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Sperm Morphology and ICIS

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#1 SweetBabyAngel

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Posted 10 June 2010 - 02:49 PM

My husband only has 2% normal forms of sperm.

(This is after a washed sperm procedure has been completed)

mobile count is 1.2 million,
density: 6 million,
recovered motility 40%,
volume recovered 0.5,
progression 2+

My question is........is there a possibility to find normal sperm and complete a ICIS with IVF? If you cannot find normal sperm would you use an abnormal sperm? Its my understanding that abnormal sperm would not fertilize an egg.

What can you do to increase morphology?

Thank you for your time.

#2 amygirl

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Posted 10 June 2010 - 03:33 PM

My husband had the same and icsi worked for us!!

#3 alanna

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Posted 11 June 2010 - 09:42 PM

My dh's morph ranged from 0-4% (pre-wash) and icsi worked for us too. The embryologist said she difficulty finding 10 good sperm and the ones she had to use were not very nice.

good luck!

Me (37) DH (36)

ivf w/icsi cycle- Apr./May 2010
Apr. 26 - ER! 12 eggs retrieved!
May 1 - ET!! 5dt of 2 beautiful blasts! 4 frosties!
May 6 - very faint +hpt (5dp5dt)!!
May 10 - BFP!!!! - BETA#1 - 9dp5dt - 381 !!!!! Sooo thankful!
May 12 - BETA#2 - 11dp5dt - 654 - Doubling Time of 61hrs (rose 86% in 48hrs).
June 1 - (7wks) 1st u/s - We saw 2 perfect little beans with strong heartbeats!!!
Sept. 2 - (20wks) On hospital bed rest due to placental abruption. 3 blood transfusions. Very scary but the babies are fine. Thank God!
Sept. 3 - We are having 2 little boys!!!
Oct. 27 - (28wks) Finally home on bed rest after 8 wks in the hospital!!! Babies are doing well but cervix is shortening.
Dec. 23 - (36wks 2 days) Last official u/s! Both babies estimated to be just under 6lbs each! Cervix at 0.7cm. Go cervix go!
Jan. 4, 2011 - After 4 months on bed rest we made it to 38wks and my scheduled c-section!!! Welcome to the world beautiful boys!!!

FET #1 April/May 2014 - Bfn.

FET #2 July/August 2014 - 1 lone 3AB frostie left in the freezer.
-embryo did not survive the thaw.

No more treatments for us. Feeling blessed that we had success. We're going to enjoy being a family of four.

#4 Mollybean

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 02:24 PM

i was told that even an abnormal sperm can fertilise an egg with ICSI. Of course that sperm would never stand a chance to swim but apparently they just cut their tail (s) off with ICSI (ugh sounds so gross)?? My Dh had low everything and it worked for us.

2007-went off the pill. thought we'd get lucky. ha!
2009-testing, testing and more testing
Me: 29 DH: 33, severe male factor (less than 1 mill/ml)
Jan. 28th- ER. Retrieved 7 eggs
Feb. 2nd- ET. Transferred 2 beautiful blasts
BETA: Feb. 15th BFP! 1493
March 8th-first ultrasound . 1 perfect heartbeat. 158/min.
April 12th-baby is doing great!
May 27th- We're tickled pink! It's a girl!
Oct. 13th- DD is born!


Me. 32 slightly elevated FSH: 11.2 DH: 36 Male factor (ranging from less than 1 million-20mill/ml)
IUI with Injectables#1-3 follicles
Cancelled due to low sperm count day of IUI.
WTF appointment May 11th. Done with this IUI experiment. back to IVF/ICSI

Sep 19th-ER 12 eggs
Sep 20- 9 out of 12 mature. 7 fertilized
Sep 24- 5dt of a beautiful blastocyst. 5AA and 3 frosties.
Oct. 1-+HPT, lots of red spotting (this sucks!), early beta 70.
Oct 5- 2nd beta-20 Early miscarriage
Oct. 9-3rd beta-0 BFN



Jan. 8th-LH surge
Jan 12th-FET, Single 5AA blastocyst
Jan 19th and 21-BFP on HPT!
Jan 23- BFP 1161!

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