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Most embarrasing clinic moments

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#51 KennyandFooty

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Posted 13 November 2011 - 04:07 PM

I have a few moments over the years, but I'll reply another time. I just wanted to say that finding this thread absolutely made my day and thank you all for the laughs! I needed that!

Me: 33 DH: 31
TTC 4+ years
Asthmatic - Bricanyl & Symbicort daily
Hydrosalpinges --> Bilateral Tubal removal

IVF#1 - September 2011 - Short protocol - Cancelled/Ectopic pregnancy; Tubal removal (October)
IVF#2 - March/April 2012 - Modified Microdose Flare Protocol - BFN - 3 frozen blasts
FET#1 - July 2012 - Cancelled; zero survive thaw
IVF#3 - October/November 2012 - Modified Microdose Flare Protocol - BFN - 3 frozen blasts
Hysteroscopy and Biopsy February 2013 - All results normal

FET#2 - BFP - March/April 2013 - EDD December 25, 2013

2 frosties waiting

January 1 - Our beautiful baby boy arrived after an emergency induction.  Completely in love! <3

#52 Good Fortune

Good Fortune
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Posted 14 November 2011 - 02:48 AM

Hey that's sweet. I came round singing the songs from "Cabaret". (I enjoyed the drugs a bit too much!)
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5 bites at the IVF cherry, no 2 lines, no babies, despite some "good" cycles.

NK cells tested March17th 2010. HIGHLY ELEVATED - 24%

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.

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#53 West


    Miracle does happen!

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 08:51 PM

At my embryo transfer day, they have room with spa setting, chocolate, white towels, spa lighting and music, dr checked me and everything looks good, she told me to relax a few minutes before she gets my embryos, I was lying down there for a short while, all of sudden I had a really bad cramp, I had to go to washroom to do the #2, I wraped myself with blanket and rush out of the room, my dr came back with my embryos but I was missing.... I was quite embarrassed ....or maybe that is the trick I got pregnant with triplet, use the washroom before the transfer not after...hehe...
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Me 46 DH 49
1997 Early miscarriage from natural pg
#1 IVF failed in Calgary, Alberta, Bfn.
#2nd ivf, bfn.Gave up hope!

#3rd Ivf Feb 2012 DE In Southern California Fertility Clinics
Feb 12th 3 embryos frozen, 2 5 day transfer

1st U/S@ 6 week we are having TRIPLETS, two embryos transfered, one splitted to two.
2nd U/S at 7 week, we lost #3 baby, now I am pregnant with TWIN not triplets :-(
3rd U/S at 12 week, twins are doing great !
4th U/S @ 18 week June 1st- twins are doing great!!We found out it is a BOY and a BOY!!

EDD - Oct 30th 2012, C-section schedule beginning of Oct.

July 20-admitted to hospital , 52 days bed rest at hospital - cervic dilated 2cm, bleeding.

Sep.3rd baby A ( breech) broke his water.
Sep.9th C-section due to infection at 32 weeks + 5 days. Twins are both very healthy, no breathing assist needed.
Boy A: 3lbs 5 oz
Boy B: 3lbs 3 oz
Our DREAM came true! Still can not believe it !!
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#54 momofjack

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 01:28 AM

Thank you for all the laughs. I definitely needed them today. Posted Image

#1 - IVF/ICSI March 2007 - BFN
#2 - FET July 2007 - miscarried at 6 weeks
#3 - IVF/ICSI March 2008 - BFP
Beautiful baby boy born 40 wks 6 days
#4 - FET May 2011 BFN
#5 - FET October 2011 BFN
#6 - FET January 2012 BFP
7 week ultrasound (Feb. 24) - twins!!
12 week ultrasound (April 2) - Baby A not doing well
April 5th - Selective Reduction of Baby A to give Baby B the best opportunity. A very sad day in our household.
October 12, 2012 - Beautiful baby boy born 40 wks 2 days.


#55 elephantshoes

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 08:23 PM

I totally (accidentally) sold out DH during our andrologist appointment. The andrologist asked him to produce a sperm sample if he had been abstinent for more than 48 hours....DH responded that he couldn't because it was under that timeframe and I opened my mouth and said 'of course you can....we haven't had....oh....I get it'. The andrologist went a bright shade of red and kinda mumbled that sometimes that happens...oops.
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IVF 1 - cancelled, oversuppressed

IVF 2 - cancelled, ovulated through stims

IVF 3 - BFP, welcomed beautiful baby girl

FET 1 - 1 blast, BFN

FET 2 - 1 blast BFP, chemical

FET 3 - 2 blasts, BFN

IVF 4 - adding in PGS this time, two PERFECT blasts transferred, BFN

ERA revealed implantation window is off by 2 days

IVF 5 - cancelled, ridiculously bad growth compared to other cycles

IVF 6 - transfer cancelled, all 11 blasts came back genetically abnormal


getting second opinion/changing clinics...the story continues...


IVF 7 - 34 retrieved, 7 day 5 blasts, 6 PGS NORMAL!!!

FET 4 - 1 euploid blast (4BB), BFN

Immune testing - NK cells too high, LADs too low - 3 LITS + IVIG recommended and completed

ERA testing shows that lining is receptive for 7.5dt 

FET 5 - 1 euploid blast (3ABO), BFP

BETA #1 - 10dp5dt 252

BETA #2 - 12dp5dt 559

everything is crossed...

Welcomed another beautiful baby girl 


FET 6 - 1 euploid blast (3BAO), BFP

BETA #1 - 13dp5dt 420

Welcomed our 3rd beautiful baby girl


Our journey is complete.  What a wild ride.

#56 kjbabies

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 09:01 PM

Most embarrassing moment for me was after a loss.
RE had confirmed with u/s that there was no hb, but wanted me to go to the hospital to confirm.

Went to radiology dept. Have connections there, so was squeezed in ASAP.
Was whipping my pants off for e/v u/s. And tech walked in. Me sans pants.

They don't do e/v u/s even for early preg loss, b/c they actually know what they're doing.
Even more embarrassing, though not for me, was that the quality of images was SO much better, using the same machine trans abdominal.

Believe it or not, a radiology tech can do better u/s than my RE.
But the embarrassing part, was just the pants, the rest was just par for the course in my ART journey.

- kj

#57 maria___

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 08:51 PM

My worst moment happened outside the clinic.

I'm at a party....and a friend of mine wants to introduce me to her friend. So I turn around to meet this friend, only to discover that this friend is the DOCTOR who did all my vaginal ultrasounds and my IUI !!!
The dr. and I were both so shocked it was so obvious that we knew each other, people around us were all like "omg how do you two know each other!!"
SMALL FREAKIN WORLD!! I was so embarassed that I was red and laughing the entire night.
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#58 Baby 4 Millers

Baby 4 Millers
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Posted 26 May 2012 - 11:18 AM

It was 5am and we went to the clinic for our first IUI. The problem started when the doc didn't know the code to shut off the security system. My DH disappears to the washroom to collect his sample. But the doc keeps trying different codes to turn off the alarm. Eventually the alarm stops in the clinic but then the alarm goes off in the whole mall. The doc and I start chatting as we wait for my DH. Half an hour goes by. So when the doctor starts talking on the phone with the security company, I sneak off down the hall to check on my husband. "is everything OK in there?" I ask. "This isn't easy to do with the alarms going off and me hearing my wife talking to some guy." explains DH. So I go in to "help". I don't this that doctor will ever forget us.
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Me 43 DH 45. 2ww post day 3 transfer

#59 Elizabeth22

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Posted 17 August 2015 - 12:37 PM

Are there any more of these? This is a great thread.

#60 idream

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Posted 08 August 2016 - 09:06 PM

So i am a single female using donor sperm. But I am a progressive woman who has a friend with benefits.


I live in on city and he lives in another, which just happens to be the same city that I do my treatments in. Because I am single no one at the clinic had the chat with me about not having sex before treatments.


So I am in the city for a few nights and have a hotel room and well,  we are not wasting that opportunity, so basically he is living at the hotel with me and we are enjoying each others company.


I go in to do my IUI and find out they can use any lube to put the speculum in.  There is no mucus and i have seen alot of action down there in the last few days. I was in so much pain, as the nurse tries to do the IUI.  To add insult to injury I have a weirdly placed cervix and she can't quite get the speculum placed properly.  At point we had to stop so I could do some yoga breathing, to relax.


it wasn't funny then, but now it is.

Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do

#61 EverHopefull!

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 03:29 PM

At one of my IUI's the nurse handed me the vial of DH's sperm and asked me if it 'looked right'.  I had no idea what she was asking me so I held it up to look at and said "ummm yes?  They all look just like him." 


It turned out she was asking me to confirm that the name on the side of the vial was right, but she handed it to me with the name facing away from me so I didn't even know there was a name on the vial.  We were both really embarrassed!

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TTC since December 2004

One successful IVF

Many, many unsuccessful IF treatments

Finally a successful DE cycle!  babyEver is due July 1st.


#62 quandry


    Basket Case

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 08:54 PM

Not quite a clinic moment but...

During one of our pregnancies that eventually failed, I was doing a lot of urine tests. Instead of always going to the clinic I got a bunch of pee cups and would just drop them off at my local life labs office. I'm also a photographer and the same day went to drop off real film at a local shop for development. I reached into my coat, grabbed and handed something over to the developer. The look on his face as he refused to grab my bottle of pee said it all. I kept it together in the store but lost it once I left!
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#63 autumnmarie

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 09:02 PM

LMAO!!! Q you have made my day/week/MONTH with that story!!
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Me: 33, DH, 35


TTC - 2012

2014: MMC

2015: the year of pills, shots, IUIs and an ectopic

2016: BFP, EDD 4/19/2017


#64 quandry


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Posted 09 August 2016 - 09:09 PM

Yeah. It's a gooder. Lol.
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#65 auroraB

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Posted 31 October 2016 - 11:57 AM

These are hilarious! :)


March 2014


September 2014


Oct 2016


January 2017






#66 Mamasita204

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Posted 06 May 2017 - 05:49 PM

These stories are so funny. This thread needs to be revived!

Anyone have anymore funny stories?