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Advice needed

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#1 sabbourh

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 04:35 PM

My wife had two icsi that ended up with abortion, but there are more than one common issue that happed during both trials
1- She always suffer from urine infection after egg retrieval where the pus cells can reach a level of 40 and during this time her body temp is always between 37 and 40 Celsius
2- The hcg hormone level always starts low, during the first trial it was 38 then after 48 hours, on the second trial it started at level 32 then 61 then 140
3- Abortion always happens the week before the heartbeat, things go very good in sonar scans till this time and then suddenly abortion happens
Now I am not sure what to do, we had each trial in two different centres to insure that things has no relation to the centre, but our fertility doctor always keep saying that these signs are normal and we should go on trying and trying, and I keep hearing strange numbers when it comes to trial times, some doctors says 22 trials and other say 11 and 15, come on people we are human beings and these things are just very stressful.
So my questions is this, does these signs indicate a problem? And what kind of problem could it be and what advices do you have for me, should we keep trying or this is just a dead end for every time we try the icsi.
Many thanks for reading, may god help us all
Best regards.

#2 Luckypenny

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 08:40 PM

Hi sabbourh, welcome here. You may want to post this on the Ask the RE Board. Also, you may want to look into immunological issues. A good resource to look into this further is a book called Is Your Body Baby Friendly by Dr. Alan Beer ( http://www.repro-med...epro-med-site2/ ). Good luck finding answers!
Me: 35 DH:35
Dx: Unexplained
Started ttc September 2006
November 2007 - Initial consult at LifeQuest
January 2008 - Diagnostic testing.
February 2008 - Test results - No problems with DH. Dr. suspected I had a PCOS variant and that I probably wasn't ovulating. Suggested superovulation (injectibles) with or without IUI
Decided to forgo treatment for the time being and focus on improving my health.
March 2008 - October 2009 - LOTS of alternative therapy. You name it, I tried it!
February 2009 - confirmed via cycle monitoring I was now ovulating and my ovaries both look fine. Officially unexplained IF. Hmmm, now what?
Next Steps: Had initial consult with Dr. Virro at Markham Fertility Centre on October 1, 2009. Hysteroscopy/laproscopy performed on February 5, 2010. Post op appointment on March 8, 2010. Found out one small spot of endo removed from uterus and a very tiny septum resected.
Started BCP on March 31, 2010.
First IVF (first anything!) cycle after.
Last BCP April 20th.
Started stims: April 25 (Puregon - varied from 100iu to 42.5iu, Menopur - 75iu, and orgalutron)
ER date - May 5th.
14 retrieved, 11 mature, 7 fertilized - 4 via IVF, 3 via ICSI
3 days past retrieval - 5 8-cell embryos (3 via IVF, 2 via ICSI), 2 lagging 6-cell embryos (1 via IVF, 1 via ICSI)
ET on May 10, 5day past retrieval - tranferred 1 "superb, could sell it on e-bay" embaby - grade 5AB0! 4 more "lovely" totsicles (2 5day, 2 6day). The ivf embies did better than the icsi embies.
Beta - May 21s: BFP! Beta was 507! Still early days, but we're happy to be pg!
Viability scan - June 11. Baby right on track, heartrate of 140bpm, measuring 7weeks 1day at just over 1cm long. HOWEVER, big cyst in my right ovary. Going back for another u/s in two weeks to monitor the cyst.
U/S to monitor cyst - June 24 - cyst shrank slightly. Baby still measuring on track, 9weeks 1day and just over 2cm long, heartrate of 167bpm
12week u/s - July 12 - cyst had shrank to 2cm. Baby looked like a baby! Moving around and flailing arms and legs. Just over 5.5cm long, heartrate of 160bpm. Nuchal scan and nasal bone both looked good. Doctor's appointment went well.
20 week ultrasound and doctors appointment - baby looks good - its a girl :) Test results from IPS test show a 1 in 20,000 risk of a chromosomal abnormality. Placenta is partially covering cervix, doctor will check again at 32 weeks.
26 week doctors appointment - GD test
30 week doctors appointment - got GD test results, I passed. Baby measuring on track, good strong heartbeat :)
32 week doctors appointment - u/s to check placenta position to see if it has been pulled up from my cervix and also to check baby's size

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