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IUI success rates-superov vs clomid

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#1 whattodo

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Posted 20 October 2010 - 09:03 AM

When doing IUI's is the success rate better using superovulation or clomid? What is the reasoning behind this? Thankyou.
I'm 38, DH 32
Married almost 10 years
After Testicular Biopsy testing for husband figured out very low count/mobility
TTC using 3 donor IUI's in 2006 Not sucessful, treated in Saskatchewan
Adopted our SON born Sept/07!!! Our little Prince.
Adopted our DAUGHTER born Jan 7/09!!! Our little Princess.
Who knew we'd have children 15 mths apart?! Grateful to have both of them in our lives.
Info session attended in Calgary Nov/09 for ivf.
Decided to persue IVF (with ICSI). Hopeful to start in April/May 2010. We're excited and scared. Decided to start blogging our journey.
One of the most valuable quotes I've ever heard to deal with heartache and to remember: It's ok to cry- "Tears are the safetly valve of the heart when there is too much pressure on it"
Had the horrifying HSG repeated again Mar 17/10-it hurt like hell and I sure didn't have "the luck of the Irish" today. lol.
Hopeful to accept/be offered treatment in May/June 2010 and get this process going. Scared and Excited.
May 20th/10 Got the call! Super excited, nervous and scared!Take it one day at a time.
Tentative Schedule : Start Suprefact nasal May 30th, Ultrasound June 14th, Start Stims June 15th, ER June 28th, ET July 3rd.
May 26th/10 Made payment to the clinic-no turning back now lol.
Converted to IUI June 30/10 as my follicles are inaccessable and it would be too dangerous to attempt ER therefore IVF not an option for us. Very Disappointed.
Very shocked to have a BFP!!! Betas July 15th(28), July 19th (152), July 23rd (173) July 25th (178)
Bleeding/cramping started July 21st. Not sure If we'll make it, so scary.
Due date Mar 24/11.
Very painful miscarriage. Heartbroken.

#2 Peter



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Posted 20 October 2010 - 10:19 AM

When doing IUI's is the success rate better using superovulation or clomid?

Most IUI's recieve clomid which is a type of superovulation drug. Very few clinics do natural cycle IUI. Treatment with clomid does require careful monitoring to avoid multiple pregnancies.

Good luck!


What is the reasoning behind this? Thankyou.