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Normal Symptom After ER

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Posted 23 July 2011 - 07:05 PM

Hi Ladies
I just want to know what everyone's symptoms were after ER. I recently had my ER 4 days ago. I am in no pain nor do I think I have OHSS. However, it is difficult to take a deep breath as I feel my ovaries filled with fluids. Is this normal? To have fluid build up to the point of having some breathing difficulties? I have not gain excessive weight, no vomiting and on occasion have had slight nausea but goes away once I eat.
Just wondering.

Me 31 DH 33
Male Factor

IVF/ICSI #1 July 2011
July 8-17 Gonal-F 300 Menopur 150, Centritide .25mg starting on day 5
July 20, 2011 ER - 8 follies retrieved 7 matured, 5 fertilized, 2 slowed in growth, other three continued till day 5.
July 25, 2011 ET- 5 Day transfer with 2BBx2 eggs, none to freeze
Aug 3, 2011 beta results- BFN

IVF/ICSI #2 September 2011- Low Dose Lupron Protocol
Sept 1-11 Gonal-F 300, Menopur 150, Lupron (5 units)
Sept 14, 2011 ER- 14 follies retrieved, 13 matured, 10 fertilized, 8 continued with 2 slower in growth until day 5
Sept 19, 2011 ET- 5 day transfer with 2 eggs- 2AB, 2B+
Sept 20, 2011 - able to freeze 2 eggies! super excited
Sept 28- BFP!! beta number #1: 33
Oct 4- beta number #3: 560
Oct 19- 7 week u/s- heartbeat detected small sac, embryo measuring 6 1/5 weeks
Oct 25- noticed spotting, clotting and more spotting..
Oct 26- u/s performed and indicated that i had a 7w6d miscarriage

FET # 1 Jan 2012- Lupron/Estrace Protocol
Dec 31 Lupron 5 Units, start Estrace 2mg
Jan 20 FET!! 4BB and 2AB
Jan 30 beta: BFN

IVF/ICSI #3 May 2012- Low Dose Lupron Protocol--Aggressive Protocol
Mar 14 Immunological testing for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss blood tests-everything OK!
April 26- Uterine Lining Biopsy- to "stir" things up
May 4-12- Gonal-F 300, Menopur 150, Lupron 5 units
May 15- ER- 13 follies retrieved, 9 mature, 8 fertilized, 7 continued with 1 slower in growth until day 5
May 16- Start Prometrium (the usual) and have added 2 mg Estrace twice daily
May 20- ET- 5 day transfer with 1- 3AB, 1- 2BB and 1- class 3 morula
May 21- able to freeze 1 egg!
May 29- (9dp5dt) Beta-BFP!! 311
May 31-(11dp5dt) Beta #2- 683
June 25 - 7w6d u/s- I have two babies growing!! Baby A 7w3d and Baby B 7w2d- heart rate in the 160's
July 4- 9w1d u/s- Baby A measured 8w4d and Baby B measured 8w2d and heart rates in the 170's
July 31- 13w0d- First Trimester Screening (FTS)- baby A 12w6d and baby B 12w6d!! Heart rates 160's. NT, Tri 21, 18,13 low low %!!
Oct 10- 23w1d- put on bed rest and Progesterone as cervix is measuring short. Praying babies stay in there!
Nov 14- 28w1d- Baby A's waist is small. OB detects the possibility of growth restriction and will keep a close eye on him. Baby B doesn't seem affected at the moment.

Dec. 3- 30w5d- Going in for Fetal Monitoring (1x/wk) due to Mild Restricted Growth for Baby Boy A. Baby Girl B is on the cusp of being Growth Restricted.
Dec. 24- Fetal monitoring 3x a week. OB says I will not go past 36 weeks due to Growth restriction for both babies.

Jan 17, 2013- Andrew John ( 6 lbs 5 oz) and Lucy Cristina (4 lbs 14 oz) were born via C section.

Things I did for this cycle that's different from previous cycles: CoQ10 400 mg twice a day (started in Jan), Benadryl 25 mg 1x day after ET right up to Beta, drank more Rooibos tea after ET, increased my carbs since I am on low carb


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Posted 23 July 2011 - 08:06 PM

I'm no expert, but I'd think that anything interferring with breathing is something that should be looked at by a med professional asap.
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