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embryo shape

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#1 ana11

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Posted 18 December 2010 - 05:33 PM

Hello! I'm new on this forum and very sad regarding my IVF pregnancy.
We made 2 embryo transfer 5 days after the punction, in 8/11/2010 exactlly.
All necessary analysis and everything was exactly so how it should be. In 29 of november we received the positive pregnancy result, after the blod test.
In 4 december I experienced my first spotting very short and very less. One week later I have had again a short bleeding, not fresh blod and again in one hour the bleeding stoped.
In 5 december after my first bleeding I was to see my doctor, we made an ultrasound and he said everything is ok, I have a singleton and all is exactly how it should be. Next appointment was 13/12 to hear the heart beat,and the news what we have received were not many but confusing and scaring.
First, we heard the regular heart beat but the doctor told us that something is not ok with the embryo shape, maybe he cannot see it good, it is so like round, and not exactly C form, and he said that we have only 5% to keep this pregnancy and.. if I will not loose it by bleeding in the next days, I have to make an abortion. But of course to wait still one week to see what happends.
The due date what my doc told me was 23/07/2011, but everywhere where I have looked and calculate it, is around 27/07 or 01/08/2011.
Please, tell me it is possible that in 13/12 only after 1w after my first ultrasound things to change so dramatically?
Can be possible the the embryo had a position in the moment of ultrasound what made it not easy to observe it correct? We are prepared for what can be worse and we have lost nearly all our hopes. I am 35 years and my husband had a minimum level at sperm quality.
Please, is somebody experienced something like this let me know.
Many thanks and greetings from Austria.

#2 zoeoz

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 01:24 PM

I am so sorry Ana : (
I am no doctor nor have I experienced this but I would ask the doctor why abort the fetus, what can or could possibly be wrong and how sure is he that there is a problem.

Go with your Instincts and get a 2nd opinion.

We will be praying for you,

#3 foxburybaby

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 01:31 PM

I agree. Get a 2nd opinion before making such a drastic decision. Thinking of you..sorry you are going through this :(
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July 2006
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My Angels were born and returned to Heaven January 3rd, 2007
June 2007 FET--Chemical
August 2007-Adoption opportunity presents itself!!
Our Son is born March 2008..the best day of my life.
December 2008--IUI # 1--Chemical
March 2009--IUI #2 -- Cancelled after 3 weeks of Stims..0 response to meds!
May/June 2009--IVF # 2
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Retrieval day...23 follicles retrieved...20 fertilizied!! HOLY COW!!!
Day 3--17 "Oustanding" 8 cell or more and 3 average
Transfer booked for June 9th
One "Spectacular" Embie transfered June 9th
2ww :(
faint bfp 5dp5dt..not getting excited until my beta comes back
darker on 7dp5dt..still holding back the exctitment till the 22nd...
8dp5dt's pee stick..test line is just a shade lighter than the control line..I'm happy and can now stop daily POAS. Still waiting for beta on the 22nd......
Beta # 1-June 22nd : BFP..898!!!
July 6th--First u/s...1 little one..good heartbeat and measuring exactly right for Feb. 24, 2010 Due Date :)
July 13th--2nd U/s..hb is 150bpm and adjusted due date of Feb. 25, 2010
July 27th--3rd u/s due to cramping...hb of 173 and measuring 2 days ahead at 10weeks. Everything looks good!
Aug. 19th--4th u/s. Baby looks/measures perfect. Was moving, kicking and mooning lol. Very happy :)
Next u/s will be at 18wks....
18wk 6day u/s shows we are having a BOY Baby measures exactly right..except for long legs measuring at 20 wks! Showing partial Placenta Previa..so back in a week for another u/s!!!
Brodey Jonas born Feb. 18th, 2010 weighting 9lb 8oz's! 21 inches long and healthy!
Getting ready to make our family bigger!! FET in November
eSET FET November 25th--1 excellent blast transferred. 2ww...ugh
SUPER faint-hold-it-in-only-natural-light-and-wiggle-the-stick-around-now-do-you-see-it BFP 4dp5dFET
5dp5dFET--Line is there and although super faint does not need to be manipulated to be seen!
12dp5dFET--BETA is 584!!! Woo Hoo!!
First u/s! All looks perfectly on track. HB is 112!
Jan 4th 2011-2nd u/s. Saw baby moving..hb of 173. Blood sacs around the baby..to be followed up next week with another u/s.
March 21st u/s shows everything looking exactly as it should and shows that we are expecting another BOY!!

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