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MMC...sperm or egg problem

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Posted 14 January 2011 - 12:43 PM

I'm looking for help as I'm getting rather desperate now and no-one seems to be able to help.
My history...
ICSI #1 I was 39 with FSH of 8 and AMH of 7.8. Long protocol....3 eggs, 2 mature, both fertilised. a 4 cell and a 2 cell on a 2DT BFN (bled 10 days after ET)
ICSI #2 I was 39 with same FSH and AMH as above. Short Protocol...6 eggs, all 6 fertilised, 2x8 cells on a 3DT BFN (bled 8 days after ET)3 eggs frozen.
FET 2 defrosted and put straight back on a natural cycle FET. 1 was 8 cell, 1 was a 7 cell. BFN (bled 10 days after ET exactly when AF was due)

My parters history...diagnosed with Azoospermia in 2008. Had an Open TESE and sperm was found and frozen. This is what we have used for all our cycles. Karotype 46XY, not a CF carrier. No sperm DNA Frag done.

Moved to Donor Eggs as I was now 40.
DE 8 mature eggs from our donor. Gobsmacked the next day to discover only 1 had fertilised with ICSI......luckily it survived and was 9 calls at a 3DT and I got a BFP. Scan at 6+4...strong heartbeat. Scan at 8+4 discovered the heartbeat had stopped. I had suffered MMC and had a D&C.
When we spoke to the Embryologist he said that the donor had had excellent fertilisation results with her share of the eggs and that he had had problems with my partners sperm....what we don't understand is that the sperm has always fertilised my old eggs but never given us a BFP????? Our Consultant said that the main problems of miscarriage can be attributed to the egg but grudgingly agreed that perhaps the sperm is the problem.

We really need answers as we are now wondering whether to move forward to DE and using donor sperm as well to optimise our chances. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.