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Posted 03 January 2011 - 02:03 PM


First of all, Happy New Year! :th_acongrats: (It's the only bottle of wine I could find on here for you!!) I hope you had some well deserved time off and that you had a great time with family and friends.

Back in 2007 when I first began reading your posts (answers), you always suggested testing thyroid, clotting screne and NK issues. You were right on all three of those things things for me, too bad I didn't test them all in the beginning, instead I stopped at thyroid. (I do not think very many of us on here have had more than thyroid tested before starting this journey of ttc). My thyroid, clotting and NK's have all been addressed for the last 6 months, I used to have trouble carrying, but since these issues have been addressed, now my top quality blasts won't implant!

During my last fresh IVF cycle(Oct 2010 - all of my disorders were addressed) we transferred two 4AA/3AA blasts. I started bleeding 7dp5dt (triple lining @15mm). I was on crinone for prog support. It was the first time I didn't get a bfp on a fresh cycle and also the first time ever bleeding on my own.(I don't even m/c on my own).

I am now doing a FET cycle, ET is next week. We should be transferring two top quality blasts. My last IVF when I started full flow @7dp5dt, I was on crinone. This time for my current FET, we are opting for intra-muscular prog injections.I just read one of your replies to a post in which you replied "A clotting screen and careful luteal support may help") Questions:

1). Is there anything else that might help for the 'careful luteal support' ?

2). What do you consider to be good progesterone levels during and after the FET ET transfer and throughout the first 12 weeks?

3).Is there some worth in monitoring these levels , and if so, when ?

Thank you very much.
Your time is very much appreciated.