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IVF Barbie

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#1 mollygirl21

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Posted 12 February 2010 - 03:25 PM

Hope this doesn't offend anyone, I thought it was funny...it's from an American site where sparks fly much more frequently than here among us docile Canadians ;)

IVF Barbie
When Mattel were looking to design their new Barbie, IVF Barbie, they soon realized that there was not one universal Barbie that would accurately portray the spirit of IVF Barbie. So they decided they would come out with a few variations thereof.

Newbie Barbie: Newbie Barbie, also known as BabyDust Barbie is a bright, perky, Barbie, filled with optimism and confidence that IVF Will Work. She is thinner and usually younger than the other IVF Barbies. Her accessories include rose-tinted spectacles, a positive bank balance, healthy insurance coverage and a million questions. Newbie Barbie has lots of other Newbie Barbie friends and they congratulate each other on a job well done. This Barbie only says pleasant, optimistic things and believes that Attitude is Everything. Their motto is Think Positive!!

Pregnant Newbie Barbie: Pregnant Newbie Barbie is the big sister to Newbie Barbie. She is still slim, now with a cute belly. She is proof that IVF Does Work, usually the first time. She also comes with rose-tinted spectacles, a positive bank balance (only very slightly depleted) and total confidence that All Will Be OK. She glows when pregnant and liberally uses baby dust when playing with her sisters, the Newbie Barbies. She comes with Very Cute maternity clothes, a double stroller, and a fully decorated nursery even though she is only just a few weeks pregnant. Her motto is ‘See! Thinking Positive Works!!’. Newbie Barbie and Pregnant Newbie Barbies are great playmates and you can collect them as a set.

Veteran Barbie: Veteran Barbies are not at all related to the Barbies above. Veteran Barbies are the Anti-Barbie. They are a whole lot plumper than the Newbie Barbies, less perky (in boobs and attitude), have grayer hair, a largely negative and over-drawn bank balance, plenty of bruises and marks and a slightly cynical attitude. They are dressed in comfy track pants with elasticated waistbands. Their accessories include a wealth of knowledge of reproductive procedures and protocol, the ability to practically do their own cycle, a snarky attitude, little tolerance for stupidity, a well defined sense of humor, the ability to laugh at themselves, a fondness for wine/beer/crack and a aversion to pineapple, baby dust and Newbie Barbies. This aversion in its more severe form can be allergic and acerbic. Veteran Barbies tend to swear quite a bit (especially when playing in the Barbie House with Newbie Barbies and Pregnant Newbie Barbies) and parental guidance is advised.

Pregnant Veteran Barbie: Very similar to Veteran Barbie, only now with an added dose of neuroses and paranoia. Continuously and obsessively over-analyses every twinge, convinced that the end is nigh. Only buys stroller and decorates nursery when in eighth month. Accessories include disbelief and a sense of not quite belonging, and 10 home pregnancy tests just in case the first one was faulty or the clinic made a mistake with her beta. Pregnant Veteran Barbies have been known to pee on the sticks up until the day before giving birth just to see the two lines.

Celebrity IVF Barbie: Celeb Barbie comes in two versions: Denial Celeb Barbie and Out the Closet IVF Barbie. Denial Celeb Barbie does not play with the other Barbies and pretends not to be an IVF Barbie at all. She drops the IVF part of her name and thinks 'Donor Eggs' is a swear word. She pretends that her twins at age 49 are Natural and she did it all On Her Own. She also claims her boobs are her own and that she has never had a face life, hence her credibility is not at an all time high. Out the Closet IVF Barbie is the preferred Barbie. We like her.

IVF Ken: Ken is a wanker. Sorry to sound so harsh, but besides being a wanker there is very little that Ken does in IVF land. Sometimes Ken administers shots, hands out tissues and occasionally accompanies the Barbies to their Dr’s visits (normally during the first few cycles only), but mostly he is just a wanker. If you choose an IVF Ken, then try and get one that also cooks or does DIY. Otherwise just sit him down in front of your Barbie TV and let him know when it is time for him to do his, um, contribution. Mostly the Barbies love their Kens, unless Ken is being particularly insensitive or obnoxious, then he becomes a wanker in all senses of the word. Some IVF Barbies don’t even have a Ken and they do just fine. If you do find a good Ken, hang on to him, don’t swap him with your other friends.

RE Ken : RE Ken (RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist) is the all knowing, all seeing Ken. He might be a wanker, or not, but here we are talking about being a wanker in the figurative sense. He could also be very nice. He may call you by your first name but you may only call him Doctor. His accessories are many and wonderful. He comes with a zooty new car (normally very expensive), a smart house, a very healthy bank balance and a holiday home or two. RE Ken knows every thing and is considered second only to God. Some RE Kens are kind, some are not. They are all rich. Ken’s office is filled with fun toys like ultra sound machines, dildo like probes, waiting rooms filled with the different types of Barbies (some annoyingly come with miniature Barbies or Kens en tow), medicines, procedures rooms etc. RE Ken also comes with a free Nurse (Ratchet) Barbie, who will not return your calls, will hand out annoying platitudes and generally add to your frustration levels. When purchasing RE Ken you will get Ultrasound Ken and BloodDrawer Ken. Unfortunately they come as a package deal and you are not able to get RE Ken without them, they aren’t as much fun. However, you will need a RE Ken if you are going to play the IVF Barbie game.

Mattel foresee a big demand for these Barbies and say that for extra fun and lively interaction, collect the full set of IVF Barbies, put them in the Barbie house together and see the sparks fly.
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After 3+ years, my cycle history is quite long. For details on each cycle, please visit my "About Me" page

Trying since fall 2007
All tests show normal (we're "unexplained")

COH+IUI in Nov 08 = BFN
IVF # 1 Feb 09 - BFN
IVF #2 June 2009 - BFP
13 week u/s showed a missed m/c. Baby stopped developing around 8 weeks. Damn.

Moving on to adoption :)
March 22, 2010 - finished PRIDE classes
waiting to begin homestudy sometime in the next two years. That's not a typo - TWO YEARS
Feb 2012 - got a call that they are ready to start our home study...putting off all adoption decisions for at least 6 months because I am 2 weeks from my due date (see below)

Feb 2011 - we've been offered donor embryos! FET in a few months after preliminary tests are done...
FET June 2011:
May 7 - start suprefact and low dose aspirin (on CD21)
May 14 - AF started - super heavy and I'm super cranky. Headaches from the suprefact too
May 21 - starting Estrace and both of us start antibiotics
June 3 - u/s to check lining
June 8 - FET
June 21 - Beta is 564. June 24 Beta is 2286
July 12 - first u/s at 7w1d
Aug 18 - second u/s at 12w4d - everything looks great
Aug 30 - first prenatal appt
Oct 6 - 20w anatomy scan, could find out the sex!
It's a BOY!!
EDD is Feb 26, 2012
beautiful healthy baby boy born March 1, 2012 <3

My friend ButterflyKiss provided this quote from Laura Bush's book and I think it captures how many of us feel:"The English language lacks the words to mourn an absence... for someone who was never there at all, we are wordless to capture that particular emptiness. For those who deeply want children and are denied them, those missing babies hover like silent, ephemeral shadows over their lives. Who can describe the feel of a tiny hand that is never held?"

#2 kerrilyn


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Posted 12 February 2010 - 03:40 PM

LMFAO!! Ok I am crying at my desk with laughter! That is awesome!!! :rofl:
Me (Kerri-Lyn) 41, DH (Steve) 37, TTC since April 2007Unexplained IF (possibly crappy eggs, AMH 10.4 = poor responder) - HSG, SHGx3, Lap, Cycle Monitoring, Recurrent loss bloods, EMB, Karyotyping, DNA Frag - all normal! 7 IUI's, 2 cancelled IVF's, 3 complete IVF's, 1 FET, 2 clinics, 1 early miscarriage, lots of debt, lots of heartache, lots of tears. We rolled the dice and got lucky on our last ditch "close the door" cycle and have a beautiful little girl. April 2014 - Had the crazy notion to try for another. Shocked with a BFP, miscarried @ 8W6D. See my "about me" page for more cycle details.

#3 mouse


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Posted 12 February 2010 - 03:52 PM

Lol! Hilarious.
The plural of anecdote is not data.

Charity gives a meal; justice provides a place at the table.

#4 nervus optimist

nervus optimist
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Posted 12 February 2010 - 03:59 PM

that was fantastic! I've been 3 separate barbies so far and they are all 100% accurate (except for the skinny part - I wasn't that skinny even as a newbie). too funny.

I am 38, DH - 39
Genetic - IVF&PGD to prevent Genetic Disorder
IVF #1 - Nov/08 - MC @ 6 weeks, no embryos frozen
IVF #2 - Aug/09 - bfn
IUI #1 - Feb/10 - ectopic
PRIDE - Apr/10
Homestudy - July/10
Given the gift of donor embryos - Jan/12
Donor FET Jun/12 - 9 weeks - no heartbeat... MC
Donor FET Oct/12 - we're PG biggrin.png

===> Beautiful baby boy born 2013 babyboy.gif

Donor FET Oct/16 - chemical

April 2017 - surprise PG

===> Beautiful baby girl born 2017 babygirl.gif

#5 Ever Hopeful

Ever Hopeful


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Posted 12 February 2010 - 04:36 PM

LOL LOL LOL Oh that was good!!! I realy needed a good laugh this afternoon.

Pregnant Veteran Barbie fits me to a 'T' :)

Me: 32 DH: 30
Married: since 2000 TTC: since 2000
(history detail achived to 'About Me' page)
2 lap surgeries - right tube removed
6 cycles - Serophene/Femara
IVF, ET July 1 (-)
IVF, ET Oct23 (-)
FET, ET Jan 27 (cancelled Jan26)
FET, ET Feb 26 (-)
FET, ET Apr 24 Beta - May 8th - BFP, Beta - May 10th - More than Doubled
Our first miracle was taken from us ~ 11w6d missed m/c discovered
IVF#3 - Underway November 2009 - THIS IS THE ONE!!!!!!
ER - Nov 16 16 Retreived, 11 fertilized normally
ET - Nov 21 2 blasts :) :) grow babies grow!!
Beta #1 14dp5dt 2036 Beta #2 16dp5dt 4900
u/s#1 Dec21(7w) TWINS!!!!!! measuring 7w3d, 7w2d both heartbeats 139
u/s#2 Dec 29, Due to spotting ~ babes looking great
u/s#3 Jan 4(9w) ~ Babes looking great!!!
u/s#4 Jan 8 @ ER Massive bleeding diagnosed as Subchronic Hemmorhage ~ babes bouncing around like nothing was bothering them :)
u/s#5 Jan 15, followup u/s to check on babes following hemmorhage & first prenatal appnt.
u/s#6 Jan 22, NT scan ~ perfect results babes are measuring 11w6d & 12w ~ Graduated from the Fertility Clinic :)
1st OB appnt. Jan 26 ~ what a great great doctor!!!
2nd OB appnt. Feb 4 ~ I'm concerned that I'm still spotting ~ Dr. said can take time to expel the 2 clots that resulted from the hemmorage (2 more weeks?)
u/s#7 Feb 13 @ ER ~ another hemmorage started the day before. Babes look great, and active.
Baby A - 15w3d - 146bpm - 121 grams (4.26 ounces) Baby B - 15w2d - 155bpm - 122 grams (4.3 ounces)
3rd OB appnt. Feb 18 ~ pretty much a nothing appnt. Now up about 15 pds since peeing on that first stick
Anatomy u/s - March 16 ~ IT'S A BOY AND (LIKELY) A GIRL !!!! LOL Our little girl was all cuddled into a ball for the whole u/s - gender to be confirmed
4th OB appnt. booked for March 22 ~ results of Anatomy scan, perfect!!
3D ultrasound April 8 ~ IT'S A VERY ENERGETIC BOY AND A SUPER CUDDLY GIRL !!!!! Yippee!!!!
Growth u/s - April 12
5th OB appnt. April 15
Pre-Birth Clinic at the Hopital completed, Prenatal classes completed. It's realy starting to sink in!!!!!
July ~ Many Many amazing ultrasounds and OB appointments later.....
We are realy to meet the Miracles :) :)
Section date of July 22nd (Oh my goodness that's my little boy and little girl's birthday!!!) *Tear
The babies are here!! The babies are here!! We are sooooo in love :)

<a href="http://lilypie.com/"><img src="http://lb1f.lilypie....com/YYr9m5.png" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie First Birthday tickers" /></a>

#6 Hopefull39

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Posted 12 February 2010 - 06:08 PM

IVF #1 IVF #2
Dec.7 Cycle day 1 July 18 started BCP, last one July 7
Dec.27 started Synarel, yuck! July 31 started Synarel
Jan. 8 Repronex 75 and GonalF 225 Repronex and Puregon
Jan. 11 E2 is 574 (day 4) August 16 E2 is 1014 HOLY! (day 4)
August 17 E2 is 2594 17 follies counted of similar size
Jan. 14 E2 is 5297 (day 7) Aug. 19 E2 is 5971
Jan. 15 E2 is 7453 (day 8) a large unknown spot 2x4 on my uterus, don't know if et will happen
Jan. 16 E2 is 10102 spot is smaller 1x3 Day 9 Aug.21 E2 is 16400 12/17 follies are ready, trigger tonight, starting cabergoline (destinex) to avoid OHSS
Jan. 17 E2 is 14127 spot is smaller 1x2.5 still don't know if transfer will happen
Day 11, Aug.23 10 eggs retrieved, 8 were icss'd, 5 are developing!
Jan. 19 ER, 5 eggs from 16 follicles. 3 icsi's, 2 developed NO FROSTIES
Jan. 21 ET 2 embies, 2B, 4B. Aug.26 ET 3d3, 8A,8B,9B! No frosties again.
Beta Feb.4 17 possible chemical Sept.6 hpt - BFN Sept.8 Beta
Beta Feb.6 32, nurse still says chemical
Beta Feb.11 125, RE doesn't know what to tell me, not sure what will happen
Beta Feb.16 263, ultrasound shows no sac, told to expect miscarriage
Feb. 18, CC (cousin cramps) and AF, miscarriage at 6 weeks and 2 days.
Feb. 23 beta 23.
[/color][/color]Me 40, DH 47
DH has 3 teens from 1st marriage.
I am not a mom, yet!

May 1 08 Vasectomy reversal
Nov. 08 Zero sperm count Jan. 2010 IVF #1 Chemical pregnancy.

#7 Sapphire

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Posted 12 February 2010 - 07:09 PM

Love it!
Me 42, DH 51
TTC since Jan '08
Male factor (ASA), high FSH, etc, etc
IVF#1, March/April '09 - BFN
IVF#2, Aug '09 (after two cancellations for high FSH) - BFN, but 1 frostie in the bank.
IVF#3, Dec '09 (after more cancellations for high E2 & high FSH) - cancelled CD7 for poor response
IVF#4, Feb/March - BFN, but 4 embies frozen
FET #1 May/June (after two false starts with unmedicated/low med protocols) - only one embie out of five survived the thaw - BFN.
IVF#5, Aug '10 - cancelled after 10 days for poor response
IVF#6, Oct '10 (but really only #4 counting by ERs, after another non-starter high FSH month) - BFN, 1 embie frozen
Jan '11 - surprise offer of an egg donor, more than 12 months ahead of predicted waiting time; accepted, but deferred to pay off debts and do FET
Feb '11 - devastating earthquake in my old home town; Mum comes to live with us (not quite the addition to the family I had been hoping for); anyone want to buy a slightly broken house?
FET#2, June '11 - embie didn't survive the thaw. The last we'll be seeing of my crappy old eggs.
Final IVF (with DE), Oct '11 - 1 blast transferred the day after NZ won the Rugby World Cup (yay!), 3 on ice
Beta - 3 Nov

Is it any wonder I'm cranky?

#8 goingfor3

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Posted 13 February 2010 - 12:22 AM

Very cute ! :)
The past is the past and this is my future....
I have a wonderful DH and two beauties.....
trying for one more....
here goes my 5th ivf cycle...just waiting on the call
EDD-July 11/2010
[b]Twins again!

#9 ~*Megan*~

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Posted 13 February 2010 - 07:35 AM

Our Journey to Parenthood
TTC Since September 2007 - Diagnosis "Unexplained Infertility"
Me 28 - DH 30

Sept 2007-2008 - Trying au natural - When it was fun ;)
Sept 2008 Refered to 1st clinic, what a waste of time
Dec 2008 - Told by old clinic both my tubes were blocked, going for a lap...
Feb 2009 - Lap. done, both tubes clear and open, were never blocked
March 2009 - Clinic gave us the wrong patients results - switched clinics
April 2009 - Started at ISIS
May 2009 - 1st B2B IUI - DH counts amazing, 72 and 42 million 90% mobility - BFN!!! devastated beyond words
June 2009 - IUI #2 - 3 Good follicles - June 16th (113 million sperm, 99% motility WOOHOO) and 17th!! Beta Day July 1st - 14DPIUI...AF arrived...wondering how much more we can take :(
July 2009 - IUI #3 - Changed to timed BD...CD10 (July 10th) Only one good follicle, 2.2 I think, chose timed BD instead of IUI#3, due to only one follicle - we are going to try "au natural " this cycle - BFN again...
August 2009 - Taking time off and enjoying each other, 1st adoption meeting Sept 16th, and I also have a free round of Gonal-F waiting for us at the clinic when we decide to go back - Became a Moderator here at IVF.CA!! Thrilled to be about to give back to a wonderful site and great group
September 2009 - Explored the adoption process with Halton CAS Sept. 16 then decided to take time off from TTC and save for more fertility treatments in the future...
October 2009 - Decided to submit our application for adoption (Oct 27th) and started acupuncture, will not give up we will have a family one day
November 2009 - Finally met Karolyn, she stayed with DH and I for 3 days, she is like a sister to me, and had a few wonderful meet up's with other amazing women from the site...words can not describe what an amazing weekend that was
December 2009 - Re-doing a bunch of tests - hopefully a few IUI's in the new year with a different protocol - Maybe PRIDE training in March
January 2010 - Results from SONO and HSG, all looks great, Right tube questionable, not a huge concern as per Dr. Saving for IVF as that is our next option...might be a few years, hopefully not. Hopefully our miracle will come before -Wondering why is this so hard??
Jan 2010 Cont'd - Accepted to PRIDE training starting in March, SAFE home study to follow...We can finally dream again...
March 2010 - Started PRIDE March 22nd - 9 classes, 3 hrs every Monday night - Enjoying the class, looking forward to the future, getting all our documents ready for our SAFE homestudy package
May 1st 2010 - BFP on a HPT!!! Holy crap how did that happen...May 2nd Beta 182...May 4th Beta 300...1st U/S May 14th - 1st U/S shows healthy miracle bean - H/B and all - 127 beats per minute, what a wonderful moment between DH and I

Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will...

Visit our website - http://www.ourjourne...ly.blogspot.com

#10 bal

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Posted 16 February 2010 - 08:45 AM

Me 41, DH 41
TTC - since Nov '04
2005 - TTC Naturally
2006 - IUI w/clomid x 4 - all BFN
Feb - 1st appointment with RE
Lap to remove ovarian cysts
IVF #1 July - Cancelled / only 2 follicles
IVF #2 Sept - ICSI 13 / 2 transfered, 4 frosties BFP m/c 5 wks
FET #1 Jan - AH 2 blasts BFP DD born Oct 2008
God, Thank You for our miracle baby!
FET #2 Feb - AH 2 blasts BFP m/c twins 8wks D&C
Lap to remove ovarian cysts
Histeroscopy to remove polyp in uterus
IVF #3 Oct - ICSI 3 blasts BFN
IVF #4 Jan - ICSI 4 blasts BFN
IVF #5 May - LAST!
ER May 19 - 19 eggs retrieved, 13 fertilized ICSI
ET May 24 - 3 blasts transferred - 5AA, 5AA, 4AB No frosties
HPTs since 5dp5dt -> 7dp5dt all negative
June 1st (8dp5dt / 13dpo)- HPT very faint BFP
HCG 6/2-61.33, 6/4-217, 6/5-328, 6/7-836, 6/10-2,493(22dpo)
U/S 6/20 - HR 116bpm EDD Feb 8, 2012
June 30 - SCH diagnosed - bedrest
July 25 - SCH gone! NT - 0.18cms
Aug 10 - 14 wks - Complete Placenta Previa Dx - bedrest
Aug 19 - 15 wks - No measurable amniotic fluid - bedrest
Sept 16 - DD delivered stillborn at 19w1d. RIP my angel.
Done TTC

#11 Luckypenny

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Posted 16 February 2010 - 01:04 PM

LMAO!!! Thank you for posting!
Me: 35 DH:35
Dx: Unexplained
Started ttc September 2006
November 2007 - Initial consult at LifeQuest
January 2008 - Diagnostic testing.
February 2008 - Test results - No problems with DH. Dr. suspected I had a PCOS variant and that I probably wasn't ovulating. Suggested superovulation (injectibles) with or without IUI
Decided to forgo treatment for the time being and focus on improving my health.
March 2008 - October 2009 - LOTS of alternative therapy. You name it, I tried it!
February 2009 - confirmed via cycle monitoring I was now ovulating and my ovaries both look fine. Officially unexplained IF. Hmmm, now what?
Next Steps: Had initial consult with Dr. Virro at Markham Fertility Centre on October 1, 2009. Hysteroscopy/laproscopy performed on February 5, 2010. Post op appointment on March 8, 2010. Found out one small spot of endo removed from uterus and a very tiny septum resected.
Started BCP on March 31, 2010.
First IVF (first anything!) cycle after.
Last BCP April 20th.
Started stims: April 25 (Puregon - varied from 100iu to 42.5iu, Menopur - 75iu, and orgalutron)
ER date - May 5th.
14 retrieved, 11 mature, 7 fertilized - 4 via IVF, 3 via ICSI
3 days past retrieval - 5 8-cell embryos (3 via IVF, 2 via ICSI), 2 lagging 6-cell embryos (1 via IVF, 1 via ICSI)
ET on May 10, 5day past retrieval - tranferred 1 "superb, could sell it on e-bay" embaby - grade 5AB0! 4 more "lovely" totsicles (2 5day, 2 6day). The ivf embies did better than the icsi embies.
Beta - May 21s: BFP! Beta was 507! Still early days, but we're happy to be pg!
Viability scan - June 11. Baby right on track, heartrate of 140bpm, measuring 7weeks 1day at just over 1cm long. HOWEVER, big cyst in my right ovary. Going back for another u/s in two weeks to monitor the cyst.
U/S to monitor cyst - June 24 - cyst shrank slightly. Baby still measuring on track, 9weeks 1day and just over 2cm long, heartrate of 167bpm
12week u/s - July 12 - cyst had shrank to 2cm. Baby looked like a baby! Moving around and flailing arms and legs. Just over 5.5cm long, heartrate of 160bpm. Nuchal scan and nasal bone both looked good. Doctor's appointment went well.
20 week ultrasound and doctors appointment - baby looks good - its a girl :) Test results from IPS test show a 1 in 20,000 risk of a chromosomal abnormality. Placenta is partially covering cervix, doctor will check again at 32 weeks.
26 week doctors appointment - GD test
30 week doctors appointment - got GD test results, I passed. Baby measuring on track, good strong heartbeat :)
32 week doctors appointment - u/s to check placenta position to see if it has been pulled up from my cervix and also to check baby's size

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

#12 ---

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Posted 16 February 2010 - 01:43 PM

LMFAO !!!!! Oh My G that is FUNNY ! HAHAHAHAHA. I have been everything except CelebrityBarbie...!!!!! (err well and maybe not the KenBarbie either lol. By the way,I loved the KenBarbie bit. Everyone shoud read this !!!!!SO DAMN TRUE !!!
Thanks for the laugher today ! I think I'll read it once a week :)

#13 scout

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 03:01 PM

LMAO! I was crying with laughter right from the first line of Newbie Barbie!! Thanks for posting this!
me: 36
dh: 41

ttc#1: jan '05
BFP#1: june '05 (natural)
ds born: mar '06 (our miracle boy - we know how blessed and fortunate we are!!)

ttc#2: started sept '06 (lots of BFNs!)
fertility clinic: mar '07

fertility treatments:
IUIs = 7 x BFN
3 IUIs - clomid: BFN BFN BFN
2 month break (still trying on our own, of course!)
3 IUIs - double dose clomid: BFN BFN BFN
IVF wait list: nov '08
1 last IUI - no clomid: BFN

IVF#1: may '09 = BFN
20 eggs retrieved, 12 mature, 11 fertilized, 2 implanted (day 3), 7 frozen (day 3)

FET#1: sept '09 = BFP resulting in m/c at 9w6d
ET: sept 1 09 - 2 x 8-cell embryos
oct 5 09 viability u/s showed 1 beautiful baby!!
oct 17 09 (8w5d) = hb 168!
sadly, we lost our angel at 9w6d

FET#2: feb '10 = BFP resulting in non viable pregnancy
ET: feb 16 10 - 2 x embryos
march 3 10 - beta 13 = not viable

Taking a break and embracing the good fortune of having one beautiful 4 year old son who may be our only child. We really are okay with that now and love our life!

#14 Guest_ceska_holkacz_*

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 03:55 PM

Finally took the time to read - TOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!

Thanks for posting.... :)


#15 Shazza

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 08:40 PM

Just read this now, it's brilliant!
Me: 44 DH: 50
IVF#1 - September 2009 transferred 2 on Day 5, 4 frosties - BFN
FET#1 - December 2009 transferred 3 frosties, 1 didn't make it - BFP
January 2010 - missed miscarriage
switched clinics
IVF#2 - April 2010 transferred 2 Day 3 embies, no frosties
May 10 - BFP - 572
June 2010 - missed miscarriage
Immune testing at AEB
October 2010 - started Humira
November 2010 - start IVIg
IVF#3 - November 2010 transferred 2 on Day 3, no frosties
Dec 13 - BFP - 1029
Jan 7 - viability u/s - one hb of 168, the other didn't make it
Jan 21 - u/s shows hb of 178 and a dancing bean
May 2 - short cervix - put on bedrest
DD born August 14 at 6lb12oz
IVF#4 - April 2012
May 7 - transferred one 5AB0 embie, 4 frosties
May 22 - BFP - 2009
June 13 - viability u/s shows hb of 168
July 24 - cerclage
DD#2 born January 22, 2013 at 7lb10oz

#16 silverdollar

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    Kids, sewing, photography, cooking, growing stuff in my garden.
  • Dx:DOR
  • My Clinic:Victoria Fertility Centre

Posted 19 December 2010 - 10:54 PM

Thanks for the chuckle! So true! :D

Unexplained IF/ DOR. Began TTC in 2008.
After a wild and crazy ride on the treatment train, our baby GIRL arrived on Jan 6, 2012
Hold on.... Surprise spontaneous just 7 months postpartum while still breastfeeding!!! Baby boy born May 2, 2013
My heart couldn't be more full :)
Full details are now in my profile "About Me" page

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Posted 20 December 2010 - 12:24 AM

Thanks for bumping, that was great! Hahaha!!
Deb & Chris
DH and I: 36-37
Married 2 years, together 8, trying the whole time!

DX: Tubal scarring from car accident @ 15yrs. One 100% blocked, 1 80% blocked. And due to age, low ovarian reserve.

DH's spermies are still swimmin away, no problems yay.
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First Cycle
Chemical pregnancy.

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Second Cycle
Sucess! 2 Girls!! Avery & Sydney born June 12/11 at 30w1d.

See in the 'About Me' section on my profile for more details on protocols and timing.