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Stressfu transfer

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Posted 15 May 2010 - 09:47 AM

Hello dear doc and buddies

I had a very stressful transfer yesterday, new clinic. My 2 embryos to transfer were 8 and 9 cells rated 1. The technitian doing the ultrasound was new and seemed to need help from the doc. and nurse. My uterus was not well in focus, not able to be seen after the nurse was holding the ultrasound. The doc. indicated that there was resistance in my uterus and needed to use another instrument. The embryos were ready to be inserted and then taken back because the doc could not put them in. They went back to the lab technitian and after the doc had to help again with the ultrasound and try to hold the new catather inside me and then the embryos came back but the image was lost at the moment and the doc was puting them in again, actually they truned the ultrasound machine off at that exact moment. The doc said I am pretty sure.... Don't know what and them I was told that it was OK. I could go. I felt awful, my previous 2 experiences with transfers were very smooth and I don't understand why my uterus will be resistant now in my 3rd time around. I feel very worried about what happended, couldn't see anything and the stress of the embryos being taken back. They said that sometimes it happends that the uterus is resistant. Is this common? How about the embryos what can happend if not placed well?? Any info will be helpful, I know I have to wait now but it is hard to relax and put much hope in this stressful transfer!!

Thanks very much,
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Posted 19 May 2010 - 01:50 AM

Hi there, i just wanted to say how sorry I am you had such a stressful transfer. Lets hope it will not change the outcome and that you get your BFP!!! Best of luck to you.

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