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Dr. Chang

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#1 briana11

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Posted 04 November 2010 - 11:48 AM

Anyone see Dr. Chang and what was your experience?
Me 40, DH 37
TTC Sept. 2008
Low ovarian reserve
4 iui's, 1 m/c
1st ivf - bfn
2nd ivf - didn't make it to transfer
1st DE ivf - summer 2012

#2 SangrealMazimur


    The Pincushion

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Posted 05 November 2010 - 10:30 AM

I'm with Dr. Bentov. I've met Dr.Chang I am sure as the monitoring is done by which ever doctor is on that day. He was very nice. But he isn't my main doctor there. Dr. Bentov is sweet and quiet spoken and nice. Dr. Casper who I hear is hard to get as your doctor seems very nice as well.

Me: 33 DH: 39
TTC: Since Valentine's day 2008
Fur Friends: Spirit , Shadow
DH and I have been together since I was 19

When we get pregnant it will be the first baby on
each side.

First IVF: Jan 2009
Protocol: Suprefact, Marvelon, Puregon, Menopur
ET: Jan 31, BETA test Feb 12 BFN
FET#1 BETA first was 53 second was 0 05/07/2010 BFN
FET#2 September 2010 -ET Sept 9 3-3day 4cell, 5cell hatched, 8cell. BETA#1 71.6 11DP3DT. m/c at 6weeks. Poor Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Dam...they put up a good fight.

IVF #2 April/May 2011 Suprefact, Pregon, Low Dose HCG. ER estimated for May 12/, transfered 1 beautiful blast and 1 nearly blast on May 17th. On .5 HCG every 3 days. None to freeze. Beta May 31 BFN. Sky and Walker continue to resist the Dark Side


April/May 2013 Superfact .2, Puregon 200 upped to 250, Menupur 75, HCG trigger, progesterone support, intra-lipids. 26 retrieved, 17 mature, 15 blasts (1)3AA- (14)4AD-4AA, 2 transferred on our 7th wedding anniversary. Beta: June 10th, 5 days before my birthday.

BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 1,111 second beta over 2,300. First u/s shows one bean just  day behind. Heart was fluttering away. Also showed a 2cm SCH. Not concerned, but told to take it easy. Continue with intra-lipids until week 22.banana.gif second u/s shows SCH is smaller. H/b at 142bpm. Third u/s shows tracking right on time, SCH gone and h/b at 166 bpm


Bruce Anthony Scott was born January 23, 2014 at 8:45am weighting 8 pound, 9 ounces and 21 inches long. Our hearts are bursting with love. babyboy.gif 

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#3 J TO

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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:39 AM

Dr Chang did my transfer recently and has done a couple of monitoring ultrasounds for me as well. He is quite serious and appears to be proficient. Apparently he has some super certification, you can read about it on the TCART website.

But if you're looking for someone more approachable, down to earth and really kind & caring I don't think you can do any better than Dr. Bentov! He's fantastic!

#4 korraima

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 02:10 PM


#5 canadamommy

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Posted 15 March 2015 - 05:59 PM

Just got bfp because of Dr Cheng !!!

#6 firepixie

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Posted 09 October 2015 - 07:57 AM

My favourite thing about Dr. Chang is that he always replies to my emails even off-hours. I am a very anxious patient and so this helps a lot. I think sometimes I must drive him up the wall but he has only responded with compassion. He once phoned me rather than replying to my email (on the weekend) because he could tell I just needed to relax. (I was in Toronto from 8 hrs away where I live and in a hotel all by myself which may have contributed to my anxiety) The other thing I love about Dr. Chang is his positivity and honesty. He is always positive for us but at the same time he is frank with what he believes is worth our time and money and what isn't. We aren't rich by any means so we appreciate his honesty.

The good outweighs any bad, which the only thing is that I often feel when I am at the clinic that he is very rushed bc he has so many patients and such a busy schedule. However, I would take that in exchange for the questions he is always answering for me when I am not at the clinic.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have had success by now at another clinic as I have now had 4 unsuccessful iui's with 2 miscarriages. However I know that Dr. Chang is more than competent and TCART is one of the best (I have heard) so i feel that he deserves to keep my trust.

34 yrs old, DH 31


TTC since 2007.


DX: me - PCOS, DH - MFI (low counts)


Tried with previous partner in 2007 for one year no success...


Started trying with current DH 2011


Many cycles of clomid/femara and TI through OBGYN 2011-2013, all BFN except 1 ectopic pregnancy 09/2012 cry.gif 

02/2014 - Consult with RE @ clinic 

08/2014 - IUI #1 m/c 

~RE advised 3 month break to take COQ10 supplement~

12/2014 - IUI #2 cancelled (flu)

02/2015 - IUI #2 bfn

03/2015 - IUI #3 m/c 

~took 3 month break to try prescribed supplements from fertility specialist to control PCOS and help with egg/sperm quality~

09/2015 - IUI #4 bfn

10/2015 - IVF coverage announced yahoo.gif We sign up for IVF wait list at our clinic

... currently waiting... blush.png 


My Supplements:  

1 scoop Inositol powder 1x daily

1000 IU Omega 3 fishoil pill.gif pill.gif x day

300mg COQ10 with PQQ pill.gif pill.gif pill.gif x day

NFH brand pre-natal vitamin pill.gif pill.gif pill.gif x day

NLA & AAL pill.gif pill.gif x day

3mg melatonin pill.gif x day (I always forget to take this one)