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5 Day Morula Transfer - picture

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#1 nina78

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 08:37 AM

Good Day,

I would sincerely appreciate if you can shed some light on my 5 day morula transfer. After 23 retrieved eggs, and 14 fertilized eggs, we had such high hopes that we would have at least couple of blasts to transfer.....to our shock we only had one morula to transfer. This is our 2 IVF and I really need to know if there is a chance I can be pregnant.....

Here is the picture of our "baby embryo"...Do you consider this to be an early blast, or a compacting morula? What do you think are my chances of ending up with a bfp?

Thank you so much!

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#2 sharlene

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 10:11 AM

It may be a few days before the embryologist gets to your question - so just to let you know - I had 2 three day embryos transferred and am now 21+ weeks pregnant with what appears to be a healthy baby - and I'm 44 to boot (and it's my egg!)! So don't despair and drive yourself nuts - you can worry or not worry but will end up with the same result at this point - there isn't much you're going to do at this point to change the ultimate outcome - so I hope you can relax a bit (I know how difficult, maybe even impossible, that is) - if this cycle does end up not being the one, then I wish you the best on the next one.
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#3 nina78

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Posted 25 August 2010 - 10:28 AM

Thank you so much sharlene,

Like you said and propably know, it's so hard not to stress during the 2ww...After 5 yrs of trying and no baby yet, its very tough...
Anyway I am only 32, relatively young so I still have some time to continue trying.

I am very glad to hear that you and your baby are doing well! I wish you all the best!