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No fertilisation with ISCI

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Posted 13 February 2011 - 04:56 PM

We recently underwent our fifth assisted conception attempt. In all the others (have had 3 IVFs and 1 ISCI) we have typically had fertilisation of around 70%, I have managed to get at least one "good" grade embryo leading to pregnancy or a biochemical pg. Our forth attempt (using ISCI) was actually successfull- both embryos implanted and one made it to term. Unfortunately all my other pregnancies have ended in miscarriage (immune issues identified, chromosomal testing normal).

We were really shocked last month when we embarked on our fifth attempt and managed to get no fertilisation with ICSI! I did not really get much information from the embyrologist and am still waiting for a follow up with my consultant. On this attempt I got 8 eggs and 4 were apparently mature enough for ISCI. Husband's sperm were good enough for IVF but as we were successful last time with ISCI we decided to do ISCI again. When I briefly spoke to the embyrologist he said that they were not anticipating any problems and were not sure why it had happened as there were no obvious problems with either eggs or sperm. He did mention my eggs did look a bit "old" (I had just turned 40 that week). My questions are:
What are the most likely reasons for this happening?
What should I be asking my doctor?
Is it likely that my eggs could have drastically detriorated in the last 2 yrs?( successful cylce I was 38, now have just turned 40, AMH is on the low side?)
Could my immune problems be now effecting egg quality?
Is there anything I can do to improve egg quality?

Thanks in advance

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