9 million and 45% motility-BFN
Nov. 2, 2011: Clomid DIUI #3, 15 million and 51% motility. Got IUI day early, BFN
Jan. 28, 2012: Clomid DIUI#4, 15.9 million and 52% motility. Good timing, BFN

May 2012: DX with PCOS- Sigh...will be doing IVF with antagonist protocal- picked different donor

July IVF: 20 retrieved, 18 fertilized, 8 high quality blasts. 6 frozen, 2 implanted.
Aug 5: positive preg test- O. M. G.
Aug 17: beta 1, beta 2- stopped testing at 64,000
Aug 28 U/S, measuring perfectly at 7wks- saw HB of 119, one bean
April 16/13: DD

#17 Ames

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 11:50 AM

Our clinic waits until 8 weeks to do ultrasounds since before then a heartbeat may be visible but not viable (or may not be visible earlier but viable). My RE said the chance of miscarriage after seeing the heartbeat at that point drops to about 5%. Transvaginal wands can cause some cervical irritation which can cause spotting which was told to me at my 8 week appointment.

I'm now 31 weeks after 4 seperate bleeding incidents in the first trimester.

Cycle history in "about me"

3rd transfer was a success!
Welcome to the world our precious miracle! Landen John Thomas arrived March 21, 2012 at 4:09am weighing 6lbs3ozs and measuring 20 inches. We couldn't be more in love with him. He was so worth the wait!

Suddenly we have a toddler and each day is more wondrous for all of us...time to try to make him a big brother!

#18 nextchapter

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Posted 19 January 2012 - 08:26 PM

this made me think of my BFP..i had an u/s and not a week later I started spotting and m/c. Granted, the u/s indicated a slower growth rate and smaller amniotic sac but now I'm not soo sure about having an early u/s.

Me 31 DH 33
Male Factor

IVF/ICSI #1 July 2011
July 8-17 Gonal-F 300 Menopur 150, Centritide .25mg starting on day 5
July 20, 2011 ER - 8 follies retrieved 7 matured, 5 fertilized, 2 slowed in growth, other three continued till day 5.
July 25, 2011 ET- 5 Day transfer with 2BBx2 eggs, none to freeze
Aug 3, 2011 beta results- BFN

IVF/ICSI #2 September 2011- Low Dose Lupron Protocol
Sept 1-11 Gonal-F 300, Menopur 150, Lupron (5 units)
Sept 14, 2011 ER- 14 follies retrieved, 13 matured, 10 fertilized, 8 continued with 2 slower in growth until day 5
Sept 19, 2011 ET- 5 day transfer with 2 eggs- 2AB, 2B+
Sept 20, 2011 - able to freeze 2 eggies! super excited
Sept 28- BFP!! beta number #1: 33
Oct 4- beta number #3: 560
Oct 19- 7 week u/s- heartbeat detected small sac, embryo measuring 6 1/5 weeks
Oct 25- noticed spotting, clotting and more spotting..
Oct 26- u/s performed and indicated that i had a 7w6d miscarriage

FET # 1 Jan 2012- Lupron/Estrace Protocol
Dec 31 Lupron 5 Units, start Estrace 2mg
Jan 20 FET!! 4BB and 2AB
Jan 30 beta: BFN

IVF/ICSI #3 May 2012- Low Dose Lupron Protocol--Aggressive Protocol
Mar 14 Immunological testing for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss blood tests-everything OK!
April 26- Uterine Lining Biopsy- to "stir" things up
May 4-12- Gonal-F 300, Menopur 150, Lupron 5 units
May 15- ER- 13 follies retrieved, 9 mature, 8 fertilized, 7 continued with 1 slower in growth until day 5
May 16- Start Prometrium (the usual) and have added 2 mg Estrace twice daily
May 20- ET- 5 day transfer with 1- 3AB, 1- 2BB and 1- class 3 morula
May 21- able to freeze 1 egg!
May 29- (9dp5dt) Beta-BFP!! 311
May 31-(11dp5dt) Beta #2- 683
June 25 - 7w6d u/s- I have two babies growing!! Baby A 7w3d and Baby B 7w2d- heart rate in the 160's
July 4- 9w1d u/s- Baby A measured 8w4d and Baby B measured 8w2d and heart rates in the 170's
July 31- 13w0d- First Trimester Screening (FTS)- baby A 12w6d and baby B 12w6d!! Heart rates 160's. NT, Tri 21, 18,13 low low %!!
Oct 10- 23w1d- put on bed rest and Progesterone as cervix is measuring short. Praying babies stay in there!
Nov 14- 28w1d- Baby A's waist is small. OB detects the possibility of growth restriction and will keep a close eye on him. Baby B doesn't seem affected at the moment.

Dec. 3- 30w5d- Going in for Fetal Monitoring (1x/wk) due to Mild Restricted Growth for Baby Boy A. Baby Girl B is on the cusp of being Growth Restricted.
Dec. 24- Fetal monitoring 3x a week. OB says I will not go past 36 weeks due to Growth restriction for both babies.

Jan 17, 2013- Andrew John ( 6 lbs 5 oz) and Lucy Cristina (4 lbs 14 oz) were born via C section.

Things I did for this cycle that's different from previous cycles: CoQ10 400 mg twice a day (started in Jan), Benadryl 25 mg 1x day after ET right up to Beta, drank more Rooibos tea after ET, increased my carbs since I am on low carb


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#19 muriel803

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Posted 06 February 2012 - 11:40 AM

Hi All,
The thing is, for many natural pregnancies - women don't even know they are pregnant and they miscarry without even knowing it necessarily. For others, their period may be a couple weeks late then come, so again, they don't always know. Since we know right away, we can always tell when things aren't developing normally due to the ultrasounds. I don't think we can compare IVF to regular unplanned pregnancies for these reasons. I, too, had quite a lot of bleeding, as most IVF pregnancies do. It is very scary though, for sure. I actually had a fair bit of cramping too - but again, luckily everything was fine. If you are nervous about them, of course, you don't have to have them done. For me, I am glad we had the option to be so carefully monitored as it helped me manage my stress level!

#20 Rach oz

Rach oz
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Posted 09 February 2012 - 05:28 AM

With my first mc , at the 7 week scan the hb was only 100. I remember googling at the time and found that at that stage anything under 110 then most people would miscarry. Went back for 8 week scan and the baby had been absorbed and there was an empty sac. I can't remember what my successful pregs were, but hbs were substantially higher and I was not worried.
Nov 07- cycle cancelled due to not down regulating ( prob cyst)
Jan 08- long down reg - BFP -ds born Oct08
Aug 09- long down reg - BFP but mc at 8 weeks
Nov 09 - cycle cancelled due to not down regulating (another cyst)
Jan 10- short flare cycle- BFP - dd born oct 10
July 11- FET - BFN
Aug 11 -FET - BFN
Sept 11- FET - BFN
Oct 11 -FET - BFN
Nov 11 - lap/ hysteroscapy d&c
Nov 11 - short flare cycle - BFP - chem preg 5.5 weeks
Jan 12- natural BFP( go figure) - chem preg 5 weeks
Feb 12 - get blood tests for recurrent mc- positive for clotting disorder
Feb 12- short antagonist cycle - 4 embryos with pgd- nothing to transfer so turned into a FET - another chem preg.
Mar 12 - short flare - tfr 1 blasto - bfn (think an early chem)- 3 frosties

#21 go2grace

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 11:27 PM

I just miscarried this past weekend (second time in 8 mos). I had a strong heartbeat (154) at the 6 week ultrasound so was totally overjoyed. Apparently I miscarried a week after the ultrasound but didn't know it because I was on prometrium and estrace and they 'maintained' the pregnancy (ie: masked the miscarriage) until I went off of them last week as planned. I thought I was pregnant at 10 weeks and almost home free. However, it was a rescue ICSI after 22 hours so I knew the embryo was likely compromised. My partner suspected I miscarried before I did because I liked the smell of coffee again. I was just hopeful...
My ob/gyn said you pretty much need to be past the entire first trimester to breath easy (in so many words).
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TTC/become parents off/on 10+ years.

TTR (trying to recover) off/on for a few months.  Time.  The slow and uncertain salve.  It's working.

#22 anytime now

anytime now
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Posted 16 February 2012 - 12:07 AM

Grace-So sorry for your loss. I have been there twice, and it is such a hard thing. Wishing you the strength that you need to get through this and the support of loved ones.Also, as someone who has had 2 miscarriages and 2 chemical pregnancies, and a horrible prognosis for success at 42, I want to be a reminder that the dark phase can be followed by joy. I am now 25 weeks pregnant after being told that I had pretty much zero chance of having a live birth. This is a rough time for you, but remember that the pain will lessen and there is hope that the next time will turn out very differently. Hugs
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Me: 44 (sigh) DB is 40 (Dear boyfriend!)

TTC from March 2009-March 2011 before DB had arrived on the scene
About 9 IUIs, 3 IVFs total

2 pregnancies with 7 week miscarriage requiring D&C
2 chemical pregnancies

April 2011 began a relationship now with a wonderful guy with an 8 year old son.
Sept 2011 Natural BFP while trying not to conceive (how ironic)
First Beta Day 15 from LMP was 851, Beta 4, 19 days post ovulation 5382
7wk US showed a heartbeat of 150! 9 wk US HB 185

May 19 2012 DS is born!!

#23 muriel803

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 08:45 AM

Grace - I am so sorry for your loss.

#24 ---

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Posted 03 May 2012 - 09:33 PM

Grave, I am so sorry for your loss. To get almost there and have it taken away is so hard. IT seems to come in waves after the fact as well..I.just wanted to say how sorry I am Posted Image

#25 kristine

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Posted 22 June 2012 - 09:29 PM

I am 37 and I had started IVF 20 months ago. My husband is 3 years older than I who has been diagnosed with low count and some abnormal sperm. We were having trouble conceiving naturally and so we began the IVF treatments.
I had 4 IVF treatments so far with all being unsuccessful. They all pass the 2 week waiting period after the transfer for the blood test. we go and get ultrasounds and find the heart beat. We then go back and it is usually around 8w or 9w we find that there is no heart beat and I'm off for my D&C.
This journey has been dark and frustrating for me. I'm worried now because I think now that I'm the problem because I can't carry. I know that I can get pregnant, the problem is I can't keep the pregnancy going to a success.
Anyone out there dealing with frustrations like I am and does anyone have any suggestions for me. I'm new to this and I haven't been able to share because no one that I know (family and friends) haven't been through this process that my husband and I are going through.

I know what it feels like to have the heart beat and then lose it. Sorry for your loss.

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